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MetricBase demonstration application

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MetricBase demonstration application

Investigate an example application that uses MetricBase features. The demonstration application is in the MetricBase Demo plugin.

The demonstration application contains a table that has metric fields defined. Triggers have been created for evaluating data as it is added to the MetricBase database. A scheduled job that runs every five minutes adds data to the MetricBase database. You can use the Data Explorer module to experiment with transform APIs.

The MetricBase Demo application has these modules.
Table 1. MetricBase Demo modules
Module Description
Drones A table created for this application. You can add records.
Fleets A table created for this application. It provides a mechanism for grouping drones. You can add records.
Data Generators A table defining how data is created for the drone records. This is provided for informational purposes. You cannot change or add records.
Metrics Shows the metrics defined for the system. This is the same table as MetricBase > Time Series Metrics. You can add metric fields.
Scheduled Jobs Shows the scheduled job created for the demonstration application. The job runs every five minutes to add data to the MetricBase database. You can change the schedule.
Note: When you hit the back button, you are taken to the system Scheduled Script Executions table that shows all scheduled scripts in the system. Use the Navigator to return to the demonstration modules.
Triggers Shows the triggers defined for the system. This is the same table as MetricBase > MetricBase Triggers > Trigger Definitions. You can create triggers.
Anomaly Logs Shows a list of anomaly logs. The Low-Flying Drone trigger creates the anomaly logs.
Data Explorer Provides a form for experimenting with MetricBase APIs using the demonstration application's data. See MetricBase Data Explorer for more information.

MetricBase Data Explorer

Experiment using MetricBase APIs on the data created by the demonstration application.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Data Explorer screen has three sections, the Data Explorer Script Result Display on top, the Data Explorer Script area in the middle, and the Server Output area on the bottom.

Note: You may need to scroll down the screen to see the bottom two sections. The buttons are located below the script field.

The Data Explorer Script Result Display is initially blank.

The Data Explorer Script section is initially contains a script that you can run. The results of the script are shown in the Data Explorer Script Result Display. Using the Example Script list you can select one of the provided scripts. You can modify the scripts provided or write your own scripts.

Note: If you want to keep a modified script or a script you create, you will need to save the script separately.

The Server Output section is initially empty. You can add statements to a script to provide debug information that shows in the Server Output section.


  1. Navigate to MetricBase Demo > Data Explorer.
  2. To execute a script, click Run.
  3. To change the script to be run.
    1. Select a script from the Example Script list.
    2. Click Load Example.
    3. Click Run.