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Employee Orchestration

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Employee Orchestration

Provides a design pattern to implement near-realtime processing of HR events from any HR system.

Employee Orchestration enables the ServiceNow instance to receive notifications from an HR system and use this information to trigger workflows. For example, if a new employee is added to Workday, Orchestration analyzes a Workday notification and extracts information on the new employee. Email triggers on the instance launch a workflow containing Workday activities that are configured to retrieve additional information about the new employee. The instance uses this information to create a new sys_user record for the employee or update an existing record.

This process requires configuration on the HR system to send onboarding notifications to the ServiceNow instance. Orchestration identifies notifications from a pre-configured source and extracts information on the new employee from delimited text specified in system properties. Configured values on the HR system and the ServiceNow instance must match for the exchange of information to occur.