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Filter the view of a Dependency Views map

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Filter the view of a Dependency Views map

You can filter a Dependency Views map to display specific types or categories of configuration items.

About this task

Use the filter panel to control which elements of the map are displayed and to save versions of a filter for later use.


  1. Navigate to Dependency Views > View Map.
  2. Click the Map Settings button to open Map Settings. Click a filter strip to expand or collapse it, and to set filter items.
    Filter panel strips and options Description
    Save Custom Settings Configure desired custom settings, then enter a name and click Save.

    Custom settings can be loaded by using the Load Saved Custom Settings option.

    Navigate to Dependency Views > Saved Settings > to display all saved custom settings.

    Load Custom Settings Apply previously saved custom settings to the current map.
    Predefined Filters Apply previously defined filters consisting of configuration type, CI type, and relationship filters. You can Set a predefined filter as default.

    This filter is applied first, before any other filters (such as Filter CIs by Depth) are applied.

    Dependency Type Apply a filter that runs in real time and generates a custom view of a service map for a specific CI.
    Max Levels Designate how many levels from the root CI display on the map.
    Filter CIs by Depth Designate which levels of CI display on the map.
    Filter CIs by CI Type Designate what CI types display in the map.
    Filter CIs By CI Location Designate what CI locations display in the map.
    Filter CIs By CI Manufacturer Designate what CI manufacturers display in the map.
    Filter CIs By Audit Failure Hides CIs that failed the CMDB health staleness test. This option is available only if there are any such CIs.
    Filter Relationship Types Designate what relationship types display in the map.
    Map Indicators Designate what types of tasks display and get counted in the map.
    Remove Filtered Items Off: Gray out filtered items on the map.

    On: Do not display filtered items on the map.

    Run Layout Automatically On: The configured layout to the map is reapplied whenever the filter is changed.

    Off: The map layout remains static when the filter is changed.

    Fit to Screen Automatically On: The map magnification will increase or decrease automatically to display all CIs on the map.

    Off: The map magnification remains unchanged when the map is reloaded.