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Review de-duplication tasks

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Review de-duplication tasks

Review details of de-duplication tasks, and then potentially remediate a de-duplication task.

About this task

Role required: itil to view and itil_admin to remediate a de-duplication task.

If a duplicate CI is a dependent CI, then you can view the details of the dependent relationship, the Depend on CI, and any relation qualifier chain. If the dependent CI has a lookup table, then you can see the details of the respective lookup table.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > De-duplication Tasks.
  2. Select a task.
    Table 1. Remediate Duplicate Task form
    Field Description
    Number Unique task number.
    Assigned to Person who is responsible for resolving the task.
    Short description Description for the task.
    Work notes
    Details describing how the CI was identified as a duplicate.
    Note: Not available in de-duplication tasks that were created prior to London.

    This field also contains user notes about the decisions and steps of resolving the task.

    Priority Task priority.
    State State of the de-duplication task as it progresses through resolution.
  3. In the related lists section, click the Duplicate Audit Results tab to see the list of duplicate CIs in this task. You can click a CI to display more CI details.
    Column Description
    Duplicate CI Reference to the duplicate CI.
    Note: This field is a document ID type, which means that it can reference any record on any table. If the referenced CI is deleted as part of resolving duplicate tasks, then this field is empty.
    Relationship For a duplicate CI that is a dependent CI, this field shows the relationship between the duplicate CI and depend on CI.
    Depend on CI If the duplicate CI is a dependent CI, then this field displays the depend on CI.
    Discovery source (Duplicate CI) Discovery method used for the CI.

What to do next

Analyze de-duplication tasks to determine which CIs should remain active and which of the duplicate CIs in the Duplicate Audit Results lists are stale or incorrect. Click Remediate to remediate a de-duplication task (requires the itil_admin role).