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WS-Security profiles

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WS-Security profiles

A WS-security profile determines how ServiceNow authenticates a web services message when WS-security is enabled.

ServiceNow can authenticate web services requests with the following mechanisms:

Table 1. Web service authentication mechanisms
Authentication mechanism Description
Certificate verification ServiceNow authenticates the web services request by verifying the certificate associated with the request. Verifying the request's certificate requires uploading the requestor's certificate and certificate authority.
User credentials ServiceNow authenticates the Web Services request by verifying the user credentials associated with the request. ServiceNow can either verify that the request's credentials match an an existing ServiceNow user's credentials or that the request's credentials match a username and password provided in the profile record.
Specify the authentication mechanism you want to use when you create a new WS-security profile.

The WS-Security Profiles module lists the WS-security profiles that are currently in effect.

Figure 1. WS-Security Profiles module