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Configure widget instance options

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Configure widget instance options

Each instance of the widget you configure remains unique, so you can have several instances of the same widgets on a page. For example, each instance of the cool clock widget on a page shows a different time zone. Configure a widget on a page by adjusting the instance options.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sp_admin

About this task

Each time you add a widget to a page it creates a record on the sp_instance table with the following information:
  • Reference to the column where the widget is located
  • Reference to a widget
  • Configuration for a widget in the form of pre-defined form fields and an Additional Options field in JSON format


  1. On a page in the Service Portal Designer, point to the Edit icon (Edit icon) in a widget to open the widget instance options. You can also access widget instance options using the control + right-click menu.
  2. From the Instance Options window, make the selections you want to configure your widget.
    Instance options vary depending on which widget you select.


Figure 1. Configure widget instance options
Gif showing how to access widget instance options from the Service Portal Designer

What to do next

Advanced users can configure the available options for a widget. For more information, see Widget option schema.