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Agent Intelligence release notes

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Agent Intelligence release notes

ServiceNow® Agent Intelligence product enhancements and updates in the London release.

With Agent Intelligence, you can use machine-learning algorithms to set field values when you are creating a record. You can also train predictive models to automatically categorize and route work that is based on your past record-handling experience.

New in the London release

Use Agent Intelligence for HR Service Delivery
Use the default Agent Intelligence records as templates to create HR Service Delivery solutions.
Export trained solutions to production
Refine and test your machine-learning (ML) solutions iteratively on a non-production instance, and then use update sets to export the changes to your production instance. By following this process, you reduce the risk of having to retrain solutions on your production instance.
Review increased support for solution class predictions
Note that in the Kingston release, the system used the top 25 classes with the highest number of records when it built a solution. In this release, it uses the top 50 classes, increasing the amount of historical data it processes to predict the class confidently.
Copy a solution definition
As you create separate solution definition records for each predictive model you want to support, you can copy a record and its configuration into a new form by clicking Copy Solution Definition from the context menu of the original record. Use the new record to make further solution updates without reconfiguring the entire solution definition.
Choose language processing for your solution definition
As you create and train a solution definition, you can select the prime language of the dataset you are training. Your options include Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, with English as the default.
Review solution training tips
Review additional guidance for solution training, such as tips on conditions you may want to set on the data records you want to train and the recommended number of records for training a good solution.
Review encryption support
Learn which types of data encryption are supported by Agent Intelligence.
Test a solution prediction
After you train your ML solution, you can call on the Agent Intelligence API to make a solution prediction.
Save your ML solutions during a system clone
When you request a clone of your instance, the system stores your trained solution components as attachment records. Adjust your glide.platform_ml.clone_artifacts system property to preserve these records during the system clone.

Activation information

  • Agent Intelligence is included in the following packages: ITSM Professional, CSM Professional, HR Professional, and HR Enterprise. When you subscribe to any of these packages, you can activate the Agent Intelligence plugins in your production instance using your administration rights. You can also request activation of these plugins on a non-production instance.
  • If you are running your instance on an earlier version than Kingston Patch 2, such as Kingston Patch 0 or Kingston Patch 1, when you activate your plugins, you must update your scheduler URL property so it is compatible with Agent Intelligence. For activation instructions, see Activate Agent Intelligence.