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Software Asset Management migration

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Software Asset Management migration

Migrate from the Software Asset Management plugin (ITSM Software Asset Management feature of Asset Management) to the Software Asset Management application to take advantage of more powerful features. Manual actions by the customer are required after plugin activation.

After automatic changes are performed during plugin activation, successful migration from the Software Asset Management (com.snc.software_asset_management) plugin to the Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) plugin requires a manual procedure to be performed by the customer.

Customizations to forms and lists may need to be manually overwritten by the customer after plugin activation. In addition, certain fields in software models, software entitlements, user/device allocations forms require manual configuration by the customer after plugin activation.

Automatic changes

The Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) plugin performs these automatic changes:
  • Tables
    • Table labels renamed
      Table Original Label New Label
      [alm_license] Software License Software Entitlement
      [alm_entitlement_user] User Entitlement User Allocations
      [alm_entitlement_asset] Device Entitlement Device Allocations
    • Adds new tables and script includes
    • Adds any string value in the Software Entitlements License key field to the License Key [samp_sw_license_key] table
  • Field names and values
    • Inference mandatory field

      For software models that have suite components (to bundle software models), the Inference mandatory field value in the Software Suite [cmdb_m2m_suite_model] table is transferred to a new Mandatory field

    • Rights field

      The Software Entitlements (formerly Software Licenses) Rights field value in the License Entitlements [alm_entitlement] table is transferred to a new Purchased rights field, and name changed from Rights to Active rights

    • The Software model field for a software entitlement allocation (Software Entitlement [alm_license] table) is automatically set to the software model on the entitlement (License Entitlements [alm_entitlement] table)
    • The quantity for a software entitlement allocation (License Entitlements [alm_entitlement] table) is set to 1 unless there are multiple allocations

      If there are multiple software entitlement allocations for the same user or device, the allocations are aggregated into one record, the quantity is set to the count of aggregated records, and duplicate allocations are not allowed

  • Forms and lists
    Software Models, Entitlements (formerly Software License), Discovery Models, and Software Installations form and list layouts are modified to fit the new application
    Note: Any customizations to these forms and lists must be manually overwritten after plugin activation.
  • Functionality
    Table 1. Functionality disabled
    Functionality Description
    License and software counters The scheduled job trigger for SAM License Counters is changed to None so that it is deactivated, and software counters are disabled.
    Auto-match functionality The auto-match functionality, which attempts to match a discovery model to a corresponding software model, is deactivated.
    Navigation menu The navigation menu for the Software Asset Management (com.snc.software_asset_management) plugin is deactivated and renamed.
    Business rules Legacy business rules applied to discovery models are disabled.