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Using Vulnerability Explorer

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Using Vulnerability Explorer

The Vulnerability Response Explorer provides a graphical view into vulnerable item activity, so you can focus the KPIs on critical affected assets, high-visibility vulnerabilities. All of which helps you determine your remediation plans.

The Vulnerability Response Explorer displays vulnerability information that is tailored to the role of the user.

Note: When the Vulnerability Analytics plugin [] is activated, you can use Interactive filters on the dashboard version. For more information, see the section on the Vulnerability Response Explorer dashboard.

Vulnerability Explorer homepage

The Vulnerability Explorer homepage contains the following reports.
Table 1. Vulnerability Explorer reports
Name Visual Description
Vulnerabilities Single Score Total number of vulnerabilities that match the areas shown.
Vulnerability by CWE Bar chart The number of vulnerable items from the Common Weakness Enumerations (CWE) list.
Exploitation Complexity over Attack Vector Heatmap The number of vulnerable items per access complexity and access vector.
Vulnerable States vs Business Service Criticality Bar chart The number of vulnerable items within each state for each criticality issue.
Vulnerability Map Map Vulnerable item data by geographical location. The world map is highlighted in every area in which a vulnerability occurs. A map report view allows you to drill down to vulnerable item information by location.

Vulnerability Explorer dashboard

The Vulnerability Explorer dashboard displays the same security incident information as the homepage. You can point to any part of a chart (bar, pie, data point, heatmap, and so on) to view general data specific to that part. Interactive filters allow you to customize your view. If you click any part of a report, a list opens to provide detailed information.

Vulnerability Explorer dashboard
Table 2. Vulnerability Explorer filters
Name Visual Description
[Optional] These filters are only available when the Security Incident Analytics plugin is activated.
CVE Identifier Drop down menu Provides real-time filtering based on CVE Identifier.
Vulnerability Active Radio button Provides real-time filtering based on whether the vulnerability is active.
Vulnerability Business Impact Check box Provides real-time filtering based on business impact.