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Roles installed with Facilities Service Management

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Roles installed with Facilities Service Management

Roles control access to features and capabilities in Facilities Service Management.

Facilities Service Management adds the following roles.

Role title [name] Description Contains Roles
facilities_read Can read facilities requests. none
facilities_admin Can create and modify all facilities requests, modify floor plans, and configure buildings, floors, and rooms. Administrators can also create tasks using the Clone Task feature.
  • knowledge_manager
  • facilities_staff
  • facilities_dispatcher
  • catalog_admin
  • territory_admin
  • skill_admin
  • facilities_approver_user
  • template_admin
  • skill_model_admin
facilities_asset_admin Can create and modify all facilities assets.
  • asset
facilities_approver_user Can approve whether a facilities request can move forward.
  • approver_user
facilities_dispatcher Can schedule and assign tasks to the facilities staff. They can be searched (filtered by) the group they manage.
  • skill_model_user
  • facilities_staff
  • territory_user
  • inventory_user
facilities_staff Provides full access to the Facilities application and all modules. Can create and modify facilities requests and access facilities reports. Facilities staff are typically the users who are assigned to facilities requests and update the request record accordingly.
  • inventory_user
  • skill_user
  • document_management_user
  • fc_request_reader
  • territory_user
  • service fulfiller
  • fc_request_writer
  • facilities_read
The facilities_staff and facilities_admin roles automatically inherit the following roles:
fc_request_reader Can read facilities request records. none
fc_request_writer Can create, read, write, and delete facilities request records.
  • fc_request_reader
fpv_floorplan_writer Can create, read, write, and delete facilities floor plans.
  • fpv_floorplan_reader
fpv_element_reader Can read room records. none
fpv_element_writer Can create, read, write, and delete room records. none