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Label a task card

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Label a task card

Labels help categorize tasks and visually distinguish them on the task board.

Before you begin

Enable labels for the board.

Role required: none

About this task

You can filter the visible tasks to show only those with certain labels. Labels appear on cards as colored dots.

Figure 1. Task card labels
Task card labels

You can add one or more labels to a task card.


Do one of the following actions.
Add a label to a card from the quick panel
  1. Drag a label from the quick panel directly to a task card.
  2. Drop the label in the drop zone.
Add a label to a card from the card details
  1. Open the card details for a task.
  2. Click the details tab (Details tab).
  3. Under Labels, select one or more labels. Point to a label to display its name.
  4. Close the card detail pop-up window.

What to do next

You can use configuration options to rename or disable labels or to hide labels altogether.