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Publish a subflow

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Publish a subflow

Publish a subflow to make it available to other users and to add it to activated flows.

Before you begin

Role required: flow_designer or admin

Create a subflow, test the subflow, and verify that it is working as expected.

About this task

When you make changes to a published subflow, the changes remain in the draft state until you publish the subflow again. You must publish a changed subflow to make the changes available to activated flows.


  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click the subflows tab and open a tested subflow.
  3. Click Publish.


The subflow can be added to activated flows. If you update the subflow after it is published, you must click Publish again to see the changes when the parent flow is run. After publishing changes, all parent flows that use the subflow are automatically updated to use the current version.