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Manually normalize a software discovery model

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Manually normalize a software discovery model

You can edit a software discovery model to manually normalize discovered software that has not been fully normalized (partially normalized, publisher normalized, or match not found) on the Software Discovery Models form so that it can be reconciled.

Before you begin

Role required: sam_user

About this task

If the information automatically added to the software discovery model is incomplete, you can add the missing fields to manually normalize the software discovery model.


  1. Navigate to Software Asset > Discovery > Discovery models and open a discovery model record that has a normalization status of Partially Normalized, Publisher Normalized, or Match Not Found.
  2. Fill in the Publisher, Product, and Version fields, as appropriate.
    You can create a custom product from the Product lookup list, if desired.
  3. Click Normalize.
    The normalization status is set to Manually Normalized.
  4. (Optional) To revert normalization, click the Revert Normalization related link.
    Note: Discovery models with a status of Normalized, Manually Normalized, Partially Normalized, or Publisher Normalized revert back to the status of Match Not Found.

    Fields are reset to their original values, and any rules associated with the software discovery model are deactivated.