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View a list of Notify calls

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View a list of Notify calls

As a Notify administrator, you can view a list of calls made to or from Notify.

To view a list of calls, navigate to Notify > Calls.

Call records are generated automatically when a user calls a Notify number or when a user makes an outbound call through Notify. You cannot create call records manually. You can delete call records.
Note: Deleting a call record may result in cascade deletion of related records.

For Notify calls where the source is specified, such as a task number, the source is added to the Notify Calls [notify_call] table in the Source column. For Notify conference calls where the source is specified, the source is added to the records for each of the calls in the conference.

Call status Description
No answer The call is not answered, or if the number is configured for voicemail, a message is left on the voice mailbox.
In-progress The call is answered and is active.
Completed The conference call is completed.
Failed The provided phone number is invalid.