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Use SMS with Notify

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Use SMS with Notify

You can send and receive SMS messages using Notify.

The Notify application stores inbound and outbound SMS messages in the Notify Messages [notify_message] table.

Notify supports sending concatenated SMS messages. Messages that exceed 160 characters, or 70 unicode characters, are split into multiple messages. This may affect your total telephony cost as each message can incur a cost. Some mobile carries, such as Sprint, do not support concatenated SMS messages.

To send SMS messages to an individual recipient, use the Notify API sendSMS method. This method takes one recipient as an input parameter. You can also use the send SMS workflow activity.

To send SMS messages to one or more recipients, use the Notify API sendBulkSMS method. This method takes a list as an input parameter and uses one API call to send multiple messages. Include the list of phone numbers in an array in the API call. This method improves performance by streamlining platform checks and Notify number validation.