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Automated Test Framework use case: test basic form operations

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Automated Test Framework use case: test basic form operations

This use case illustrates testing basic form operations with the Automated Test Framework.

About this task

Figure 1. Steps in test

Screenshot of test steps


  1. Impersonate a user with the permissions needed to perform these steps, in this example ATF.User.
    Figure 2. Test step 1 - Impersonate

    Screenshot of impersonate user test step
  2. Open a form, in this example a Catalog Task form.
    Figure 3. Test step 2 - Open a new Form

    Screenshot of form for Open a New Form using the Catalog Task form
  3. On the open form, set field values, including for any mandatory fields. This example sets field values for Assigned to, Short description, and Description.
    Figure 4. Test step 3 - Set Field Values

    Screenshot of form for Set Field Values
  4. Submit the open form.
    Figure 5. Test Step 4 - Submit a Form

    Screenshot of form for Submit a Form