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View software usage

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View software usage

A usage record tracks the sum of usage on a monthly basis so that you can assess the software usage in your environment. You can import usage information using Microsoft SCCM integration, or using the Import Sets feature.

Before you begin

Role required: sam_user

About this task

Software usage is integrated with Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2 and 2016. Therefore, monthly usage details (last used, and total usage time) for products being monitored through Microsoft SCCM can be imported to the Software Usage list. Only usage data for products associated with a reclamation rule are imported.
Note: A Microsoft SCCM Integration plugin must be installed to integrate Microsoft SCCM with Software Asset Management.

A Microsoft SCCM Software Usage plugin must be installed to import software usage data from Microsoft SCCM to Software Asset Management.

Microsoft SCCM Integration plugins:

  • Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2 (com.snc.integration.sccm2012v2) plugin
  • Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2016 (com.snc.integration.sccm2016) plugin
Note: The Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2016 (com.snc.integration.sccm2016) plugin is compatible with SCCM version 1702 and 1802.
Microsoft SCCM Software Usage plugins:
  • Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2 Software Usage (com.snc.samp_usage_sccm) plugin
  • Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2016 Software Usage (com.snc.samp.usage_sccm_2016) plugin
Table 1. Installed with SCCM Software Usage plugin
Scheduled import SAMP Usage Import

(Executes after SCCM 2012v2 Software scheduled import)

Data source SAMP Usage
Transform map SAMP usage import

(An onComplete transform script is associated with the transform map)

Script include SAMPUsageUtil

The SCCM Software usage import module is in the navigation path Integration - Microsoft SCCM > Import Set Data > Software usage.

Table 2. SCCM data imported
SCCM table Staging table Target table
v_MonthlyUsageSummary Software usage import [imp_samp_usage_import] Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]

If you have a way of capturing information, for example a proxy server or gateway, you can capture the IP address and the name of the user accessing the license or software. The captured data can be imported directly into the Software Usage list.

Note: Configuration item (CI), user, product, and publisher values are used to identify a matching software installation.

Duplicate usage information cannot be created for the same CI, user, product, or publisher values in the same month and year.

You can also import usage information using ServiceNow Import sets feature.

If a user is not using a software installed, or very infrequently, that software can be a candidate for removal (uninstalled and allocated to a user who will use it more often).


To view or create a Software Usage record, navigate to Software Asset > Discovery > Software Usage (see table for field descriptions).
Table 3. Software Usage form
Field Description
Publisher Publisher of the product.
Product Product name.
Configuration Item Configuration item (CI).
Note: If the CI Status or Hardware Status field changes to Retired or Stolen, installs related to the CI are deleted.
User Name of the user of the software.
Usage Data
Month Month the software was used.
Year Year the software was used.
Usage count How many times the software was accessed.
Total seconds used Amount of time (in seconds) the software was used.