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Move a card to a different lane

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Move a card to a different lane

You can move a card from one lane to another.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

When you move a card to a different lane on a guided board, the field on which the lanes are based is updated to reflect the new lane value.


  1. Open a Visual Task Board.
  2. Select a card and drag it to a different lane.
    To cancel the move, press the Escape key while you drag the card.
    Note: All mandatory fields on a record must be filled in to move the associated card to a new lane. For example, assume you have a guided board based on the Incident [incident] table, with a lane for each State. The Close code and Close notes fields become mandatory when the State changes to Closed. If you attempt to move an incident card from the New lane to the Closed lane, a pop-up view of the form appears and prompts you to fill in the mandatory fields.