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Modify the query or lane field for an existing board

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Modify the query or lane field for an existing board

For flexible and guided boards, you can edit the board query or lane field. This ability enables you to change the board contents while preserving the member list, board configuration settings, and, if applicable, Connect Chat conversation history.

Before you begin

Inform the board members that you plan to change the board query or lane field. If you or any members have manually sorted cards within a lane, the order may be reset.

Role required: none but you must be the board owner

About this task

The board query consists of filter conditions that determine which tasks the board tracks. For example, you might edit the query so the board shows only active incidents, rather than all incidents.

The lane field is the field on the underlying table that defines the lanes. For example, you might change the lane field so the lanes represent incident states, rather than assignees. This change is called a lane field pivot. Lane field pivots also make it possible to convert a flexible board to a guided board or vice versa.


  1. Open a task board.
  2. Click the board information icon (Board information icon) by the board name.
  3. Perform one of the following actions.
    Edit the board query
    1. Under Board Filter, click Edit Filter to open the condition builder.
    2. Add and remove conditions as needed to edit the query.
    3. Click Save.
    Change the lane field
    1. Click the Lane Field picker and select a field or the None option.

      Guided boards have the Lane Field set to a field, such as State. Flexible boards have the Lane Field set to None. You can change the Lane Field value accordingly to change the board type.

    2. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.
    The board reloads to reflect the changes.