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Uninstall an application

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Uninstall an application

As an administrator, you can uninstall applications that are no longer needed.

Before you begin

Note: For global scoped applications, you must first remove the associated files from the application before you delete the application record, or perform an uninstall. This helps protect the integrity of the instance by preventing the accidental deletion of files in the global scope. See Remove a file from a global application and Move an application file between global applications.

Role required: admin

About this task

When you uninstall an application, all application files associated with the application are also removed.


  1. Log in to the instance on which you want to remove an application.
  2. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  3. Click the name or icon of the application that you want to uninstall.
    Note: You cannot uninstall applications on the In Development tab, but you can delete them. You also cannot uninstall ServiceNow-provided system applications.
  4. In the custom application record, click the Uninstall related link.
  5. In the Uninstall confirmation dialog box, review the tables and records associated with the application before you uninstall that application.
  6. To delete all data associated with this application, clear the Retain tables and data check box. Leave this check box selected to remove only application files.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the confirmation dialog box, enter uninstall and click OK.
  9. Click Done.