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Ask for Approval action

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Ask for Approval action

Request approval for a record with an approval field. You can configure a rule set for an approval, rejection, or cancellation. If a due date is added to an approval, the approval is automatically approved, rejected, or canceled if the approvers have not responded by the designated time.

Approvals is a platform feature that enables users or groups to approve or reject a task.

Roles and availability

  • Available as a Flow Designer core action. Process analysts use the flow_designer role to add an action to a flow and define configuration details.


Field Description
Record Select a record under the data panell and drag the record pill into the Record field. If selecting a table with an approval field already configured, the Approval field is set to the correct field.
Table Set to the table name associated with the record.
Approval field Select a field from the designated table to use for approval.
Journal field Select a field from the designated table to use for journal.
Rules Define the approval and rejection rules. Approval rules determine which users can approve or reject requests, and what happens after approval or rejection. Approval or rejection rules include:
  • Anyone approves
  • All users approve
  • All responded and anyone approves
  • % of users approve
  • # of users approve

In the field beside the approval rule, add the desired approvers. To add approvers:

  • Select individual users or groups.
  • Drag-and-drop or select a field from a record.
  • Select Manual approvers icon to allow a manual approver to process an approval or rejection. A manual approver is a user manually added to the Approvers related list who can then approve the request. For example, you can manually add a subject matter expert to a task to approve the request. To learn more about adding manual approvers, see Generate approvals using the approvers related list.

Define rejection rules by adding another OR rule set. When defining approvals, include rejection rules that run when there are no matching approvals. Such rejection rules prevent the flow from remaining in a waiting state. For example, if an approval can be approved by anyone, create a time-based rejection rule in case no one approves it.

Note: If you set an approval rule with no rejection rule (or vice versa) and the expected approval state is not met, the runtime value will be canceled.
Due Date Define a due date to ensure that the flow does not remain in a waiting state if the request is not approved or denied.
  • None: The approval is not dependent on a specific date.
  • Approve: Automatically approve the step if an action is still pending by the specified date.
  • Reject: Automatically reject the step if an action is still pending by the specified date.
  • Cancel: Automatically cancel the step if an action is still pending by the specified date.


Example Ask for Approval action in a flow.