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Configuration Compliance calculator groups

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Configuration Compliance calculator groups

Configuration Compliance calculators are used to update record values when pre-defined conditions are met. The calculators are grouped based on the criteria used to determine how the records are updated.

All enabled Configuration Compliance calculators in the Calculator Groups run each time a test result fails. If you change a test (within the third-party scanner application) or the logic in the risk calculator, Risk Score is calculated after the next import.

The Configuration Compliance base system includes one calculator group: Risk Score.

The calculator called Basic Risk Score is contained in the Risk Score calculator group. Its purpose is to calculate the risk score of a test result. As written, it is based on the business criticality and test criticality values of the test. If you do not have Service Mapping installed and configured, a middle value of 50 is used.
Note: To work properly, this script requires the Service Mapping plugin. Service Mapping is available as a separate subscription and requires activation by ServiceNow personnel.

When the computation is complete, the updated criticality is displayed in the Risk Score field in the Test Results record.

Configuration Compliance calculators can prioritize and categorize test results based on any custom criteria you want to use. The Risk Score calculator prioritizes based on the importance of the business services relying on an affected policy.

You can modify Basic Risk Score to calculate a score based on whatever risk factors you want. For example, you may have CI data indicating that the non-compliance is external-facing, posing a greater risk to your environment than internal-facing non-compliance. That data can be used as a factor.
Note: Editing Basic Risk Score or creating a calculator requires coding or advanced ServiceNow expertise.

The Basic Risk Score calculator is enabled by default.