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Software Asset Management release notes

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Software Asset Management release notes

ServiceNow® Software Asset Management product enhancements and updates in the London release.

The Software Asset Management application lets you manage your software assets by automatically normalizing, reconciling, and reclaiming software assets.

London upgrade information

Warning: If you upgrade to Software Asset Management (com.snc.samp) plugin from Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management), you cannot revert back to Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management).

New in the London release

Adobe Cloud License Management publisher pack
Use the Adobe Cloud License Management publisher pack for enhanced discovery of Adobe subscriptions to determine license compliance. The Adobe User Management API is used for integration with Adobe Creative, Experience, and Document Cloud for normalization and reconciliation. Discovery sources include ServiceNow Discovery, Microsoft SCCM, and other third party discovery sources that can integrate as a data source in the ServiceNow CMDB.

Adobe Cloud dashboard using Performance Analytics is activated with this publisher pack to forecast cloud license cost and consumption.

Citrix publisher pack
Use Citrix publisher pack for reconciliation and optimization of Citrix products, such as XenApp and XenDesktop, to determine license compliance. Optimization includes license usage for concurrent users as well as per device, per processor, and per user. ServiceNow Discovery identifies applications deployed in your Citrix farm from the Citrix Delivery Controller using OData APIs.

Citrix dashboard using Performance Analytics is activated with this publisher pack for compliance and cost optimization.

Software lifecycle content included in the Software Library
Identify risk of software installed throughout your environment using software lifecycle content, such as general availability and end-of-life dates, provided as part of the Software Library. Software lifecycle content is also useful for Technology Portfolio Management (ITBM) to perform application rationalization.
Automated software entitlement import
Streamline the process of importing software license entitlements into the Software Asset Management application using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Critical validation is performed during the import, such as identification of errors and duplicates, to ensure the data is accurate and complete. Validation records are included in the Entitlement Import Error list.
License Change Projection
Integrate Change Management with Software Asset Management to automatically calculate the impact of software license costs within Change Management when a change is proposed.
License Position report
Use the License Position report to view compliance details for each software model in a single list. The License Position report makes your license position easy to understand from reconciliation output.
On-premise customer support
Upload Software Library content to your on-premise environment from a zip file to take full advantage of the Software Library in Software Asset Management. On-premise customers can participate in the Software Asset Management Content Service by exporting custom content to contribute to the improvement of the normalization service. Exported data includes custom content, such as discovery models not fully normalized, and custom part numbers.
Updated dashboards using Performance Analytics to trend KPIs for SAM
Leverage native ServiceNow platform capabilities to trend Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, VMware, and Citrix software cost and compliance key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. You can also customize your own KPIs to track progress toward your software asset goals.
IBM publisher pack enhancement
Automate reconciliation of IBM products, including complex server licensing scenarios, using IBM publisher pack. Integration with IBM BigFix Inventory discovery application is used to measure subcapacity and full-capacity license compliance for PVU and RVU license metrics.
Oracle publisher pack enhancement
Set the Oracle reconciliation property for a VMware vCenter cluster so that all processors on every ESX server are considered when determining license compliance. Oracle options usage data is also collected.
Normalization suggestions
Evaluate suggestions to normalize discovery models which were previously manually normalized incorrectly. Suggestions are automatically identified if an error exists after new normalization content is delivered to your instance via the Content Library. Suggestions can be either accepted, which updates the Discovery Model to the correct values, or rejected, which leaves the manually normalized values.

Changed in this release

Unused rights have been renamed to rights available.

Activation information

The Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) plugin requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data. Depending on your environment, you may choose to request one or more related plugins which also must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. See Request Software Asset Management.

For the Software Asset Management (com.snc.software_asset_management) plugin and Software Asset Management Foundation (com.snc.sams) plugin features of Asset Management, see ITSM Software Asset Management.