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MetricBase triggers

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MetricBase triggers

Use MetricBase triggers with the Flow Designer to determine when flows should run.

The MetricBase application supports three kinds of triggers.
  • Band trigger — Used to detect when a metric value meets a certain threshold or is within a range.
  • Linear Predictor trigger — Used to detect when a series of metric values follows an upward or downward trend, and is expected to reach a specified threshold.
  • Gap trigger — Used to detect when no data is received for a metric.

For each trigger, you define levels that are available when the trigger runs. The levels can be considered severity levels that indicate which threshold has been crossed or range has been entered (band trigger), how long before a threshold value is expected to be reached (linear predictor trigger), or how long it has been since a data value has been received (gap trigger).

Legacy triggers

Legacy triggers are used to create a band trigger that evaluates data and executes a script when the trigger criteria are met. See Create a legacy MetricBase trigger for the steps to create a legacy trigger.
Note: Legacy triggers are not available in new instances.