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The email client

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The email client

The email client enables you to send email directly from any record, such as an incident, change request, problem, or user record.

The email client is available by default, and enabled by default on the incident table.

The email client can be useful in cases where you want to send an email:
  • To engage more people in a piece of work
  • That includes Cc and Bcc recipients
  • That includes personalized comments
  • To a third party who doesn't have an account in your instance
  • To someone about an incident where you don't have an email notification set up to do exactly what you want
The email client always uses the multipart/mixed content type and supports HTML markup in the message body.
Note: Line breaks do not appear for multi-line fields such as ${description} and ${comments} in the email client template.

Email client templates

Create email client templates so that users in your organization can respond efficiently in emails that they send from a certain record type. You can create one email client template per table. When users open the email client from the table record, the template content is applied automatically to the email client message. For more information, see Create an email client template.

The Email Client Template (com.glide.email_client_template) plugin is active by default in the Now Platform.

Table 1. Roles installed with the Email Client Template plugin
Role title [name] Description Contains roles
Read-only role for email client templates


Reads email client templates and requests the email client administrator to reconfigure the templates as needed.
  • None
Table 2. Tables installed with the Email Client Template plugin
Table Description
Email Client Template


Templates that are applied automatically to qualified email client messages.