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Installed with Software Asset Management

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Installed with Software Asset Management

Tables, properties, user roles, script includes, client scripts, UI policies, and business rules are installed with Software Asset Management.

Activating the Software Asset Management plugin adds these components.

Demo data is available with Software Asset Management.


Software Asset Management adds the following tables.

Table Description
Client Access [samp_sw_client_access] Number of users or devices using a given software model.
Custom Software Product [samp_custom_sw_product] Custom software products.
Custom Software Publisher [samp_custom_sw_publisher] Custom software publishers.
Device Allocations [alm_entitlement_asset] Allocation of software entitlement rights to a device.
License Key [samp_sw_license_key] License keys and entitlements they are associated with.
License Metric Results [samp_license_metric_result] Reconciliation results for a given software model and license metric.
Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute] Attributes to be used for reconciliation for specific metric group, license metric, and software model combination.
Oracle Options [samp_oracle_options] Oracle options discovered which are enabled for Oracle enterprise database.
Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_client_rule] Custom pattern normalization rules.
Processor Definition [samp_processor_definition] Describes a computer in terms of the attributes IBM uses for its PVU licensing model. A row can be associated with one or more discovered computers if they are all identical in terms of the attributes used for PVU licensing.
Processor Mapping [samp_processor_mapping] Encodes the information specified by the IBM Table of Processor Value Units per core and is used in matching a computer processor definition to a PVU cost for that computer. Each row in this table is a mapping between a set of processors and the associated PVU cost (per core).
Product Result [samp_product_result] Reconciliation results at the software product level.
Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]

Reclamation candidates reclaim software resources.

Reclamation Rule [samp_sw_reclamation_rule] Reclamation rules that created reclamation candidates.
Reconciliation Result [samp_reconciliation_result] Top-level results for a given reconciliation run.
Remediation Option [samp_remediation_option] Remediation options created providing different purchasing options.
Rights Used By [samp_entitlement_result] User or device used the rights for the license metric results.
Software Discovery Model [cmdb_sam_sw_discovery_model] A unique and definitive list of all software found by a discovery tool.
Software Entitlement [alm_license] Entitlements created.
Software Installation [cmdb_sam_sw_install] Association of software discovery models and the hardware on which they are installed.
Software Model [cmdb_software_product_model] Discovery model mapping.
Software Model Result [samp_software_model_result] Reconciliation results at the software model level.
Suite Component [cmdb_m2m_suite_model] Suites and bundles.
Software Usage [samp_sw_usage] Usage of software on a per-month basis.
User Allocations [alm_entitlement_user] Allocation of software entitlement rights to a user.

Script includes

Software Asset Management adds the following script includes.

Name Description
ContentServiceOptUtil Utility for content service opt in and opt out.
ProcessorNormalizationUtils Contains utilities for normalizing the processor names.
ReclamationCandidateAPI Utilities for handling reclamation workflow.
SampBlacklistEngine Loops through all software installs associated with a discovery model associated with a software model.
SAMPContent Handles SAM content upload and download.
SAMPReclamationUtil Contains utilities to map usage to reclamation flow.
SampReferenceQualifier Contains utilities for reference qualifiers.
SAMPremiumUtils Contains SAM Core Utilities.
SampSuiteEngine Contains functions for handling suite inference on software installations.
SoftwareEntitlementAllocationFilter Script that contains the filters for the allocation software models for software entitlements.
SoftwareEntitlementLicenseKeyFilter Script that contains the filters for the license keys associated with a software entitlement.

Creates a software model given a product definition sys_id.


Manages software-package-related operations.

Client scripts

Software Asset Management adds the following client scripts.

Name Table Description
Change product when publisher changes Software Usage [samp_sw_usage] Changes product when publisher changes.
Changing Company blanks out Product Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_client_rule] After changing company, blank out product field.
Clear attribute value field Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute] Clears attribute value when attribute value is unlimited is present.
Clear attribute value is unlimited field Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute] Clears attribute value is unlimited when attribute value is present.
Default Order Downgrades/Upgrades [samp_downgrade_model] Default value for the order field when creating new records.
Hide attribute unlimited for minimum Default Metric Attributes [samp_sw_default_metric_attribute] Hides Attribute value of Unlimited for minimum attributes.
Populate fields related to install Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate] Populates fields related to software install.
Populate publisher for product if empty Software Usage [samp_sw_usage] Populates publisher for product if empty.
Set assignment group default value Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate] Sets assignment group default value
Set Publisher from Product when empty Content Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_rule] If a Product is selected and the norm_publisher field is empty, the norm_publisher field should be set to the same manufacturer that is on the Software Product. The same logic applies for the Product Type field. If empty, set from the Product details.
Uncheck Blacklisted if Certified checked Software Product Model [cmdb_software_product_model] If certified is checked, blacklisted is unchecked.
Uncheck Certified if Blacklisted checked Software Product Model [cmdb_software_product_model] If blacklisted is checked, certified is unchecked.
Validate attribute value field Default Metric Attributes [samp_sw_default_metric_attribute] Validates the value of the attribute value field.

UI policies

Software Asset Management adds the following UI policies.

Name Table
Checking empty publisher should clear publisher Content Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_rule]
Control days before reclamation Reclamation Rule [samp_sw_reclamation_rule]
Ensure non-negative counts Client Access [samp_sw_client_access]
Hide edition when edition operator is not specific Discovery Map [samp_sw_entitlement_definition]
Hide publishers field if reconciliation ran for all publishers Reconciliation Result [samp_reconciliation_result]
Hide version when version operator is not specific Discovery Map [samp_sw_entitlement_definition]
Make CI read only Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Make fields read only after workflow trigger Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Mark fields mandatory for custom products Custom Software Product [samp_custom_sw_product]
Make install ready only after insert Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Notify user change actions Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Populating discovered publisher unchecks discovered publisher is empty Content Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_rule]
Show Downgrades/Upgrades related list only for Per User and Per Device license metrics License Metric Results [samp_license_metric_result]
Software product attributes should be read only for out of box software products Software Product [samp_sw_product]

Business rules

Software Asset Management adds the following business rules.

Name Table
Attribute value is unlimited is not true Default Metric Attributes [samp_sw_default_metric_attribute]
Attribute value is unlimited is not true Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute]
Attribute value not empty Default Metric Attributes [samp_sw_default_metric_attribute]
Attribute value not empty Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute]
Auto generate name Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Build primary key on insert Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]
Cache product Product Result [samp_product_result]
Check integer fields not negative Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]
Check product and publisher match Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]
Check year is number Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]
Clean product map upon deletion Custom Software Product [samp_custom_sw_product]
Create delta product Client Access [samp_sw_client_access]
Create delta product Downgrades/Upgrades [samp_downgrade_model]
Date Validation Downgrades/Upgrades [samp_downgrade_model]
Default Order Downgrades/Upgrades [samp_downgrade_model]
Email user auto reclamation Reclamation Candidates [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Ensure non-negative counts on save Client Access [samp_sw_client_access]
Ensure potential savings is not negative Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
License validation Downgrades/Upgrades [samp_downgrade_model]
Link Core Company to SW Publisher Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_client_rule]
Link the processor mapping Processor definition [samp_processor_definition]
Metric result display name License Metric Results [samp_license_metric_result]
Populate install related fields Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Prevent duplicate key/entitlement License Key [samp_sw_license_key]
Prevent duplicate reclamation candidate Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Process before create or update action Custom Software Product [samp_custom_sw_product]
Publisher should be empty if checked Content Pattern Normalization Rule [samp_pattern_normalization_rule]
Rebuild primary key on update Software Usage [samp_sw_usage]
Remediation result display name Remediation Option [samp_remediation_option]
Set CDS Upload property Software Asset Configuration [samp_configuration]
Set state to awaiting revocation Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Set state to ready when qualify Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Validate attribute value change Default Metric Attributes [samp_sw_default_metric_attribute]
Validate attribute value change Metric Attributes [samp_sw_metric_attribute]
Validate days before auto-reclamation Reclamation Candidate [samp_sw_reclamation_candidate]
Validate days before auto-reclamation Reclamation Rule [samp_sw_reclamation_rule]
Validate total hours used Reclamation Rule [samp_sw_reclamation_rule]
Upgrade delete logic Upgrade Entitlement [samp_upgraded_entitlement]
Upgrade Insert and update logic Upgrade Entitlement [samp_upgraded_entitlement]
Update manufacturer references Software publisher [samp_sw_publisher]