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Define an SCCM configuration

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Define an SCCM configuration

To create catalog items for SCCM software deployment or to configure your instance to revoke software through SCCM, you must first associate that software with a collection through an SCCM configuration.

Before you begin

Before you create an SCCM configuration record, make sure you have discovered the SCCM applications, collections, and deployments and set up the necessary software models.

Role required: sn_client_sf_dist.csd_admin or admin

About this task

The SCCM configuration process associates software with SCCM collections. To deploy software from an SCCM server, the user or device must be a member of an SCCM collection associated with an install deployment. Client Software Distribution (CSD) allows you to revoke unentitled software using an SCCM server when that software can be removed using an uninstall colection. Users requesting revokable software from the Service Catalog also have the ability to define lease start and stop dates and request lease extensions.
Figure 1. SCCM table references
SCCM table references


  1. Navigate to Client Software Distribution > SCCM > SCCM Applications.
  2. Open an application that has a configured software model.
  3. Under Related Links, click Create Software Configuration.
  4. Complete the form, using the fields in the table.
    Figure 2. SCCM configuration form
    SCCM configuration form
    Table 1. SCCM configuration fields
    Field Description
    Name Recognizable name for this SCCM software configuration.
    SCCM application Name of an application hosted on the SCCM server.
    SCCM collection Name of the collection associated with the install deployment for the selected application on the SCCM server. Only those collections associated with the application are available for selection.
    SCCM uninstall collection Name of the collection associated with the uninstall deployment for the selected application on the SCCM server. You must specify an uninstall collection to:
    • Define a lease end date for deployed software.
    • Allow lease extensions.
    • Revoke software from a user's machine.