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Copy a custom activity

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Copy a custom activity

You can copy activities for reuse from the Custom tab in the global scope.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, activity_admin, activity_creator

About this task

Note: You cannot copy an activity in a private scope.


  1. To reuse an activity in the global scope, expand the parent category to display the activities.
  2. Right-click the activity you want to copy and select one of these options:
    • Copy into global scope as new activity: Copies the activity with the new name you provide, uses the same version number as the original activity, and moves it to the global scope in the Custom tab.
      Figure 1. Naming an activity copy
      Naming an activity copy
    • Copy into global scope as new version: Copies the activity using the same name, increments the version number, and moves it to the global scope in the Custom tab. The system automatically adds the parent category to the Custom tab if it does not already exist. This action will overwrite another activity with the same name and version number.
      Figure 2. Creating a new activity version
      Creating a new activity version
    Note: If the activity is in any other scope but global, the system displays this message: Cannot copy privately scoped activity.