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Allow flow designers to dynamically set field values

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Allow flow designers to dynamically set field values

Enable flow designers to dynamically set field values when adding the subflow or action to a flow. For example, allow flow designers to set the priority and short description of a Create Task action.

Before you begin

A dynamic field can only be created in a subflow action or action step that creates or updates a record, such as Create Catalog Task, Create Task, Create Record, and Update Record.

Role required: admin or action_designer

About this task

When creating or updating a record in a subflow action or action step, you can set static or dynamic values. A static value is the same every time a flow runs. A dynamic value allows a flow designer to change it every time a flow runs. For example, setting the Urgency to the static value 1 - High generates an urgent catalog task every time the flow runs.


  1. Open an action in Action Designer or a subflow in Flow Designer that you want to create a dynamic value for.
  2. Create an input.
    1. In the Label field, enter a label to help flow designers understand the purpose of the field. This is the label for the field when the flow designer adds the subflow or action to a flow. For example, enter Select fields.
    2. In the Type field, select Template Value. Select the table containing the record you will create or update. For example, if you are adding a Create Catalog Task action in a subflow, set the Type to Template Value.Requested Item [sc_req_item].
    An input of type Template Value
  3. Add an action step or action that will use the template value.
    The action step or action must create or update a record. For example, add a Create Task action to a subflow that will create an incident task.
  4. Drag the Template Value data pill into the Field Values or Fields field.
  5. (Optional) Add static values in addition to the dynamic field by selecting + Add Field Value.
    Note: Avoid setting static values that you want flow designers to set from the dynamic field. The flow always uses the static value from the subflow or action step over a value entered from a dynamic field. You can use static values to enforce business policies that you do not want flow designers to change.


When the subflow or action is added to a flow, a flow designer can set field values for the record being created or updated.

The Template Value input viewed from within a flow.