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Award or remove points for a community user

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Award or remove points for a community user

Award points to a user to recognize their contributions to the community. Remove points for a user if you observe that they are cheating the gamification system.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_gamification.moderator


  1. Navigate to the Community homepage.
  2. Go to Community > Leaderboard.
  3. Click the name of the user on the leaderboard to open the user profile.
  4. Click the profile overflow icon (...) and select Assign Points.
  5. In the Assign Points pop-up window, enter the number of Points, a Reason for awarding the points, and select a Track.
    1. To assign points, the points entered should be a positive value. For example, 100.
    2. To remove points, the points entered should be a negative value. For example, -100.
    The maximum number of points that can be awarded or removed at one time is 1000.
  6. Click Assign Points.
    An entry for the point assignment activity shows at the top of the Points list and the user's point total is updated.