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Define a scanner implementation script include

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Define a scanner implementation script include

When defining a scanner to be used by Vulnerability Response, you are asked to add a script include to identify the actual scanning behavior.

Before you begin

Role required: script_include_admin


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Script Includes.
  2. Click New.
  3. Provide a scanner name and define its accessibility in the Accessible from field.
    Select All application scopes if the scanner can be accessed from any application scope. Otherwise, select This application scope only. If the scanner is defined out of the Vulnerability scope, select All application scopes.
  4. Populate the Script box with the baseline class structure and modify it to extend sn_vul.VulnerabilityScannerBase.
  5. Add an implementation method for launchScan to define the scanning behavior.
    Define where the request is made with a third-party scanner system and where the state of the scan record is updated. The signature for this method is launchScan: function(scanGr).
    Note: The VulnerabilityScannerBase script include contains functions, such as convenience functions for setting the error state and message on the Scan record, and for determining and normalizing IPs from the scan record CIs.
  6. Click Submit.