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Move an application file between global applications

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Move an application file between global applications

Move selected application files and their descendant files to a selected global application. When you select a global application, the selected application files are automatically assigned to it. You cannot move an application file into or out of a scoped application.

Before you begin

This option is only available if the Global App File Management plugin is active.

Role required: admin or a delegated_developer role that grants full access.


  1. Navigate to the application file in a list or form view. For example, navigate to System UI > UI Policies to select UI policy files to move.
  2. Select the check box beside each file you wish to move, and then select Move to Application in the Actions on selected rows choice list.
  3. Select the global application.
    Move application files to a global application
  4. Click Move.
    The selected application files and its descendant files are moved to the selected global application.