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MID Server domain separation

MID Server domain separation

MID Servers can be configured in separate domains.

The records that can be read, updated, or created by a MID Server are determined by the credentials configured for that MID Server in the config.xml file. These are the user credentials that a MID Server uses to access the instance and specify which domain's records that MID Server can access.

You can create versions of these specific MID Server policy records that only a MID Server from the same domain can use. This process separation is supported for records in tables that extend MID Server Synchronized Files [ecc_agent_sync_file]:
  • MID Server MIB File [ecc_agent_mib]
  • MID Server JAR File [ecc_agent_jar]
  • MID Server Script File [ecc_agent_script_files]

See Set up domain separation for MID servers for instructions on setting up domain separation through the MID server.

Note: Attachments on MIB or JAR file records might not appear as they did in a non-domain separated environment. The attachments do not appear because the Attachments [sys_attachment] table is data separated. When data is separated between domains, a record in a child domain cannot access records in a parent domain.

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