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Add and manage attachments

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Add and manage attachments

You can upload a file as an attachment to an incident, a knowledge article, a change request, or to another type of record.

About this task

Administrators can configure attachments and how they work in the system. For more information, see Administering attachments.

Attachment file size is not limited by default. However, uploading large attachments can cause issues with the user's active session on the instance. Empty attachments (file size of 0 kb) are not supported.

Note: Do not use the Upload File module in the System Definition application. It is not compatible with multi-node instances.


  1. Navigate to the record. For example, an incident record.
  2. Click the attachments icon (Attachments icon).
  3. Click Choose Files or Browse, depending on your browser, and navigate to a file.
  4. (Optional) Upload multiple files in one of the following ways.
    • Select multiple files at the same time in the file browser. Internet Explorer does not support this feature.
    • Add each file on a separate line by clicking Add Another Attachment, and then clicking Choose Files on the next line. Repeat until all desired files are selected. This feature is available in all supported browsers.
  5. Click Attach.
    Attached files appear in the Current file attachments list and at the top of the form. A message appears if a file is not attached because it is too large or is a restricted file type. Administrators can configure these limits.
  6. Close the pop-up window to return to the form.

What to do next

Limit the users who can view attachments by applying ACL rules. For more information on ACL rules, see Access control list rules.