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Quick start tests

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Quick start tests

Copy and customize ServiceNow-provided quick start tests to validate that your instance still works after you make any configuration changes such as apply an upgrade or develop an application.

Quick start tests are disabled and read-only test templates. By default, they only produce a pass result when you run them with the default demo data that is provided with the application or feature plugin. To make quick start tests produce a pass result when you run them with your instance-specific data, copy and configure them to use your instance data.


Each application or feature has its own plugin activation requirements for enabling quick start tests. See Available quick start tests by application or feature for activation information.

Managing copies

When you copy a test, Automated Test Framework populates the Copied from field with the name of the copied test. When an upgrade changes a quick start test Automated Test Framework notifies test designers about the change in a notification on the test form. Test designers can revert the copied test to the upgraded version with the Revert Copy to Base System UI action.