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Install the Setup Assistant and configure Security Incident Response

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Install the Setup Assistant and configure Security Incident Response

Setup Assistant walks you through setting up Security Incident Response and third-party integrations for your environment. Setup Assistant provides everything you need to install and set up your environment to use Security Incident Response.

System administration tasks

The first section of the Setup Assistant contains tasks performed by the ServiceNow admin. A list of users and integrations should be obtained from the Security Manager prior to beginning these tasks.

Security Incident Response administration tasks

The subsequent sections of the Setup Assistant lead the security admin through the setup of the rest of the Security Incident Response system, including setup in the following areas:

  • Basic system setup, including:
    • Escalation paths
    • Security calculator groups and risk score calculators
    • SLAs
    • Process definitions
  • Email settings, including:
    • Email parsing inbox
    • Email parsers for ingesting alerts
    • Email matching rules for user-reported phishing attacks
    • Email inbound actions
  • Playbook settings:
    • Runbook documents
    • Workflows that respond to security incidents
  • Capability configurations