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API release notes

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API release notes

ServiceNow® API product enhancements and updates in the London release.

New in the London release

Table 1. New scoped classes and additional methods to existing scoped classes
Class Activated with Methods
Client MetricBase deleteSeries()
DiscoveryAPI Discovery discoverIpAddress(), reportCiIpAddressStatus(), reportCiStatus()
Flow Flow Designer startAsync()
GlideSecurityUtils Now Platform cleanURL(), enforceRelativeURL(), escapeScript(), isURLWhiteListed()
GlideStringUtil Now Platform dotToUnderBar(), escapeAllQuotes(), escapeForHomePage(), escapeHTML(), escapeNonPrintable(), escapeQueryTermSeparator(), escapeTicks(), getHTMLValue(), getNumeric(), isBase64(), isEligibleSysID(), newLinesToBreaks(), normalizeWhiteSpace(), unescapeHTML()
GlideXMLUtil Now Platform removeInvalidChars(), validateXML()
Interaction Interaction Management create(), getInteraction(), transferToAgent(), transferToQueue(), accept()
InteractionQueue Interaction Management get(), isAgentFor(), acceptNext()
Messaging Messaging Notification send()
ReportCiStatusOutputJS Discovery getCiOperationStatus(), getCmdbCI(), getDiscoveryState(), getIpAddress(), getIssues(), getIssuesLink(), toJson()
SentimentAnalyser Sentiment Analysis analyze(), analyzeWithLanguage(), analyzeMultiple(), analyzeMultipleWithLanguage(), getDefaultConnector(), getConnectorByName()
SPScriptedFacet Service Portal addFacetItem()
SPScriptedFacetService Service Portal createFacet(), createMultiChoiceFacet()
Subflow Flow Designer startAsync()
TransformPart MetricBase resample(), iqr()
UserCriteriaLoader User Criteria Scoped API getAllUserCriteria(), getUserCriteria()
Table 2. New global APIs
Class Activated with Methods
BusinessServiceManager Now Platform addCI(), addManualConnection(), migrateManualToApplicationService(), populateApplicationService(), removeCi(), removeManualConnection()
CMDBDuplicateTaskUtils Now Platform createDuplicateTask()
Table 3. New client classes and additional methods for existing classes
Class Activated with Methods
GlideUIScripts Now Platform getUIScript()
Table 4. New REST APIs
API Activated with Method
Application Service API Now Platform
  • api/now/cmdb/app_service/create
  • api/now/cmdb/app_service/{sys_id}/getContent
Task Communication Management API Incident Management - Major Incident Management sn_comm_management/task_communication_management/communication_detail/{taskSysId}
Major Incident Management API Incident Management - Major Incident Management sn_major_inc_mgmt/mim/status/{incidentSysId}
Service Catalog API Now Platform sn/sc/servicecatalog/variables/{sys_id}/display_value
Interaction API Interaction Management /api/now/interaction

Activation information

  • Discovery APIs: Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the Now Platform and requires the Discovery (com.snc.discovery) plugin.
  • Flow Designer APIs: Flow Designer is a Now Platform feature that is active by default.
  • Interaction Management APIs: An administrator can activate the Interaction Logging, Routing, and Queueing plugin [com.glide.interaction] to access the functionality.
  • Major Incident Management API: An administrator can activate the Incident Management - Major Incident Management plugin (com.snc.incident.mim) to access the functionality.
  • Messaging Notification APIs: To activate notifications in messaging applications, request the Messaging Notification plugin (com.glide.notification.messaging) through the HI Customer Service system. This plugin activates related plugins if they are not already active. Integrations with third-party systems also require a separate IntegrationHub subscription.
  • MetricBaseAPIs: The MetricBase product requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel.
  • SentimentAnalyser API: An administrator can activate the Sentiment Analysis (com.snc.sentiment_analysis) plugin to access the functionality.
  • Service Portal APIs: Service Portal is a Now Platform feature that is active by default.
  • UserCriteriaLoader API: Available with the User Criteria Scoped API plugin (com.glideapp.user_criteria.scoped.api) that is active by default.