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Test a subflow

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Test a subflow

You can test a subflow alone, or when added to a flow. When testing a subflow alone, you must define the inputs that the subflow uses in its actions. Because a subflow does not have a trigger, testing a subflow runs the actions using the defined input values. Unless updated, subsequent tests use the same inputs defined in the initial test run.

Before you begin

Role required: flow_designer or admin

Create a subflow and save it. Flow Designer only tests saved subflows.

About this task

Flow designers should always test flows and subflows on sub-production instances containing relevant demonstration data since testing a subflow creates or changes records on the instance.


  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click the subflows tab and open a saved subflow.
  3. Click Test.
    The Test Subflow dialog opens.
  4. Define input values for the subflow to use in its actions. The values defined are remembered on future test runs.
  5. Click Run Test.
  6. After the flow executes, click Subflow has been executed. To view the subflow, click here.
    The Execution Details open.

What to do next

Once the subflow behaves as desired, you can publish the subflow and add it to a flow.