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Software Asset Management properties

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Software Asset Management properties

You can set default reconciliation properties such as grouping and reconciliation debugging.

These properties are available for Software Asset Management.

To access these properties, navigate to Software Asset > Administration > Properties.
Table 1. Properties for Software Asset Management
Property Description
Select the default Group setting for the weekly run of reconciliation

Determines how rights and software installations are grouped during reconciliation.

Values (default is None):
  • Company
  • Cost Center
  • Country
  • Department
Select the default Subgroup setting for the weekly run of reconciliation


Determines the secondary grouping for rights and software installations during reconciliation.

With the exception of None, group and subgroup values must be different.

Values (default is None):
  • Company
  • Cost Center
  • Country
  • Department
Run reconciliation with all available custom license metrics


Enable custom license metrics when running reconciliation.

If you have a custom license metric configured, it is not applied when this property is set to No. Default is Yes.

Enable debugging of reconciliation results


Enable debugging of reconciliation results to troubleshoot a result. Default is No.

Note: Enabling debugging may have an impact on performance.
Select the level of aggregation for the reconciliation calculation of VMware based Oracle instances

Level of aggregation. Default is vCenter cluster.
  • ESX
  • VCenter Cluster

For vCenter cluster, the Named User Plus license metric considers all processors on every ESX server within a cluster to determine the minimum number of users that need to be licensed.

Enter the license period (in days) to be considered during reconciliation, for applications published on citrix environment

The license period (in days) for Citrix applications to be considered during reconciliation. Default is 90 days.