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Create Catalog Task action

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Create Catalog Task action

Creates a record in the Catalog Task [sc_task] table associated to a requested item in the Requested Items [sc_req_item] table. Adds the catalog task record as data to be used in the flow.

Roles and availability

  • Available as a Flow Designer core action. Process analysts use the flow_designer role to add an action to a flow and define configuration details.


Fields Description
Table Name The Catalog Task [sc_task] table where the catalog task is created. This value is read only.
Requested Item [Requested Item] The requested item record from the Requested Items [sc_req_item] table that this catalog task fulfills.
Short Description Short description for the catalog task.
Fields [Catalog Task]

To add the action to a flow, set fields in the catalog task record to the desired value. For example, to set the Urgency, select Urgency and set the desired value.

If adding the action to a subflow, you can allow flow designers to dynamically set field values.


Pauses the flow until this task completes and is no longer active (active=false).

Alternatively, you can add a wait condition by dragging-and-dropping a true/false field from the data panel into the Wait field. The flow only waits for the task to complete when this field is true.

Template Catalog Item [Catalog Item] Select an item from the Catalog Items [sc_cat_item] table to populate the Catalog Variables slushbucket with the associated variables.
Catalog Variables

Select catalog variables to show on the catalog task form to provide more information or allow the fulfiller to modify the variables.

You can define flow-specific variables that display in the Available column. To define flow-specific variables, see Create flow Service Catalog variables.


Example Create Catalog Task action in a flow.