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Create a request through the facilities catalog

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Create a request through the facilities catalog

Employees use the Facilities catalog to submit requests. The catalog provides several different categories so users can choose the one that closely relates to their request.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Facilities Catalog.
  2. Select a category.
  3. If necessary, select a subcategory.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Note: Some request forms do not contain every field described here. See .Forms
    Table 1. Facilities catalog request form
    Field Description
    Opened for The name of the person submitting this request. Select a new name if you are opening this request on behalf of another user.
    Location The location for this request.
    Short Description A brief summary of the request.
    Detailed Description A detailed description of the request.
    Priority The priority that describes the importance of this request.
  5. Click Submit.