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The ValidateWorkflowEndStages validator checks that in workflows with stages, the end activity of the workflow has a stage named Complete or Completed.

If the workflow has stages associated with it, but does not have the completed stage on the end activity, then the stage indicator will not show that the workflow completed.

Validation summary

  • Risk: The stage indicator will not show the workflow is completed.
  • Severity Level: Warning
  • Valid Result: Valid
  • Valid Message: Workflow end stages are valid.
  • Invalid Result: invalid
  • Invalid Message: End activity A found with invalid stage "S."
  • Suggested Action: If this is not by design, make the appropriate changes.
  • Publishable: Yes
  • Runnable: Yes
  • Related Information: Workflow activities


Check the workflow for an end activity. Ensure that this activity assigns a stage named Complete or Completed.