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Download and install the ODBC driver

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Download and install the ODBC driver

Download the ODBC driver from the ServiceNow Knowledge Base and install the driver for the first time.

Before you begin

You must have administrator-level access for the Windows computer onto which you want to install the ODBC driver.

About this task

You must have access to the ServiceNow Knowledge Base to download the ODBC driver. If you do not have access to the Knowledge Base, contact your ServiceNow administrator.
Important: The Java Resource Environment (JRE) must be present on the Windows machine on which you install the ODBC driver. The bit level of the ODBC driver must match the bit level of the JRE and the binding application. If you attempt to use the 64-bit ODBC driver with a 32-bit JRE, the installation fails with the following error:
[SN][ODBC ServiceNow driver][ServiceNow Client]Failed to initialize the Service Component
To complete the ODBC installation, download a 64-bit JRE/JDK package, point the driver to that library, and then re-attempt the installation.
If this is the first time the driver is installed, the installer is in first time installation mode and prompts for the driver to be installed. Install only one version of the ODBC driver on a computer. If the ODBC driver was previously installed, the installer is in upgrade mode and prompts for removal of the previous driver first.
Note: Versions of the ODBC driver older than are no longer supported.


  1. To download the ODBC driver, see KB0540707.
  2. Download the ODBC driver version compatible with your computer's operating system and the application you are using to query the database.
    The ODBC driver is available as 32-bit or 64-bit. Most applications require the 32-bit ODBC driver even if the operating system is 64-bit.
  3. Right-click the executable and select Run as Administrator to launch the installer.
    The ODBC Driver Setup Wizard appears.
    f ODBC Driver Setup Wizard
  4. Click Next.
  5. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
  6. The installer prompts for the Installation Directory. Select the target directory for installing the ServiceNow ODBC driver.
    The default directory is C:\Program Files\Service-now\ODBC.
  7. The installer prompts for the Service Name. Enter a name to identify the service (for example, ServiceNow_ODBC) and press Next.
  8. The installer prompts for the Java Virtual Machine Location.
    • Browse to and select the directory where the jvm.dll file is located (usually C:\Program Files\Java\jre<version>\bin\server).
    • If you do not want to enter the JRE location at the time of the installation, click Next.
      On the popup window, click Yes to enter the JRE location now, or click No to enter the JRE location later.
      Important: You must specify the JRE location before the ODBC driver will work. After the installation, you can access the Management console as an administrator and navigate to Services > <Service_Name> > Service Settings > IP Parameters and enter the JRE location in the ServiceJVMLocation property.
    Tip: For the configuration of a Java service, ServiceNow strongly recommends using the server jvm.dll file from the Java Development Kit (JDK).
  9. The installer prompts for the ODBC Data Source details. Specify the following parameters, which are required to create an ODBC data source that can be used to create a DSN.
    • Data Source Name: A short name to identify this data source.
    • Description: A short description of the driver. The driver's version number is appended to the end of this value.
    • Service Name: Enter the same Service Name entered at step 7.
    • Service Data Source: The name that can be selected in the Service Data Source field of the ODBC Administrator.
    Usually the default values are appropriate.
    Service Configuration
  10. Select the Program Folder to create links for the driver. This is the program folder that appears under the Start menu.
    ODBC Driver Setup - Select Program Folder
    The installation creates the following links in the menu.
    • Interactive SQL (ODBC): An interactive SQL command window for directly testing SQL statements.
    • Management Console: A Microsoft MMC snap-in for configuring default properties for the ODBC driver.
    • ODBC Administrator: A Microsoft ODBC Administrator program.
    ODBC Program Menu
    The driver code is copied to the target folder.
    ODBC Driver Setup - Start Copying Files

    A progress bar appears.

  11. When prompted, click Finish to complete the installation.