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Reclassify a CI

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Reclassify a CI

You can upgrade, downgrade, or switch the class of a CI by modifying its Class attribute.

Before you begin

Role required: itil_admin (on top of itil), or admin

About this task

Each class is defined with a unique set of attributes. This set consists of attributes that were derived from the parent class, and additional attributes defined for the class.

When you reclassify a class, the following occurs.

  1. The set of attributes is adjusted to match the set of attributes of the newly assigned class. Attributes are added or removed as needed.
  2. If any attributes are unique to the current class and are not defined in the newly reclassified class, they are lost.
  3. A new record with the CI's sys_id is inserted to the table of the new class, with the appropriate set of attributes for the class.

Depending on the reclassification, the following occurs.


The CI class is updated to a class that is lower in class hierarchy, and the newly assigned class is a parent of the current class. For example, reclassifying a CI from the cmdb_ci_server class to the cmdb_ci_computer class.

For example, the cmdb_ci_server class has attributes that the cmdb_ci_computer class does not have. During the downgrade, these attributes and their respective values are not included in the new CI record that is inserted into the cmdb_ci_computer class.


The CI class is updated to a class that is higher in class hierarchy, and the newly assigned class is a derived child of the current class and has additional attributes. For example, reclassifying a CI from the cmdb_ci_computer class to the cmdb_ci_server.


The newly assigned class is in a different branch in the class hierarchy and has a different set of attributes than the current class. For example, reclassifying a CI from the cmdb_ci_linux_server class to the cmdb_ci_win_server class.

A switch is a combination of a downgrade and an upgrade. For example if the CI is downgraded to the cmdb_ci_server, and then upgraded to the cmdb_ci_win_server class. Therefore, attributes are lost in the same manner as in a downgrade operation.

Note: Avoid the CI class downgrade and CI class switch operations as those can lead to data loss. When automatic CI reclassification is enabled (which is by default), the identification process can result in some automatic reclassifications which lead to data loss.

For more information about system properties that control system-wide behavior of automatic CI reclassification, see CI reclassification.


  1. Locate the CI that you want to reclassify and display it in a list view.
    You can use the application navigator. Or for example, if the CI is a server, then in the navigation search box, type cmdb_ci_server.list to display the CI in the Servers view.
  2. Ensure that the Class field is displayed in the list.
    If you do not see this attribute, personalize the list to add the Class field.
  3. Double-click the Class value for the CI, and select a new class.
  4. Click the green check box to confirm your selection.