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Orchestration Runtime plugin

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Orchestration Runtime plugin

The Orchestration – Runtime plugin enables other applications on the ServiceNow® platform to automate tasks, without requiring an Orchestration subscription.

The Orchestration – Runtime plugin can be activated as part of another plugin or application. It is used by strategic technology partners and ServiceNow applications to distribute activity packs to customers who may not own Orchestration. For example, the Security Incident Response Management (SIRM) application provides orchestration content, which includes activities that are available from the Packs tab in the Workflow Editor. Customers who purchase SIRM can consume and modify the activities that SIRM ships without having to purchase an Orchestration license.

Included with the plugin

The Orchestration – Runtime plugin provides access to the Packs and Data tabs in the Workflow Editor. This plugin gives users access to custom activities for their applications and enables them to reuse data from the Databus. This plugin does not provide access to custom Orchestration activity packs or to the activity designer. The Custom tab in the Workflow Editor is not available without an Orchestration subscription.

Figure 1. Orchestration plugin relationships
Orchestration plugin relationships


The Orchestration – Runtime plugin activates these application plugins:
  • Security Incident Response Orchestration
  • Service Release Automation

Access to activities

Custom activities shipped with ServiceNow® applications are available in the Packs tab of the Workflow Editor for use in workflows. To edit these activities, navigate to Orchestration > Activity Designer Activities and select the activity you want to modify. For information about the provider templates used to create these activities, see Orchestration custom activity templates.