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Automated Test Framework use case: test a business rule

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Automated Test Framework use case: test a business rule

This use case illustrates testing a business rule with the Automated Test Framework.

About this task

This example tests a business rule that sets the value of Locked out to true when active is set to false.
Figure 1. Automated Test Framework: Business rule example

Screenshot of test steps


  1. Impersonate a user with the necessary permissions. In this example, the step impersonates the admin user.
    Figure 2. Step 1 - Impersonate

    Screenshot of form for Impersonate
  2. Open a form for the table to which this business rule applies. This example opens a new User form.
    Figure 3. Step 2 - Open a New Form

    Screenshot of form for Open a New Form
  3. Set values on the form that meet the requirements for submitting the form and for triggering the business rule. This examples sets values for the Active, Last name, and First name fields.
    Figure 4. Step 3 - Set Field Values

    Screenshot of form for Set Field Values
  4. Submit the form.
    Figure 5. Step 4 - Submit Form

    Screenshot of form for Submit Form
  5. Validate that the business rule ran. In this example the business rule tested sets Locked out to true if Active is set to false.
    Figure 6. Step 5 - Field Values Validation

    Screenshot of form for Field Values Validation