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Components installed with response templates

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Components installed with response templates

Several types of components are installed with activation of the response templates (formerly known as templated snippets) plugin, including tables and user roles.

Note: To view all other components installed with this plugin, see the Application Files table. For instructions, see Find components installed with an application.

Demo data is available for this feature.

Roles installed

Role title [name] Description Contains roles
Templated snippets administrator


Grants access to scoped administration of the templated snippets feature.
  • sn_templated_snip.template_snippet_writer
Templated snippets writer


Grants access to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) templated snippet content.
  • sn_templated_snip.template_snippet_reader
Templated snippets reader


Grants access to read templated snippet content.
  • None

Tables installed

Table Description
Note Template


Table for templated snippets.