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London security and notable fixes

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London security and notable fixes

The London Early Availability release contains fixes to these problems.

London was released on July 26, 2018.
Build date: 07-14-2018_1223
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch0-07-11-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to London.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of London fixed problems, see KB0692695.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in London: Benchmarks, Security Threat Intelligence, Sightings Search, and Trusted Security Circles.

Security-related fixes

London includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in London, refer to KB0692609.

Important fixes in London

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Setting the property glide.db.query.term. table_limit to zero causes severe cache issues on sys_term_table_cache and a high flush count

When the property glide.db.query.term.table_limit is set to 0, the related propertyglide.cache.size.sys_ term_table_cache is created with a value of 0. As a result, the instance experiences significant performance degradation.

  1. Set the system property glide.db.query.term.table_limit to 0.
  2. Restart the instance node.

    A static initializer sets the cache size.

  3. Issue any arbitrary updates, for example, against an incident.
  4. Look at / for the entry for sys_term_table_cache.

Entries are always 0 and the flush count climbs with every update.




Data loss can occur when adding an index on an existing column on a TPP table via IndexDescriptor#create when that table is out of index capacity Adding an index to a TPP column will sometimes try to migrate columns to accommodate an index.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Usage Analytics



Table statistics collection from usageanalytics_count_cfg is not working The problem is usually discovered when the instance stops reporting usage counts and can take a while. Symptoms include:
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table is too low - less than 100.
  • The number of entries in the usageanalytics_count_cfg table does not match the number of corresponding entries in the parent sys_metadata table.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



Document ID field types are showing the sys_id instead of the display value When a document ID field is set to read-only via ACL or dictionary (server-side methods), the field shows the sys_id instead of the display value when viewed in a form.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



Non-admins cannot impersonate users in Jakarta Non-admin users with the impersonator role are unable to select any users from the impersonation dialog, except for users in the recent impersonation list.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Date/Time settings are not used on the list The Date/Time selection of "Time Ago" or "Both" in system settings is not used when accessing a list view of records, nor when the list view is refreshed. Instead, the calendar view is shown.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Queued AMB messages can push session waiters beyond the 'Max Waiters' threshold, resulting in ignored requests AMB messages queued for delivery can push a session's waiting transactions beyond the system's allowed maximum amount. The result is that legitimate UI requests are ignored.

Forms and Fields



The date picker is returning incorrect results When using the date picker on any new record, the expected date is not being selected.
  1. Navigate to and open a new change request form.
  2. Under the Schedule tab, use the date picker to select a planned start date.
  3. Select a date in the month after the one you are in.

The same date in the next month is returned.

Forms and Fields



Multiline text fields do not automatically expand if ACLs prevent the current user from writing to the field Multiline read-only text fields do not automatically expand. This makes the field to appear in only 3 lines, and users have to scroll down/up to read the content.
  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Add the Description field on an Incident form.
  3. Open a closed incident record.
  4. Fill with a long text in the Description field.
  5. Impersonate its "Assigned to" user.
  6. Open that incident.

Only three lines are displayed in the description, and users have to scroll up/down to read that text.



Email client is no longer showing uploaded attachments for non-admin users In the Kingston release, when a non-admin user who has access to the Email Client uploads an attachment to the Email Client, the attachment is correctly attached to the email, but it is not shown in the email client itself.
  1. Open the incident form with an ITIL user with no admin roles.
  2. Open the Email Client.
  3. Add an attachment.

The attachment does not reflect on the email client once it has been uploaded. The attachment is present and properly attached to the email and will be sent when 'send' is pressed. However, a non-admin user will not know that because they cannot see it on the email client.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Mandatory label variables do not have asterisks and are not enforced

When a label variable for a catalog item is set to mandatory by either a catalog client script or a catalog UI policy, it is neither displayed as mandatory (denoted by an asterisk) nor enforced in Service Portal.

However, mandatory labels work in the backend catalog item view because they are denoted with an asterisk and are enforced upon the catalog item form submission.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




The page value in a list v2 in IE11 is not displaying correctly When using List v2 in IE11, changes to pagination values are not reflected. However, this works as expected in Chrome.
  1. Make sure List v2 is enabled.
  2. In IE11, navigate to Incident > Open.
  3. Modify the pagination value in the top right.

The page numbers do not increment past 1.

Activity Stream



Activity stream logs for inbound emails show a blank 'From:' field on the email preview When an email is received from a registered user with an account in the sys_user table, the 'From:' field is empty. If the user is not registered, the email is visible in the 'From:' field.
  1. Send an email from an email address associated with a valid user.
  2. Verify that the inbound email has been received by the instance.

The 'From:' field in the activity log is left empty.



Slowness and potential browser lock ups

When attempting to add extended fields of cmdb_ci (and likely any other Table Per Partition) fields, large table structures can cause adding those fields to be slow, and potentially locking the browser.

This may occur in any place where users are able to add extended fields using a slushbucket, like in the report builder or when trying to add dot-walk fields to forms using the form layout.




List gauges showing the wrong row count on the homepage The pagination controls and counts for all list gauges for the same table name added to a homepage appear to have counts derived from the first gauge.
  1. Configure a user with an ITIL role and Network and Service Desk groups.
  2. Impersonate the user and open a homepage by typing HomePage Admin > My Home in the filter navigation.
  3. Click the Add Content button, find Gauges > Task > My Groups Work and add it to the page.

    The record/page count at the bottom of the list.

  4. Click the Add Content button, find Gauges > Task > Unassigned Work and add it to the page.

    Both lists show the same record/page count.

When more than one list gauge is present, the first one's record/page count is applied to the rest.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



The application navigator filters much more slowly in Istanbul and later releases when admins type in the Type Filter Text to filter
  1. Log in to a Helsinki instance.
  2. Type a long string of text into the type filter text of the application navigator.

    For example: business rules

    scripts - background

    Result: No matter how fast you type, the list is filtered almost immediately. You cannot get ahead of it.

  3. Log in to an Istanbul or a later instance.
  4. Type the same strings of text into the type filter text of the application navigator.

There is a noticeable delay, almost as if a timeout has been added. It is possible to get in the entirety of the above examples before the navigator filters, if typing fast enough. The same results and poor comparative speed exist if pasting a value in Helsinki vs. Istanbul or later.




Reports containing a field from a variable are default to only showing the first record and throws a NullPointerException error When attempting to create reports, if adding a field from a variable, the report is default to only showing the first record and nothing further. Also, if using group by, it recognizes other records are available but does not display them.
  1. Edit a catalog item, such as Submit an IT request.
  2. Add these variables: Incident Number (reference type to incident), Incident description (multi-line text).
  3. Submit the catalog item a few times to generate some records in sc_req_item.
  4. Set the system property glide.ui.optimize.lists to false.
  5. Create a report on the requested item table (sc_req_item), and add a filter for Item = <catalog item created or Submit an IT Request>.
  6. Run the report.

    Only one record is displayed, even though there are many records.

  7. Remove the filter and run the report again.

All records are shown.

Activity Stream



Field 'work_notes' is not editable g_form.isEditableField() returns false for journal/journal_input fields on existing record forms. This PRB also blocks the ATF plugin from setting the field value of journal_input fields during test execution.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Group activity gets stuck when using a custom approval script When using an Approval - Group activity with the Wait For Condition based on script option, the Approval - Group activity may get stuck and not progress the workflow.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Activity Stream



Turning off live forms glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled in Jakarta hides journal fields associated to the activity formatter and activities (filtered) If users turn off live forms and set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false, the comment fields associated to a form's activity formatter are hidden.
  1. In UI16, navigate to Incident > Open.

    Confirm there are journal fields and Work Notes displayed above the Activity Formatter.

  2. Set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false.
  3. Return to the incident form.

    The journal fields do not display.

If you inspect the element, the journal field is set to display: none.

Activity Stream



Additional Comments and Work notes do not always work as expected If text is entered into a collapsed journal field (for example, when Additional Comments and Worknotes are collapsed to only show one field) before the field is set to mandatory (such as by a client script), the 'hasChanged' flag is not triggered. When a user tries to update the Additional Comments and Worknotes fields, the updates fail with the error message 'The following mandatory fields are not filled in.'

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




DBOnlineAlter uses ExecutionTracker from multiple threads

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog



UI policies on list collector variables do not work, which causes the RITM form to break When there is a UI policy applied on a list collector variable on a catalog item, when viewed in the RITM record, the form breaks. The list collector displays as 'Loading.'

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Source Control Integration



Source Control operations in Studio throw an error: JGITInternalException: Cannot Read When users attempt to commit their changes via Source Control > Commit Changes, an error appears: "An error occurred while executing that operation. Try again, check logs, and contact support if the error persists."

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module or any module The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module.
  1. Change the language to Japanese.
  2. Navigate go to sys_upgrade_history.list.
  3. Open any record on the list.

The form section captions for the Upgrade History Details and Review Skipped Records modules are not translated.




MID ServerLister incorrectly notifies MID Servers of potential changes

In Jakarta, support for attachments on MID Server Script Files was added. There was a dictionary change to add the field script_attachment and reference sys_attachment. It also had the default cascade delete rule to nullify the reference upon deletion of the attachment.

The platform performs a multiple update database execution when an attachment is deleted to null out references. Even though no actual change is made, this triggers the database listener MidScriptListener to incorrectly notify all MID Servers of a potential change.

  1. Initiate a grab log files from an existing MID Server record.
  2. Upon an input response with an attachment, remove the attachment.

An ecc_queue record is created per MID Server with the following:

Topic: SystemCommand, Source: FileChange, Name: ecc_agent_script_file, Queue: output




Accessing a public report of the type 'List' deletes the default record of the report table from sys_ui_list, causing the default list for a table to revert to its system-generated version Accessing the results of a public report from the type 'List' causes the default record from the sys_ui_list table to be deleted. Any list layout configured by the administrator is lost. In addition, a record is created by the guest user on the sys_ui_list table with an empty 'View' field.
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run > Create a Report.
  2. Create a report from the incident table with type List.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the drop-down next to Save to click Publish and Copy Public URL.
  5. Open an incognito window to make sure there are no active sessions in the system you are in.
  6. View the URL copied in step 4, then close that browser.

    It is no longer needed.

  7. Refresh the list from step 3.

The task list is no longer there.

Audit History


The activity log is capturing incorrect workflow changes The Stage field in the Requested Item shows the same value for the old and new stage in the History Set.

Activity Stream



The User Preference sys_user_preference ".stream_input" can cause field visibility issues for comments and work notes depending on the form layout

This issue occurs when the user has a sys_user_preference for the '.stream_input' of the form's table. This impacts mostly ITIL users.

In some situations, users cannot post journal input as previously/expected. There can be unexpected visibility issues with comments and worknotes, depending on the form layout.

If the user navigates to a form view such as Self-Service, and the form view does not contain their current preference value (for example, work note), the alternative field does not display. However, the 'Post' button remains visible.

  1. Impersonate an ITIL user.
  2. Navigate to a New/Work in Progress incident and ensure you are in the Default View.

    The OOB default view is configured to have both additional comments and work note fields within the Notes Section.

  3. Switch your view to the Self Service View.

    The OOB Self Service View only has additional comments. Work notes is not configured to be on the form.

  4. Switch back to the Default View and post a comment. Then select Update.
  5. Return to the record and post a work note. Then select Update.
  6. Repeat step 5. This ensures, if it did not yet exist, that glide.ui.incident.stream_input has been created and contains the value work_notes.
  7. Switch to the Self Service View.

    The comments field is no longer visible, yet you can see the Post button.

It is expected you can still see/post comments, but because your preference is work notes, the field is no longer visible.

Express to Enterprise



The Notes and Closure information sections are not displayed on the incident form The form sections Notes and Closure information are not visible on the incident form. This symptom is seen after the first upgrade after the Express to Enterprise conversion.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




In Helsinki (UI16), List v3 has performance and availability issues compared to List v2 After upgrading to List v3 (a new feature in Helsinki), a substantial difference is noticeable in performance, specifically on load time.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




CMDB TPP migration is creating records in the cmdb$par1 table with sys_class_path is NULL CMDB TPP migration is creating records in the cmdb$par1 table with sys_class_path is NULL. As a result, some relationships are not showing on CMDB related lists and searches against CMDB tables are not returning all records.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Benchmarks Application



After upgrading to Kingston, users cannot hide the Dashboards module that is installed as part of the Benchmark Client application Admins cannot see the Benchmark Client application under 'Application picker' because it has been set to private.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Edit the application Benchmarks menu and set it to be visible for the roles admin and sn_bm_client.benchmark_data_viewer. Note that the role ITIL has sn_bm_client.benchmark_data_viewer under Contains Roles.
  3. Try to edit and remove the role sn_bm_client.benchmark_data_viewer from itil in the Contains Roles list.

You are unable to remove it. Even on selecting, Delete is disabled.

Condition Builder



On translated instances, condition operators in the UI16 report designer are displayed in the incorrect language If multiple languages are enabled, condition operators in report new UI designer are displayed for all users in the incorrect language, regardless of their language settings. The condition operators are displayed in the language used by the first user who logged in and accessed the report designer after an instance restart.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Other notable London fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream



HTML fields in the activity stream show HTML tags If an HTML field is added on the form and the activity stream, when the field changes, its content shows on the activity stream including HTML tags.
  1. Navigate to the incident form:
  2. Use Configure > Form Layout to add an HTML field called Test HTML.
  3. Open the form again, and create an incident with the blank value on the new Test HTML field.
  4. Open the newly created record, navigate to the activity section, and click the Funnel or Filter icon.
  5. Scroll down and click the Configure available fields link.
  6. Add the Test HTML field in the slushbucket.
  7. Navigate back to the form again, and change the value in the Test HTML field to 'Hello World'.
  8. Save the record.

In the activity stream, 'Hello World' appears as '<p>Hello World</p>'.

Activity Stream



Journal fields in a different tab from the Activity formatter are being hidden If a journal field is placed in a tab separate from the Activity Formatter, the field is hidden. In Istanbul, the journal field would still be displayed.
  1. In OOB Jakarta, navigate to the incident form.
  2. Remove the Additional Comments and Work Notes fields from the Notes tab.
  3. Add the Additional Comments and Work Notes fields to the Related Records tab.
  4. View the incident form and open the Related Records tab.

The journal fields are hidden.

Activity Stream


Work notes are not saved when the activity stream filter is not checked, which causes data loss
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Select any record.
  3. Click Show All Journal Fields and ensure that both Comments and Work notes are displaying, along with the Post button.
  4. Click Filter Activity, and uncheck Work Notes.
  5. Reload the form.
  6. Populate the Work notes field with any value, and click Post.

The value clears out from the Work notes field, but it does not display in the stream.

Activity Stream



Activity stream filter preferences do not save when reloading the form
  1. Go to any incident form.
  2. Click the activity stream filter icon and uncheck Work notes and Attachments.
  3. Reload the form.

Expected behavior: Work notes and Attachments fields are unchecked in the activity stream filter.

Actual behavior: Work notes and Attachments fields are checked but work notes and attachments are not shown in the activity stream.

Activity Stream



After adding the new property glide.ui16.emailStreamResponse Actions, under certain conditions, the email client page closes/disappears When using the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property and UI16 is enabled with live forms, the email reply buttons appear on the Activity filter stream. However, when clicking these buttons, the email client page displays but when clicking the message box to type in a message, the pop-up page closes/disappears.
  1. Make sure the live forms property glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled is enabled.

    For more information, see Disable live form feature.

  2. Make sure email sending and receiving is enabled through the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property.

    If you do not see this property in /, add it and set it to true.

  3. Go to / and open a record that has an email sent.
  4. Scroll down in the activity formatter and click the Reply/Reply All/Forward buttons.

The email client page appears, but once you click the message box, it closes.

Activity Stream


The form intermittently becomes unresponsive while scrolling through the activity formatter When loading a form (e.g., that contains the activity formatter, sometimes while scrolling down the page, the page sometimes becomes unresponsive.
  1. Navigate to the Incident > Open module.
  2. Open an incident (one that has many emails, comments, and work notes).
  3. Once the form completely renders, open the Developer Tools window.
  4. Clear the console tab and the network tab.
  5. Navigate to the Performance tab and click the record button.
  6. In the form DIV, scroll down through the form.

Expected behavior: The scrolling is expected to be smooth.

Actual behavior: The scrolling can become unresponsive intermittently.

Activity Stream



In UI16, g_form.showFieldMsg does not work on the comments and work_notes journal fields

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Activity Stream


The list of email recipients is truncated in the activity history When users send emails from an incident, and fill the To and CC fields with many emails, the list of email recipients gets truncated in the activity history. This happens in IE11.

Activity Stream


Mandatory asterisk shows up when expanding journal fields on existing incidents When expanding journal fields on an existing incident and imputing text into Additional Comment or Work Notes, a mandatory asterisk shows up.

Agent Intelligence



ML Solution (ml_solution) records are in 'Training request timed out' after activating the Agent Intelligence com.glide.platform_ml plugin Following the activation of Agent Intelligence com.glide.platform_ml plugin, no training can be done. ML Solution (ml_solution) records are not active and end up in the state 'Training request timed out'.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



The form style is stuck on the first chosen theme and does not change to the style of the currently selected theme The incident form page theme is stuck in the pink color. Upon the initial change of the system theme, the form page theme changes correctly. However, when changing to a different system theme, the form page theme does not change and still loads the style theme of the first theme that was changed.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


Application menus and module titles are displaying instead of hint text in UI16 When hovering over an application module, if defined, the hint text should be displayed. However, in UI16 on some release versions, the Title text is displayed instead. This issue does not occur in UI15.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


In Chrome 61, any module with arguments does not work and adds the arguments to the query for that module
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Modules.
  2. Click the new button.
  3. Set the Name and application menu to anything.
  4. Set the Link Type to List of records.
  5. In the Arguments field, add this code.



  6. Save the record and refresh the navigation to reload the modules.
  7. Search for and select the module you created.

Expected behavior: The module should direct you to the list of records.

Actual behavior: Nothing happens when you click the module.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



When typing the Polish letter "ć" (Alt + c), the left navigation panel opens or closes, interrupting user's text input When typing the Polish letter "ć" (Alt + c) in ITIL view, the left navigation panel opens or closes and interrupts the user's typing. The user can be typing on a field on any form.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



In UI15, if the collaboration.frameset system property is set to false, the left filter navigator cannot be resized by dragging the vertical bar When the property collaboration.frameset is set to false or is set to true, users are unable to resize the left filter navigator or split pane tab by dragging the vertical bar. The browser console shows the error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined."

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Approval Coordinator with a Manual Approval child activity errors out when pre-generating approvals When using a Manual Approval activity inside an Approval Coordinator, any Generate activity fails to generate approvals. The error "Cannot read property 'duration' from null" appears in logs.



Manual approvals skip when included in an Approval Coordinator activity with an error Manual approvals have unexpected results when included in an Approval Coordinator. Symptoms may include:
  • Approval states are set to 'No Longer required' rather 'requested'.
  • Activity throws an error "Cannot read property "total" from undefined".
  • Activity approves with result=skipped even when approvals exist.



The stage field in RITM with 'Waiting for Approval' as its value does not display the approver's name for the workflow driven renderer approach The 'Waiting for Approval' stage value does not display the approver's name in the RITM form.



Manually created approval records are not recognized by the Manual Approval activity When multiple approval records are added for a workflow that uses the Manual Approval activity, they are added in the 'Not yet requested' state. If one of those approvals is immediately approved, the Manual Approval activity will not complete.



The deduplication on the approvals does not work as expected Deduplicated approvals are not properly recorded and not attached to correct activities



Advanced approval script that returns user or group IDs instead of sys_ids no longer creates approvals When using the Advanced script field to build a list of users or groups that should get approval in the Approval - User or Approval - Group activity, scripts that return a list of user or group IDs do not trigger approvals to be created. Returning a list of user or group sys_ids works as expected.




Users with the survey_reader role are not able to view responses of the assessments Users with the survey_reader role are not able to view responses of assessments because the assessment_take_2 UI page requires the survey_admin role.
  1. Impersonate a user that has the survey_reader role but not the survey_admin role.
  2. Navigate to Survey Instances > Completed.

    All the survey instances that are in the complete state are shown.

  3. Open any record here.
  4. Click the View User's Response related link.

A new dialog opens and is blank rather than displaying the user's survey response.

Asset Management


Unable to create the mapping with Asset state / CI Status Unable to create any mapping for a CI state that has already been mapped when using the Asset CI Install Status Mapping (alm_asset_ci_state_mapping) table.

Audit History



Activity fields are missing In UI15, activity fields disappear after notification email is sent. The issue also occurs in UI11, which is used in print preview.
  1. Navigate to Incidents > All.
  2. Open an incident record.
  3. Ensure that sent/received email is configured in the activity log.
  4. Impersonate an ITIL user.
  5. Create an incident on behalf of ITIL user.
  6. Assign the incident to the ITIL user.
  7. Check the activity logs.

    The field configured in the activity formatter is displayed.

  8. After the email notification is sent, check the activity log again.

Some of the fields are missing.



Users are getting logged out automatically from a system in a short duration Users are re-authenticating (via the SAML authentication) within minutes of their last active transaction even before the session timeout.



Semaphore exhausted and high instance response time High memory usage for SAML guest sessions.



Users are not able to log in to the instance through SSO After an upgrade, the SSO is broken and users are not able to log in to the system.

Authentication - SSO


The relay state URL encoding causes failures if the query string contains a JavaScript function

When using the Multi SSO plugin, if an unauthenticated user makes a request to a URL that contains a JavaScript function as part of the query string, it is not encoded correctly in the relay state parameter for the subsequent request, which causes an incorrect redirection. The message "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" is displayed.

Automated Test Framework



Clicking a UI action cannot click the client form link with an action name
  1. Create an ATF Test.
  2. Add an open existing record step, set the table to incident, and choose any incident from zboot or create a new one and refer to that incident in the open state.
  3. Add a Click a UI Action step, and set its UI action to Repair SLAs (client = true, form link = true, has a defined Action name).
  4. Run the test.

Expected behavior: The modal pop-up appears asking to confirm starting the repair process.

Actual behavior: The client test runner opens the form to incident, then leaves the form via g_form.submit ('sla_repair').

Benchmarks Application



Unable to download scores for the first month after opt-in
  1. Request two instances.
  2. Set up one instance as a client instance and another instance as central instance.
  3. Set up the central instance with benchmark and global scores for the previous six months.
  4. Opt-in and verify scores are downloaded for previous six months.
  5. Wait for a month and verify that the download event is scheduled.

You are unable to download scores for first month after opt-in.

Change Management



ChangeTaskState script include is not installed when upgrading to Jakarta from pre-Geneva After upgrading to Jakarta, errors are thrown when attempting to insert records into sysapproval_group.
  1. Open or create a new change_request.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Change Task related list.
  3. Create a Change task, note down the time it has been created.
  4. Navigate to

There should be one or more messages referring to org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: 'ChangeTaskState' is not defined.

Change Management



Cannot create Standard Changes via the catalog on Service Portal Standard changes cannot be created through the Service Portal. The catalog on Service Portal does not treat standard changes in the same way the catalog handles those in the normal UI.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



If a user ends and rejoins a connect support conversation before it is accepted, the duration time of chat_queue_entry will be incorrect Instead of the duration of the record showing how long the agent has chatted with the end user, the duration is something similar to 23:59:56, which is a whole day minus the time between the time the user left the chat and the agent is accepted.



"At Mention" (@ username) logs out the current user if the impersonating user is not visible to a user in the result list If an end user navigates to an incident and tries to enter a work note using @<username>, it will not load the usernames. When this happens the session is ended, and navigating elsewhere will prompt the user to log in. Symptoms: - @mention never loads the user list - End user can no longer navigate the instance



Connect chat live profile is not updated when user's name changed in sys_user record by admin




Idle Countdown never times out even after several minutes of inactivity After several minutes of inactivity, the Idle Countdown does not time out the user. The Connect Support properties and are not working as described in Configure Connect Support chat timeout.


  • Use two browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Set the Connect Support properties and

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Firefox, impersonate an end user, such as Abel Tuter.
  2. In Chrome, impersonate a chat agent, such as David Loo.
  3. Initiate a chat for the end user by entering any queue (e.g., HR Support: $ aeb40252d7133100816403548e610363).
  4. As David Loo, respond to the chat after accepting it into your queue.

Expected behavior: After 20 seconds of inactivity, the end user should get a timer for a timeout alert. After an additional 10 seconds, the user should get removed from the chat session. The agent should get a message that the user has left the chat session.

Actual behavior: After several minutes of inactivity, nothing happens on the end-user side.




Users can enter their question to a support queue after the queue's scheduled availability time If a user opens the chat support URL within the available time, they are still able to enter their question after time expires on the queue's schedule. A user will see "Waiting for an Agent..." even though the queue could be closed for the day or weekend.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


CMPv2 AWS and Azure Client do not honor MID Server properties for proxy When leveraging AWS Cloud Accounts in a Jakarta Cloud Management instance, if the MID Server is configured to use a proxy, it is not honored.

Cloud Management Application


Provisioning an Azure virtual machine from the Cloud User portal fails with an error When creating the Azure public IP and NIC, it does not wait for the Public IP to finish provisioning before requesting to create NIC. Since NIC depends on the Public IP, an error occurs.
  1. Create a blueprint for the Azure virtual machine.
  2. Set DiscoverAndAttachIP to true on the virtual server.
  3. Provision the blueprint.

An error occurs.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Management V2 billing jobs are stuck The cloud billing discovery is not able to handle a huge number of downloads. It runs for a few days and eventually times out.

Condition Builder


In the new report designer, the condition builder is not displayed in 24-hour time format

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Performance issues for users running the Service Dashboard

When the Service Dashboard is running, some users experience performance or memory usage issues.

The fix for this PRB adds the system property. If set to false, service health scores are not calculated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



Long running 'CompactRelations from the IdentificationEngine are causing excessive memory usage The IdentificationEngine was spending too much time/resource for 'CompactRelations.'

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The relations for the CI are prevented from being edited Several characters get cropped from the front of the sys_id of the relationship type, which prevents relations for the CI being edited. This can happen when "Save and Exit" ends up being clicked multiple times due to the slowness of the form to close.

Core Platform


Broken pipe error which leaves stuck, causing performance issues

Core Platform


Scoped applications display the error messages "function beginningOfToday is not allowed in scope" and "endOfToday is not allowed in scope"

Core Platform


Inserting a sys_dictionary record for an extensible table on a multi-node instance causes the label to not show up on any node other than the node it was created on

Core Platform


When trying to export dashboards, scorecards, and reports to PDF or other formats, an error appears:"Requested attachment does not exist"

Exporting dashboards or scorecards as PDF fails when users have an Encryption Context assigned role. The export finishes almost immediately. When the user clicks Download, they are taken to "/". The following error is displayed: "Requested attachment does not exist'."

This issue also occurs with reports and other exports, such as JPG.

Core Platform



'Highlight changes to field' drop-down in Calendar History Detail shows Jelly expressions instead of field names In history records, the functionality for highlighting changes to fields is broken. While using 'Highlight changes to fields', the drop-down displays Jelly variables instead of field names.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform



Glide Record queries with addQuery with undefined "parameter" causes the query to bring back the entire record count Glide Record queries with addQuery with an undefined "parameter" causes the query to bring back the entire record count, instead of bringing back 0 results.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform



Reference qualifier search and sort produce different results in non-English languages
Important: This problem applies to platform reference fields only. PRB687400 will not address any issues that may or may not exist with catalog variables of type Reference.

In Jakarta and Kingston: Reference field autocompleter text is not taken into account. The reference qualifiers are not applied when the session language is other than English and the display value is translated.

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Install any language plugin, for example, I18N: French - Canada Translations.
  3. Modify the new_call.request_item Reference Qual condition with the following conditions:
    • Active is True
    • Class is Catalog Item
  4. Open a new_call Record.
  5. Change the Call type to Request.
  6. In the Request Item field, type *a.

    The first available item is Active Clones, which matches the criteria as it is a Catalog Item class.

  7. Switch the language to French-Canadian.
  8. Open a new_call Record.
  9. Change the Call type Type d'appel to Request Demande.
  10. In the Request Item field, type *a.

The first available item is Absence autorisée, Leave of absence, which should not appear because its class is Record Producer.

Core Platform



Records with the 'null' sys_id can be created and imported Records can be created or imported with a null sys_id. Modifying these null records can modify other task records with empty parent fields.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform


Unable to update sys_choice record in global scope or in the Application Portfolio Management application Users cannot update choice records in the global scope or in the Application Portfolio Management application. The following error appears: "Invalid 'Choice' record even though the selected outside Table 'Business Application' is allowed. Invalid update"



Currency and price fields marked as read only at the field definition level sys_dictionary are saved incorrectly Currency and price fields marked as read-only at the field definition level are saved incorrectly in the session currency. Also, values may be multiplied if the user locale uses a different decimal separator (e.g., the amount can be multiplied by 100 or 1000).

Data Certification



Demo data is causing certification schedules to rerun Certification schedules are unnecessarily rerun, which causes more instances and tasks.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Horizontal Discovery Sensor is slow and runs instance OutOfMemory due to excessive duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values returned The 'Horizontal Discovery Sensor' sensor can run for a long time and use an excessive amount of memory (and potentially cause an OutOfMemory condition). This issue occurs when the ECC Queue payload contains an excessive number of duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values that are discovered in the "Get VIP's 1" step.




Long-running 'Unix - ADM' sensor job overloads the sensor and remains in a state of 'ready' or 'processing' indefinitely During discovery of a server with special applications running, the ADM input payload stays in the 'ready' or 'processing' status indefinitely, as the sensor runs in an infinite loop. Symptom: The related ECC input with a name that contains 'Application Dependency Mapping' eventually has a State of 'Error'. The error string displayed is "Sensor error: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded".

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Performance issues occur when multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events are processed Processing multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events results in the consumption of the same sys_mutex key, which causes performance issues.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Unable to upgrade the MID Server System commands upgradenow and autoupgrade are not working as expected.




Horizontal Discovery Pattern error - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot deserialize object undefined The system property mid.discovery.max_payload_size in Discovery limits the payload size. When it is set to -1, there is no size restriction, causing a division by zero in certain circumstances.
  1. Set the property mid.discovery.max_payload_size = -1
  2. Run Discovery.

Observe the error message: Sensor error when processing Horizontal Pattern: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot deserialize objectundefined.




Duplicate ESX Server records are created when an ESX Server is migrated to another vCenter
  1. Discover vCenter.

    A relationship is created between the ESX Server and vCenter.

  2. Migrate the ESX Server to a different vCenter (new).
  3. Discover the vCenter that contains the migrated ESX server.

Expected behavior: The ESX Server record created in step 1 shows a relationship to the new vCenter.

Actual behavior: An ESX server record is created that has a relationship to the new vCenter. However, the record with the relationship to the original vCenter still exists.




The classify sensor incorrectly identifies the device as a network printer The classify sensor incorrectly assumes that the presence of an hrDeviceEntry with an hrDeviceType value ending in ".5" means the whole device is a network printer, when it can be a server with printer drivers installed. This is particularly problematic when an HP® iLO card is exposing the Windows® OS details through SNMP.
  1. Enable SNMP Pass-Thru in iLO.
  2. Discover a HP® server that is running Windows via the IP address of the iLO card. Discovery will classify it as a printer (cmdb_ci_printer).




MID Server DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread not reused with use_getbulk use_getscalar options

When SNMP probes run with the use_getbulk or use_getscalar probe parameter set to true, the DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread will not be reused by subsequent SNMP probes with the same parameter(s). This will result in instances of this thread accumulating over time, which will eventually cause the MID Server to be unable to create threads, requiring the MID Server to be restarted.

The OOB probes with one of the parameters enabled are:
  • SNMP - Switch - BridgePortTable
  • SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable
  • SNMP - Switch - SpanningTreeTable

Probes without either parameter (or with the parameters, but set to false) do not have this issue. Patterns are also unaffected.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Failed SNCSSH executions leak SSH channels which may result in hung SSHCommand probes There is a limit on the number of simultaneous channels that can be opened to any particular IP (the default limit is 7). After that limit is reached, any subsequent commands must wait for a channel to become available. Currently, when there is an error in executing a command, the channel is not closed and it leaks away instead. When this happens enough times for a single IP, all subsequent commands hang. This should result in the command timing out, but it does not.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



The node gets restarted due to an improper event The events processor runs the node out of memory when processing email notifications for records which contain un-closed "<" tags.




Email notification categories created on instances do not share the same sys_id
  1. Upgrade to a release from Jakarta on two similar systems (for example, cloned instances).
  2. Export one notification from one of the upgrade systems and import it to the other system.
  3. Open the notification on the new system.

The Email Category is not displayed.




SMS notifications are sent as HTML content messages after upgrading to Jakarta
  1. Create a new notification of type SMS.
  2. Trigger the SMS notification.
  3. Navigate to the sys_email record generated by the notification.

The received email content-type header is: "Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8".

On the instance, the outbound email will have Content Type: multipart/mixed




Group Email is not included as a notification recipient if the email address is the same as a user email address and the user is excluded
  1. Ensure you have an email notification for the assignment group.
  2. Set a group's group email field, for example CAB Approval, to the same as that of a user. For example,
  3. Set the user, for example, abel.tuter, notification disabled or inactive.
  4. Set an incident to have that group as an assignment group, for example, CAB Approval.
  5. Navigate to the notification and perform as Preview based on the incident created.

As a result, in the preview notification, you see the user's name/email. If the user is inactive, red is struck through the user name.



Admins are unable to configure available fields in activity formatter




Administrators are unable to upload video files of the supported format Users or administrators with the full read/write access to KB articles try to upload a new mp4 video, the 'Insert/Modify Video' tooltip shows the load bar endlessly, and fails to upload. Even if the video is attached to the article, the upload tooltip does not show any file available even selecting from attachments, failing to initiate the insert operation into the db_video target table.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



In the Express SSO console, the user is unable to toggle 'Primary' (glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp) as an admin user




In Express versions only, all customizations are overwritten when upgrading to a Jakarta or newer version On Express versions only, if an application was ever uninstalled, all customizations will be overwritten/removed when upgrading to a Jakarta or higher version. This condition is created after an application is uninstalled and data loss is only encountered on upgrade.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Field Normalization


The iframe error occurs when running the "Update Reference Qualifiers" step of the guided setup in Normalization Data Services
  1. Log in to an OOB instance.
  2. Navigate to Normalization Data Services > Guided Setup > Run Update Reference Qualifiers.

The iframe throws an error that page cannot be loaded.

Field Service Management


The Appointment Booking plugin provides the incorrect schema for sm_order and sm_task tables

If a user installs the Appointment Booking plugin before the Service Management Core plugin, the 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' tables are created with the incorrect schema.

Other plugins, such as the Facilities Service Management plugin, cannot extend the table from 'task' in a "Global" scope, and the table is still in the Appointment Booking application scope.

  1. Start with an instance that does not have either the Service Management Core or the Appointment Booking plugin installed.
  2. Install the Appointment Booking plugin.
  3. Install the Service Management Core plugin.
  4. Install the Facilities Service Management plugin.

Tables created with the Facilities Service Management plugin are created without fields provided by 'task'. You can also see that 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' do not extend 'task', and are in the "Appointment Booking Application" scope.




During the TPP migration, if a row size limitation error occurs, the CMDB table may experience data loss

During the TPP migration, a MySQL row size limitation error can occur when there is a large number of medium text fields on the CMDB and its child tables. The migration can fail and cause data loss.

If this has occurred, the state of the migration will be in "Complete (with errors)". Check the sys_tpp_migration record for "Base Configuration Item [cmdb]" to see the state of the TPP migration.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Flow Designer



The flow is unresponsive with the "Unable to deserialize process plan from JSON" exception When running the flow contains the REST action which retrieves a large size of data, the flow unresponsive with the "unable to deserialize process plan from JSON" exception.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Flow Designer


The URL encoding problem occurs when the resource path has a space
  1. Create an action and use the REST Message step.
  2. Use a resource path which has a space.
  3. The flow execution fails with an error message and this happens before the request is dispatched.

The above problem also happens for other characters like '+' as part of a resource path.

Forms and Fields


Reference qualifier on all fields is ignored when List V3 is enabled

Ensure List V3 is active, and tree_picker is set to false.

  1. Open a new incident.
  2. Assign the incident to a group with a limited member list.

Members of all groups will display in magnifier tree list, but members that are not in the assigned_to field will not validate if they are typed into the field. This functionality works correctly for the text field, but not for the drop-down list.

Forms and Fields



'Printer-friendly version' is not working when you have an attachment in the record
  1. Navigate to an open Incident record that does not have an attachment.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select the Printer Friendly feature in the system settings.

    It should display ok.

  3. Attach a file to the Incident record and repeat step 2.

The code shown in customer visible description is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Forms and Fields



Glide list fields set to read-only via client script or UI policy do not update the value when the form is saved After upgrading to Jakarta, if a user sets a Glide list type field to read-only with a UI policy, client script, cictionary or ACL, if the value for this field is updated with scripts, it does not get saved when the form is submitted.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


Slowness after an upgrade to Jakarta List loading for "Cases Opened" or "All Cases" takes up to 10-15 seconds. This issue relates to the list containing a category field, which is set to a choice type field.

Forms and Fields


Unable to upgrade TinyMCE to fix issues that are available in the latest version

Forms and Fields



When the calendar icon (date picker) is clicked to select a date, the form scrolls down to the bottom of the page
  1. Go to
  2. Open any incident record.
  3. Right-click in the form header and choose Configure > Form Layout.
  4. Under Create New Field, add a date/time field, for example, Start Date.
  5. Move some fields from Available to Selected so that the main form section has several fields, and click Save.
  6. If tabbed forms are not enabled, click the gear icon in the upper right, click Forms, and enable it.
  7. Select a Start Date by clicking the Calendar icon.

The page scrolls down.

Forms and Fields


The ElementTree control does not show glide_list elements as being selectable
  1. Create a workflow on the task.
  2. Add the 'Approval - User' activity.
  3. Click the lock icon next to the Users field.
  4. Click Select Fields to add fields to the list.

'Additional assignee list' is not available.

Forms and Fields



When using UI15 in Kingston, task record headers have a space missing between the table label and the record label There should be a space between the table label (user) and the user's name on the form header. However, in Kingston, if users switch to UI15, there is no space between table label (User) and user's name on the header.
  1. Log in to a demo Kingston instance.
  2. Switch to UI15.
  3. Go to any form, such as a user record: /<sys_id of the user record>

There is no space between the Table label(User) and the user's name on the header

This happens in all forms. For example, the form header title for incident "Incident INCXXXXXX" is displayed as "IncidentINCXXXXXX".

Forms and Fields


A JavaScript error occurs when users navigate away from the form Intermittent JavaScript errors "TypeError: uncaught exception " occur when users navigate away from any form. This causes ATF tests to fail randomly.

Forms and Fields


Clickthrough popup (eye icon) is inconsistent with standard reference icon behavior

Forms and Fields


Scripted UI policies no longer work on Service Portal or mobile in London if 'Isolate Script' is true or for scoped apps
  1. Create a scripted UI policy for any table. Ensure it runs on mobile or Service Portal.
  2. Open the form for that table in Service Portal.

There are JavaScript errors, and the script was not properly escaped.

Forms and Fields



Dot-walked fields do not work on record templates
  1. Personalize/Configure the incident form layout
  2. Add the Caller > Country code field to the form
  3. Navigate to System Definition > Templates and create a template on incident.
  4. Click the filter drop-down and click Show Related fields.
  5. Select the Caller > Country code field. Set a value.
  6. Apply the template to the incident form.

The country code value does not get applied, but other values apply fine.

Forms and Fields



The real-time updated check box field value does not save properly When a same record is open for two separate users, and one user updates a check box field, the other user sees that as a real-time update. However, when the other user changes the same value and tries to save it, the value does not save as expected.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Guided Tours


Guided Tour Plugin - Callouts are in letters instead of graphics Guided Tour Designer callouts do not display images.

Import / Export



If multiple imports happen on the same table (for example, sync Web service imports), transformation maps using fast lock could cause deadlock

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Import / Export


When a report is exported into CSV, an incomplete number of records is downloaded Exporting list view and reports in the CSV format does not export all expected records. The same data can be exported in Excel and XML.

Import / Export


XML imports ignore nodes if they are not present in the first 10 records being processed

XML imports from data source attachments ignore nodes if they are not present in first 10 records being processed. The XML being processed contains optional fields that may not exist in the first 10 records of data. Data being explicitly ignored can lead to data consistency concerns.

For details on the fix to this PRB, refer to File type data sources.

Knowledge Management


Searching for a KB article returns an outdated version In the global search, searching for a KB article with versioning enabled returns an outdated version, instead of the published one.




Join activities are resulting in an error Join activities in workflows are not working as expected. An error 'java.lang.NullPointerException' occurs when the join activity is reached.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  2. Create a catalog item.
  3. Next to the Workflow field, click the lookup icon.
  4. Next to Workflow at the top, click New to create a workflow with a Join activity.
  5. Click Try it and then Order Now to order the item.
  6. Navigate to the requested item you created.
  7. In the Catalog Tasks related list, change the state of tasks to 'Complete'.
  8. Refresh the related list and click Show Workflow.

An error occurs when the workflow reaches the Join activity.

Knowledge Management



Users cannot download attachments from published KB Customers were unable to download the attachments from published KB articles, such as KB0542328 and KB0540707.
  1. Enable the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin and follow instructions in Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced Plugin.
  2. Create a knowledge article, and insert an image to the article.
  3. Publish the article to create v1.0.
  4. Check out the article and publish it to create v2.0.
  5. Log in as a user without knowledge_admin role but has access to the article.

Users should be able to see the image but it is missing in the article.

Knowledge Management



The Add button is not shown for Knowledge Manager The Add button on the category picker is not visible to the knowledge_manager of the knowledge base. It does appear for users with the admin and knowledge_admin roles so that they can create a category.
  1. Impersonate a user who is the manager of a knowledge base.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles > Create New.
  3. In the Knowledge Base field, select a knowledge base that the user is a manager of to set the Category field to readable.
  4. Click the Lookup using the picker icon next to the Category field.

The Category Picker is displayed. The manager is unable to create a category in the Category Picker window.



The tags field does not render in list v2 when paginating or ordering by a column
  1. Open problem.list or incident.list from the application filter navigator.
  2. Add the Tags field in the list view via Personalize List Columns.

    The Tags field shows the contents.

  3. Click any other column like Created or Number to sort the list.

The Tags field does not show any contents in the list view.



The system property glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only is ignored in Jakarta Setting glide.ui.list_edit.show_calendar_only to true or false should alter the Date Picker format accordingly. However, this is not working in Jakarta.




Users can still use 'Go To' search for tags in a list, resulting in an error: Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'where clause'
  1. Go to / to access the incident table.
  2. Click the gear icon and add the Tags column.
  3. Click the column header search icon (magnifying glass).

    The header search does not work.

  4. Select tags from the Search or Go To field in the list column header, fill in the search term, and search.

Errors occur when searching.



The user preference to set the default go to search field in a list is not honored in List v3 The user preference to set the default search category in a list is not honored in List v3. In List v2, setting the 'db.order' user preference would not only affect which column the list was default sorted on, but also what the default search category on that list would be. e.g. incident.db.order value: name system:true user: [blank] This would set the default search category on the incident list to Name. In List v3 this only affects the sort column.

List v2



Clicking All in a breadcrumb from a reference field has no effect After typing a few characters into a reference field and using the magnifying glass to run a query, it is not possible to modify the breadcrumbs in the resulting list more widely.
  1. Go to a reference field on a form. For example, navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. In any reference field, for example, the Caller field, type a couple of characters.
  3. Click the reference lookup (the magnifying glass) icon.

    A list of users whose name starts with "a" is displayed.

  4. Try to expand the breadcrumbs to find a wider audience.

    The filter does not change.

You are limited to the initial query that was run for the list.

Password Reset Application


The Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not show up The Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not appear on the enrollment page for non-English languages. Also, when the UI is changed to a language other than English, the verification methods 'Enter email' and 'Confirm email' give an error.

Performance Analytics



Email notifications for sharing the Performance Analytics dashboard cannot be turned off or customized When a PA Dashboard is shared, users on the shared list get an email notification that the "dashboard has been shared with you." The notification hardcoded and is not customizable in any way - users cannot edit the content or format editing, nor can they disable or opt out of the notifications.
  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Select any dashboard.
  3. Click Sharing icon.
  4. Click Users.
  5. Type a user name.
  6. Click Invite.
  7. Go to System Logs > Emails and look for the email with subject dashboard has been shared with you.
Email notification is not defined anywhere in the system so the user can neither turn it off not customize it.

Performance Analytics


The plugin should have the 'published' state When users try to create indicators, an error 'Creating new indicators or breakdowns is not available in this trial version of Performance Analytics. You will be able to create indicators and configure more breakdowns once you upgrade to the premium version of this feature' occurs. The plugin needs to be activated first.

Performance Analytics



The Incident Management dashboard is missing as part of the Performance Analytics trial plugin The "out of the box" Incident Management dashboard, which is supposed to come with the trial version of Performance Analytics for Incident Management is absent.
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Make sure the Performance Analytics ( plugin is active.
  3. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  4. Search for the Incident Management dashboard.

It does not appear.

Performance Analytics



Scrollbars on the records and Breakdowns tabs of scorecards are not displayed when the property glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout is set to 'false'
  1. Add the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property, and set the value to false.
  2. Run the [PA Incident] Historic Data Collection job.
  3. Open the Incident Management PA dashboard.
  4. On the Incident Overview tab, to open a detailed scorecard, click the chart of the Open Incidents widget.
  5. Click a point with a high enough number (20+) of incidents in order to eventually bring up a record list that will require scrolling.
  6. Click the Records tab.

No horizontal/vertical scrollbars are displayed for the record list. There is a separate vertical scrollbar, but it is for the container of the scorecard, and it will not allow you to scroll down the list entirely.

Performance Analytics



Multiple dashboard tabs show the same incorrect content Tabs that encounter the swap are missing the mandatory Page field which references a sys_portal_page record. To prevent this issue, when moving a dashboard using update sets, it is important to follow all the documented steps and to move all the portal pages which are associated with its tabs separately, since sys_portal_page table changes are not tracked by default. After moving your dashboard, you should check that each tab has an associated Page that contains its widgets.
  1. Make sure there are couple of records in sys_grid_canvas.list that do not have an associated portal page in the instance.
  2. Install the WebKit HTML to PDF plugin.
  3. Create a dashboard and add several widgets to it.
  4. From the Dashboard Menu, select Export to PDF.
  5. Select the Print all tabs option and export.
  6. After export is complete, reload the page.

Expected behavior: Tab content should not change.

Actual behavior: Tab content is swapped with the content of another canvas page that does not have an associated portal page.




SQL exceptions can occur for a storage column/alias that exists in multiple partitions If a storage column/alias exists in multiple partitions, but some partitions are erroneously classified as synchronized in a TPP, SQL exceptions can occur. After an instance upgrade, notice the presence of SQL exception messages.



Filtering on tags in the list view for CMDB generates an error message in Jakarta
  1. On the filter navigator, navigate to Business Services.
  2. In the list view, create a filter with 'Tags'.
  3. For the 'Tags' filter, make it 'Tags has Contacts'.

When you run the filter, an error occurs.



OrderByLimitOptimization is ignoring index from ORDER BY field when WHERE clause is clearly not selective



Changing the class for CIs from UI leads to the transaction cancellation and the deletion of few records
  1. Take a count of the total number of CIs you in the two classes.
  2. Navigate to the list of the CIs you want to change their class.
  3. Right click the column heading Class.
  4. Select Update All.
  5. Click Ok to confirm that you want to reclassify the CIs.
  6. Input the new class.
  7. Click Update to save the change.
  8. Take a count of the total number of CIs in the two classes again and compare it to the first count.

One or more CIs are missing.



Configure label action for an inherited field on CMDB hierarchy via right click label (from a form for a child table) and click Configure Label results in a "record not found" message Base sys_documentation records are not duplicated for descending tables on CMDB hierarchy (TPP), resulting in a 'record not found' message when attempting to configure label from a child table form.




After committing an update set that deletes a (custom) field from a table in the CMDB hierarchy, other tables show errors When a field is deleted in the CMDB hierarchy through the update set, data loss occurs for the table with a column mapped to the same storage alias as is used by the column that is deleted.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



An update set that drops and recreates a CMDB table deletes and other cloned elements If an update set drops and recreates a table inheriting from CMDB, and the update set is manually altered in a certain way, columns that are in use on CMDB may be dropped, leading to data loss and outage.



The sys_storage_alias record is not deleted when dropping a column through the update set The sys_storage_alias record is not deleted when dropping a column through the update set, resulting in an orphan record in sys_storage_alias.



Intra-CMDB (TPP) reparenting fails with data loss when siblings share a storage alias with the new parent

When attempting to reparent a CMDB table within the CMDB hierarchy (for example, changing the parent from 'cmdb' to 'cmdb_ci'), the operation can fail and cause data loss. Data loss can occur if the table being reparented has multiple child tables (siblings) that all use the same "glommed" storage column alias as one used by the new parent.

The symptom is that entire columns from the tables that are being moved are nulled out, and the detailed log messages indicate that the same storage alias is being assigned to multiple logical columns.




Editing a label for the CMDB table with TPP overwrites the other languages for that field label If users have multiple languages for their instance and edit a label (sys_documentation record) on the CMDB table, it will overwrite all of the other languages on the child tables with that language.
  1. Install the I18N: Internationalization plugin and at least one language.
  2. Navigate to System Localization > Field Labels.
  3. Set the filter [table] [starts with] [cmdb] AND [element] [is] [assignment_group].

    You can use any field that is on the base CMDB table and has translations for itself and at least one child table. If they are not on the child table, you might need to view a record in that child table in another language.

  4. Edit the Label field on the CMDB table for the English language.
  5. Refresh the list.

All child tables are updated, but the other language records also get updated and changed to English, making it look like duplicate records are created.




Data loss can occur when committing an update set that creates a unique index on a shared storage alias containing non-unique values When an update set is committed that creates a unique index on a column that uses a shared storage alias, records for other tables using the same storage alias and containing duplicate values for it are lost.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



TPP migration on the upgrade can leave null sys_class_path values in partition tables The upgrade migrates CMDB to TPP and creates partition tables such as cmdb$par1. The sys_class_path column in these tables can be left null, causing problems in various CMDB list views.




Exports and reports on database views with 'left joins' fail to retrieve data Left-join coercion is an optimization applied to queries run against the back-end database that is used to convert certain left joins to less expensive inner joins. When the LEFTJOINCOERCION optimized query is active on the instance, it is possible that scheduled exports are no longer generating data. No errors are generated.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Reference variable does not show the display value in catalog items for cmdb_ci or its child table

In a Kingston instance:

  1. Create a catalog item which has a reference type variable.
  2. Point the reference of this variable to any cmdb_ci table or any child table (for example, cmdb_ci_server).
  3. Set the display value for the cmdb_ci table to Short Description.

    It automatically sets the display value for the short description on cmdb_ci_server.

  4. Go the catalog item created in step 2.
  5. Click Try It.
  6. Fill the value for the reference variable.

The short description should be shown, but the name is shown instead.




Unintentional in-app clone may corrupt sys_storage_alias and sys_storage_table_alias data in an Oracle instance In an Oracle instance, an in-app clone can launch unintentionally if an instance fails to contact the server to schedule a backup-based clone. The backup-based clone can be manually fixed, but data can be lost if an unexpected in-app clone is launched after that.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



When grouping by report results, the total records shown for each group do not match the total number of records returned overall When users create a report that has conditions containing more than one tag using an OR condition, and group by anything (i.e. State, Task Type), the total number of records is different than the sum of the records obtained by the aggregation (group by).
  1. Add more than one tags to several incidents.
  2. Create a report of any type (except Heatmap) that uses group by and count aggregation.

    Make sure you have tags in the filter condition and an OR condition in the report.

  3. Run the report and group by anything.
  4. Click the specific group (or the graphical representation of the group in a chart) to open the individual list.

The number in the list is less than the total reported for the sub-group in the main report.

Platform Security


Instances encounter a white screen, with log 'Security restrictions on GlideServletUITransaction' Due to issues which deny access to ACL checks on GlideServletUITransaction, all users may be blocked from accessing the system.

Project Management


Scripted ACL does not work as designed in Planning Console, and always returns false

Project Management


Using the planning console to add a task in a project causes already closed tasks to become active=true again Using 'Add task below' in the planning console in a project that already has closed compete tasks can incorrectly cause those closed tasks to become active=true.
  1. Enable the PPM with Financials plugin.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Create three child tasks named 1, 2, and 3. Set them to Start ASAP with no relations.
  4. Start the project.

    All tasks are moved to work in progress.

  5. Set task 3 to Closed complete.

    Active is set to false.

  6. Open the planning console.
  7. Select task 2 and click Add Task Below.
  8. Leave the task name as New Task, and click outside the task to save.
  9. Go back to task 3.

Task 3 is set to active=true.

Project Management


The description changes to the string 'null' when closing a project record In the Project module, when a user closes a project record while in the planning console, the description changes to 'null'.
  1. Create a project with the Description field populated.
  2. Access this project in the planning console.
  3. Close the project.
  4. View the description.

The description's text is 'null'.

Project Portfolio Management



Potential data loss when the com.snc.project_management plugin is active but the com.snc.project_management_v2 plugin is not activated On an instance configured with a recent family release and the Project Management v1 plugin, unexpected results occur on attempts to activate either the Project Management v2 or Project Management v3 plugins. When installing the v2 plugin, although the install indicates as successful, certain components and key fields from the tables are not installed. This is due to changes in the behavior of the product since the Project Management v1 plugin is created.

To confirm whether an instance is at risk for this issue, open the following list view, which has been filtered to show the installed Project Management plugins. If the v1 plugin is installed but neither the v2 nor v3 plugins are installed, then the instance is at risk. Reach out to ServiceNow Technical Support before attempting to activate a Project Management plugin.

Filtered list view: https://<instance_name>

  • Version 1 plugin: com.snc.project_management
  • Version 2 plugin: com.snc.project_management_v2
  • Version 3 plugin: com.snc.project_management_v

Record Watcher



Severe error when watched record changes if the sys_tag condition is in the query Certain search criterion that use sys_tags such as sys_tags.= causes an exception.
  1. Activate the record watcher amb demo plugin.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Add either sys_tag.= or sys_tag.=<sys_id> (replacing the sys_id with a sys_id) and change the table to incident.
  4. Change an incident.
  5. There is no update on the page.

There is a stack trace that looks something like: java.lang.NullPointerException.




The "Highlight based on" drop-down option is not visible in the classic UI of reports In the calendar report, the Highlight field drop-down does not work in the classic UI in Chrome, and the width of the drop-down is wrong.
  1. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  2. Create a report of Type Calendar.
  3. Select the incident table.
  4. For Event to Display, select Created.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the report and click Highlight based on.

The highlight based on drop-down option is not visible.



Using a different date format other than the system date format is resulting in issues while generating reports for the Resource Allocation table




After an upgrade from Istanbul, users are not able to list their reports created prior to a change to their sys_user.user_name In Jakarta, the new field created_by_user has been added to the sys_report table. This is a reference field to the sys_user record of the user who creates a report. The sys_report.sys_created_by field essentially captured the user_name of the user at the time they created a report. If their user_name is subsequently changed, it will no longer match the value in the sys_report.sys_created_by field. Any report a user created after an upgrade is visible, but reports created prior to their name change are not shown.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




'Group by' does not persist when a report is exported to PDF When users create a new report, or open an existing one, the 'group by' filter does not apply if they export to PDF or schedule the report.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Exporting PDF from a report gives an error Exporting PDF from a report where 'Aggregation by' is 'Sum' or 'Average' produces no report and gives an error '(HTTP Code: 500) Conversion Failed: Did not receive a success in the HTTP response'. The issue occurs on both the new UI and classic UI.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Reports do not render properly for users with a user ID that is longer than 40 characters

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Empty values are displayed in column cells for reports containing Question variable columns Reports with Question variable columns display empty value in column cells. The hidden cell value is displayed when the user clicks the cell (if the value is not really blank). The value is displayed, but the user sees an error that security constraints prevent from writing to the field. However, the values are not displayed on the column header while reporting. Instead, the report shows up null values for these variables.
  1. Create a variable for an existing catalog item, by navigating to Catalog Definition > Record Producer > Submit an Idea.
  2. Click the catalog item and Try It. Populate the catalog item with data and click Submit.
  3. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  4. Create a report with the following criteria and Save the report:
    • Table: Idea [Idea]
    • Type: List
    • In the slushbucket, expand Question[+], navigate to the Catalog Item Submit and Idea and add it to the available slushbucket
    • Add some variables
    • Save the report

Data for the variable columns is not visible, and when clicked the cell shows the error. Security prevents writing to this field.




Users are unable to create multilevel pivot reports on the Tag field Users cannot group multilevel pivot reports on tags.
  1. Create a new multilevel pivot report.
    • Set Table to Task [task].
    • In the Available column, move Tags and Assigned to the Selected column.
  2. Click Run.

Note the error message: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'field list').




Dashboards shared with a group with the name containing an ampersand (&) throws an error and not load While using responsive dashboard and sharing it with a group, when the group contains a '&', it throws an error "The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference." The dashboard does not load.
  1. Enable responsive dashboard by setting the system property glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout to true.
  2. Open any dashboard.
  3. Click the Sharing icon on the top-right to share the dashboard.
  4. Click Add groups, users and role.
  5. Add a group containing an & character in the group name.
  6. Refresh the page.

Expected behavior: The dashboard should load without any messages.

Actual behavior: The dashboard does not load and displays the message "The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference."

Resource Management


Any application that uses sys_user.schedule to store spans can cause a conflict with Resource Management

Scheduled Job Processing


Session properties persist on scheduler threads indefinitely

If a session property is changed on a scheduler thread, such as through a script in a synchronized business rule or a scheduled script execution, this session property is set indefinitely on that scheduler thread's session until it is changed again or the node is restarted.

This means that every job or operation running through that thread inherits its session properties. For example, if the sys_update_set property is set, all future updates generated on that thread are recorded in the update set referenced by the property. This can result in updates appearing in seemingly random update sets from scheduled jobs, async business rules, etc.

Security Access Control Lists


On a converted instance, deleting the demo data triggers the creation of more than 6000 ACLs On an instance which is converted from Express to Enterprise, deleting the demo data triggers the creation of more than 6000 ACLs. As a result, admin users are unable to see sys_user_role, sys_user_preference, etc.

Service Analytics


Users are seeing 'org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder' errors upon MID Server startup When the MID Server starts up, errors appear in the wrapper log.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



In Service Portal, pressing the enter key in a variable or field triggerS the last element on the page rather than submit
  1. Navigate to href=""
  2. Set focus in any text input field and press Enter.
This opens the attachment dialog box to select the file.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Instructions in a label variable above check boxes are not visible in Service Portal

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client script (onChange) is running twice on the 'SC Catalog Item' widget

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Unable to submit the order for a catalog item whose mandatory values are marked as non-mandatory using an onLoad UI policy Clicking the OrderNow button to place the order throws a 404 bad request error.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog items without short description are causing issues when included in order guides

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


The onLoad catalog client script is triggered in the request item form view in Service Portal This issue can manifest in four different ways:
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the catalog item view is triggered on the requested item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the requested item view is triggered on the catalog item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the catalog item view is missing on the catalog item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the requested item view is missing on the requested item form view in Service Portal.
This issue was reproducible with a catalog item that uses a variable of type Multiple Choice, check box, Single Line Text, and Numeric Scale but might not be limited to only these variable types.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Catalog item fields are not translated In the Service Portal widget 'SC Catalog Item,' catalog item fields are not translated. This issue is caused by the incorrect language in System Localization.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client scripts for order guides do not work in the Service Portal

Catalog client scripts on order guides do not work in the Service Portal. There is no issue in the back-office native UI when clicking Try It on the order guide.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog


ServiceCatalog cache for items and variables can take over 5 minutes to rebuild, causing transaction timeouts When the cache is flushed, every catalog item, category and every variable must be put back in the cache. In the case where there is a single Service Catalog category that contains 45,000 catalog items with 20-30 variables per item, the Service Catalog cache can take over 5 minutes to rebuild, once on each node, the first time a user tries to access the category.

Service Catalog


UI policy that sets display to false for a catalog label variable throws an error if it has a parent container when sysparm_media=print

Service Catalog



Mandatory variables are not becoming not mandatory when using UI Policies, which causes issues when trying to close a RITM or task If there is a catalog item with a UI policy associated with it and the UI policy is used to make a variable not mandatory and not visible based on a condition on the catalog view, errors display when the item is ordered. At the RITM or Task level, an error is seen if any changes are made to the forms, for example, adding a work note. An error message is displayed stating that the variable that was hidden and made not mandatory via a UI policy is not populated.
  1. Create a test catalog item in a subprod Kingston instance.
  2. Within that test catalog item, create three variables: two single-line and one check box variable.
  3. Create a UI policy for that catalog item.
  4. Within the UI policy, include the condition that states If check box is true.
  5. Set the Applies on a Catalog item view, Applies on Catalog Tasks and Applies on Requested Items check boxes to true.
  6. In the Catalog UI policy Actions add one action for each of the single-line text variables.
  7. For one of the single-line text variables, set the Mandatory and Visible values to true.
  8. For the other single-line text variable, set the Mandatory and Visible values to false.
  9. Save the UI policy.
  10. Order the test catalog item and go to the RITM.
  11. Try to add something to the work notes and press save.

An error is displayed that says to fill in the mandatory variable that was set to false using the UI policy.

Service Catalog



Unable to apply filters on the requested item table Users are not able to apply filters on the requested item table for the stage field, as there is no value in the filter.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Automated Test Framework fails when an individual catalog item has 'use cart layout' set to false When using the Automated Test Framework for a catalog item when the catalog item field 'Use cart layout' is false, the following error appears: "Error 'FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."
  1. Create a test.
  2. Add a step to Open a catalog item, such as a standard laptop. Make sure item is set to Use cart layout = false.
  3. Add the step Add item to shopping cart.
  4. Test Run.

An error appears: "Error 'FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."

Service Catalog



After upgrading to Kingston, setting a variable to non-mandatory and hidden on forms is not honored Setting a variable to not-mandatory and hidden using a UI policy does not work on the variable editor on a form.
  1. Create a catalog item.
  2. Create a multiple choice variable with two choices (Choice 1 and Choice 2). Under Type Specifications check Do not select the first choice.
  3. Create two multi-line variables (V1 and V2) and set them to mandatory through the variable check box.
  4. Create two UI policies.
    • One applying to the multiple choice variable created when Choice 1 is selected, with a policy action setting V1 visible and mandatory to True, and Reverse if False checked
    • One applying to the multiple choice variable created when Choice 2 is selected, with a policy action setting V2 visible and mandatory to True, and Reverse if False checked.
  5. Click Try it.
  6. Check choice 1.

    It should show variable V1 and be mandatory.

  7. Check choice 2.

    It hides the V1 variable and makes it not-mandatory, and show the V2 variable that was hidden.

  8. Type something on V2 variable and select Order Now.

    You can order the item because the other variable is hidden and not mandatory.

  9. Go to the RITM and make sure that the variable editor shows up in the form.
  10. Test the UI policy in the RITM form by selecting different choices.

    The variables should be either hidden or shown depending on the choice.

  11. Make sure the V1 variable is empty and hidden, then try updating or saving the form.

Expected behavior: The form is updated without any warning or errors since V1 should be hidden and not mandatory.

Actual behavior: The form does not get updated, and shows an error "The following mandatory fields are not filled in: V1"

Service Catalog



If the Cascade Variables option is checked for an order guide, when submitting a catalog item via the order guide, mandatory variables do not have the default value displayed This issue only occurs if Cascade Variables are checked on the order guide settings. Once this option is unchecked, mandatory variables work as expected.
  1. Create a catalog item and add a few variables.
  2. Set a variable as mandatory.
  3. Set a default value for the variable.
  4. Create an order guide, and click the Rule base tab to add the catalog item you created.
  5. Check the Cascade Variables option for the order guide.
  6. Submit the catalog item via the order guide.

The mandatory variable of the catalog item does not have the default value displayed.

Service Catalog



Excessive size of the Service Catalog question cache causes high memory usage issue

This issue is data-dependent and occurs when the Question table has 500 or more entries.

Service Catalog



List collector variables with a mandatory UI policy on a catalog item do not load on the submitted Requested Item [sc_req_item] form in the variable editor UI formatter On submitted sc_req_item records, a list collector variable with a mandatory UI policy on a catalog item shows 'on loading.' A console error is displayed.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog



The pop-up window from hovering over the icon for previewing catalog items becomes unresponsive
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog.
  2. Click Add Content and add the catalog items from any category to the catalog_home page.
  3. Keep hovering over the icons for the catalog items.

The popup stays and does not close. You have to reload the page again.

Service Catalog



When a check box variable is used in an order guide, navigating back to 'Describe Needs' hides all fields This issue also occurs if a check box variable is used in a variable set.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog


Users receive "g_sc_form is not defined" in the browser console with onSubmit catalog client scripts When a catalog item has an onSubmit catalog client script, and "Applies on Requested Items" or "Applies on Catalog Tasks" is checked, users receive an error when opening the browser console "g_sc_form is not defined."

Service Catalog


Check box variable in variable editor on sc_task form throws Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null error If there is a check box variable within the variable editor on a sc_task form, it causes the form not to load completely. Clicking any reference (i) icon or the magnifying glass icon does not load the popup windows.

Service Catalog



The Requested Items state is not updated to Closed if any of the tasks in the Execution Plan are closed

Setting a sc_task state belonging to an execution plan to a Closed state does not update the RITM stage. If the sc_task item is the last ordered item in the execution plan, then changing the state to Skipped or Incomplete does not update the RITM to 'Closed complete'.

The expected sequence of multiple catalog tasks does not work. Closing a predecessor task does not open the successor. Also, as soon as the first task is closed, the whole execution plan ends.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Using the choice variable from the record producer causes a NullPointerException when reading through the history of the record Using lookup or Yes/No variables from any record producer or catalog item causes an NPE when reading through the history of the record. The variable types causing the issue are Yes/No, Lookup Select Box, and Lookup Multiple Choice.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)



Dot-walking to the SLA Definition from the script in a business rule on the Task SLA table may not return the correct data when a retroactive Task SLA is created If both the 'Retroactive start' and 'Retroactive pause' options are selected on an SLA Definition, a retroactive pause calculation is performed when a Task SLA is created for that definition.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Mapping


Users experience slowness and receive an HTTP 429 error The default semaphore is exhausted, leaving the instance unresponsive for several minutes.

Service Mapping



"process on port - mac" causes the process detection to fail on certain OS types during pattern execution Some customers who have upgraded to Jakarta are experiencing an issue in the process detection phase of the pattern execution. The problem was identified as a result of the system executing the "process on port - mac".
  1. Navigate to the Mapping Discovery Commands (sa_mapping_ext_commands).
  2. Look for "process on port - mac".

Notice whether the Operating System Type shows numbers.

Service Mapping


Removing a traffic-based discovery causes all CIs to be deleted

Service Mapping


High memory consumption due to Service Mapping Recomputation jobs running during the rediscovery The default four Service Mapping Recomputation jobs per node are running during rediscovery, which affects the instance performance, due to a high memory consumption. When lowering the number of jobs to two per node, the performance improves significantly. When lowering that to one, the performance improves even more.

Service Portal


Date/time field value changes do not save in id=lf page The error "TypeError: Array.prototype.some called on null or undefined" is generated for some records in the /sp?id=lf page in Service Portal.

Service Portal


Attachment name and size are not properly displayed on the Order Confirmation popup In the Service portal, when an attachment is in a request or incident form, the attachment name is not displayed, but "{​{::attachment.file_name}} ({​{::attachment.size}})".

Service Portal


The reference variable drop-down containing a long string is overlapping with the other column

Service Portal


Typeahead glyph does not change based on search results When getting results from the typeahead search widget in the Service Portal, the glyphs for the search results do not update correctly after the first search.

Service Portal


On Windows 10 tablets or specific desktop touch screens in IE11, Service Portal has a vertical scrollbar issue The portal display shows a double scroll-bar. This issue only occurs on Chrome and Windows 10 Edge laptops with a touch screen. If users go into Device Manager and disable touch screen, the problem disappears.

Service Portal



In the Service Portal Designer, widget order reverts back to original when the page is refreshed

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal



g_form.setValue() does not work in onLoad scripts

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal


Cannot scroll down on HI Service Portal pages with IE11 and Edge browsers

Service Portal


Scripts (client in Istanbul+ and UI policy in Helsinki+) are hiding sections of the form (g_form.setSectionDisplay) and do not work in Service Portal In the Service Portal, UI policies with scripts containing setSectionDisplay do not hide that particular section. For example, this can be seen in HR Cases where certain sections are hidden using a UI policy / 033100be55b4ad81d3aece.

Service Portal



Data table widget breadcrumbs are incorrect on dot-walked fields Using the 'Show Matching' context menu returns incorrect results when one of the fields in the filter is dot-walked.
  1. Create an instance with a table inside a Service Portal page with the following information:
    • Table: sc_req_item
    • Filter: Request.Requested for is (dynamic) me
    • Widget: Data Table from Instance Definition
  2. Open the page in Service Portal and the list of sc_req_item created by the current user is displayed.
  3. Right-click on any record field and select Show matching.

The widget does not display any record.

Service Portal


In the Form widget, saving record does not capture unposted comment or worknote left in the ticket-conversation input In Service Portal, CTRL+S or Save dose not capture the comments and worknotes.

Service Portal


Clicking Enter multiple times can create duplicate comments A single update to comments or work notes cause multiple records to be created and added to the activity stream.

Service Portal


The placeholder text 'How can we help?' in the search bar is not translated to any language

Survey Management



Records of assessment template and assessment template definition tables are missing even though the list count shows the correct number An obvious difference is observed of the number of records in sys_metadata records as opposed to the listview per tables.
  1. Log in to a non-upgraded instance from an earlier release (Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta).
  2. Make a note of the number of records in asmt_template_definition.list.
  3. Upgrade that instance to an early Kingston patch.
  4. Check the asmt_template_definition.list and observe missing records.
  5. Navigate to sys_metadata and set class > is > (either of the 2 tables classes that are affected) and take note of the number of records.
  6. Navigate to the listview of either of the tables and take note of the number of records.

An obvious difference in sys_metadata records as opposed to the list view per tables.

System Applications



Optimizer prevents the plugin upgrade from repairing what it traditionally does Uninstalling and reactivating an optional plugin does not completely load all plugin changes.
  1. Activate an optional plugin like Vulnerability Response.
  2. Verify that the App Modules for Vulnerability Response are available in the navigation panel.
  3. Uninstall the optional plugin.
  4. Activate the optional plugin again.

App Modules for plugin are missing in the navigation panel.

System Applications



Publishing scoped applications can include personalized list layouts when bad data already exists When personalized list layout records (sys_ui_list) contain an update name, the personalized list layout can be included when the application is published. The bad data can be carried over from previous releases and will continue to be incorrectly included in an application. This can create issues for the application and trick the upgrade engine into thinking the list was customized, causing the upgrade engine to skip any updates to the list layout.
  1. Create an app.
  2. With the app selected in the app picker, personalize some list layouts.
    • In Helsinki and Istanbul, you may need to log out and back in to start a new session.
    • In Jakarta and later, you can either script the bad data or import it from XML, changing the application to your new app ID.
  3. Publish the app to Update Set, or publish to the app_repo.

The personalized lists are included in the app.

System Applications



Installing the Nuvolo application may result in an OutOfMemory error due to the file stream failing unzip
  1. Activate the Managed Document plugin as prerequisites for the known affected application Nuvolo.
  2. Try to install the application into the internal certification instance.

The progress activity stops at 2% and a system error is thrown: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.

Tables and Dictionary


Fields are glommed to medium text columns even when the sys_dictionary max length is less than 256 characters This also results in creating a multiline text field on the form.




Cannot apply a template to set a check box if another check box higher on the form is read-only Users get an error saying that the template could not be applied, and they are unable to update the field 'Made SLA'.
  1. Navigate to an incident.
  2. Add the Active and Made SLA fields to the form and make sure that Active is above Made SLA.
  3. Right click the Active label and select Configure Dictionary.
  4. In the dictionary record for active check the Read Only check box.
  5. Save the dictionary record and navigate back to the incident form.
  6. Make sure templates are visible and create a new template which sets Made SLA to true.
  7. Apply that template to the incident form.

There is an error saying that the template could not be applied and Unable to update field 'Made SLA'.

If you configure the form layout again and make the Made SLA field higher than the Active field, the template will work.

Text Search



Global search results do not honor ts.show_empty_groups user preference in Jakarta despite being documented The global search functionality that was redone in Jakarta does not account for the ts.show_empty_groups user preference that is supposed to not show groups that had no matches in the search results page.
  1. In a Jakarta instance, navigate to User Administration > User Preferences.
  2. Add a record with the following values:
    • Name: ts.show_empty_groups
    • Type: string
    • Value: false
    • User: ITIL User
  3. Impersonate an ITIL User.
  4. Do a global search for a term that will not have values in some of the search groups.

Empty groups are still returned. In previous releases when this preference was set to false, empty groups would not be listed.

UI Components



The domain picker breaks upon an upgrade if the instance does not contain the UI16 plugin (UI15 only)

This issue only occurs in instances where the user does not have UI16 installed in the instance. Upon upgrading, when switching to a different domain using the domain picker selector or reference UI Macros, the domain looks as if it was switched. However, in the backend, the action was not completed.

This causes many problems when creating records in other lower domains, since the instance does not switch domains and the records tend to be created in the global domain instead. This is also an issue with data visibility as the user believes they switched domains and they are still viewing all records as if they were in global.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


Navigating to sys_user record via 'Profile' under the name drop-down and uploading a Photo redirects to an invalid URL If a user clicks their name, selects 'Profile', and are able to upload an image into the 'Photo' field, the user is redirected to an invalid URL upon upload.
  1. In the top-right, click the user name to access the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Switch to the Default view, or add the Photo field to the ESS view.
  4. Upload an image into the photo field.
The user is redirected to an invalid URL, instead of getting navigated back to the sys_user record.

UI Components


Deleting a template from sys_template.list results in an error The delete button on sys_template fails with the error 'dialogClass is not a constructor'.
  1. Navigate to sys_template.list.
  2. Open a template.
  3. Click Delete.

An error occurs on the browser console.

UI policy/Client Script



UI policies and client scripts on the Form widget are not honored when the form is saved After the form is saved, the client script is not executed, and the alert box is not displayed when reloaded.
  1. Create a UI policy on the Problem table with the following settings:
    • Global and onload checked
    • Uncheck Reverse if false
  2. Create a UI policy action with the following settings:
    • Field name: Short Description
    • Visible: false
    • Mandatory: leave alone
    • Read Only: leave alone
  3. Access this link on the Service Portal to create a new problem:


    The Short Description field is hidden.

  4. Fill in the mandatory fields and click Save.

After the form is saved, 'Short Description' still appears without honoring the UI policy.

Update Sets



The progress worker cannot be found and the update set preview will not finish The progress worker created with GlideUpdateSetWorker completes with an error "Progress worker state is not set to complete after worker is finished."

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Update Sets



Grandchild tables of task created as TPC can be corrupt if they are created in the wrong order TPC child tables of Task created from hybrid flattening does not create extended grandchild tables correctly. Grandchild tables of Task do not display their labels, and users cannot navigate to the list view of the table.
  1. Create an update set and make it current.
  2. Navigate to / and create an extensible table (for example, Library[u_library]) that extends from Task, and save.
  3. Create another table (for example, Books[u_books]) that extends the newly created table (Library) and save.
  4. Go back to the update set, mark complete, and export the update set to another instance where Task is larger than 1 million rows.
  5. Preview and commit the update set.
  6. Go to / and filter for the newly created table.

The Label value appears as "label". The table is not created correctly on the backend. This occurs for newly created grandchildren tables of Task. Also, navigating to the list view of the table displays an error that the page cannot be found.

Update Sets


Committing an update set with sys_dictionary record, but not sys_db_object causes problems when the plugin containing the actual table is installed later When an update set does not contain the sys_db_object for a table, but does contain the sys_dictionary for a table, a subsequent plugin activation cannot later parent the table as it is supposed to be configured.

Upgrade Engine Issues



Records that are set to the new disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge' have no option selectable to resolve conflicts with the record Certain records in the skipped records list for an upgrade to Jakarta show a disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge'. However, when these records are opened for review, there are no options to resolve the conflict with this record or compare the new incoming record to the existing record on the instance. Thus, from the Upgrade History record, users are unable to compare and merge the new version of the record with the preexisting version of the record found on the instance.
  1. Upgrade an instance from a previous version to Jakarta. Ensure that several system properties have been modified on the instance.
  2. Log in to the upgraded instance with an account that has administrator rights to the system.
  3. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History and click to view the most recent upgrade history record on the instance.
  4. In the lists of skipped records, search for any records with a disposition of Skipped Manual Merge and select one.

The Sys Upgrade History record for the change is displayed but no options are provided to compare the existing record to the new record.

Upgrade Engine Issues



The 'Revert to Base System' UI action on the 'Upgrade Details' and 'Resolve Conflict' forms for 'Skipped' records does not work

The 'Revert to Base System' UI action on the 'Upgrade Details' and 'Resolve Conflict' forms for 'Skipped' records does not work. The issue occurs when an upgrade skips loading a version, and that version does not have a sys_update_version record with a state of 'Current'.

Note that if users see a 'Payload not found' error when clicking 'Resolve Conflicts' UI Action, there is a different Problem for that: PRB1249568. This Problem has been resolved as part of Problem PRB1156759. See KB0635467.

  1. Identify and modify a record included with a plugin, like a Script Include record.
  2. Upgrade the plugin.
  3. Delete the 'Current' record in the sys_update_version table.
  4. Click the Revert to Base System UI Action by drilling into the sys_upgrade_history_log record or selecting it from the right click menu on the list view.

Nothing happens and the record stays in the 'Skipped' State, instead of being reverted to the base version.

Upgrade Engine Issues



sys_update_xml.replace_on_ upgrade=true is excessively persistent when set on an update in the default update set

When marking a user update as 'replace on upgrade' and then keep updating it, the system remembers the decision to replace on upgrade independent of other updates for as long as users continue working in the same update set.

The default update set is the most extreme example of this, since most users never complete it. If a user works with the default update set, it is unlikely they will remember marking something 'replace on upgrade', possibly months or years ago, and someone else might have done the marking.

Preserving the 'replace on upgrade' flag leads to the system overwriting the customization, even if that outcome is no longer desired.

  1. Update a record in the default update set.
  2. Revert that record to the base system (or find the sys_update_xml record for that update and set replace_on_upgrade = true).
  3. Modify the record again in the default update set.

The record is still replaced on upgrade.

Usage Analytics


App persistor and license download jobs (via the App Manager) consume all semaphores When the license downloader and app persistor jobs run at the same time trying to access UI objects, this can possibly cause the node to become unresponsive.

Visual Task Boards


Opening the modal window of a task record with the description filled out causes failures (i.e. related lists not loading, UI actions not working)

This issue occurs for Firefox users when the description field on a task record has a value and is visible on the form.

When the user clicks the number in a task card, the available modal window does not work correctly. Removing the field or deleting the value seems to resolve the issue for individual task records.

Vulnerability Response



Failed to run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration
  1. Install the Vulnerability Response plugin.
  2. Navigate to Vulnerability > Integrations.
  3. Click and run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration.

The integration fails.




The article state is incorrectly displayed in the article view page for older versions when compared with the actual status in the platform When a new version of an article is created, the older version's status will change from Published to Outdated. However, when the user views the article, sometimes the status is still Published even though the article is Outdated in the platform.
  1. Navigate to <instance-name>/kb page and select any article.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Click the Checkout button, make some changes, and click Publish.

    The article is sent for review.

  4. Click Approvals and choose the Reject option while reviewing the article.

    The article status is moved back to Draft.

  5. Check the status in the article view page.

The page still shows the article status as Reviewed.



'current' can be replaced during the workflow processing, and this can affect the processing of all subsequent business rules under certain circumstances
During the business rule processing, if a script updates a record in a different table and:
  • the updated record has multiple active workflows
  • the first workflow updated results in one of the other active workflows being completed or canceled
When the workflow context that was completed or canceled is then processed, 'current' will be set to the record for that workflow. However, it will not be restored to the original record when the workflow processing completes.



Stage values are duplicated in the Stage field Duplicate 'Request Approved (Approved)' appear in the list view of requested items.



The deletion of duplicate user approvals causes an incorrect evaluation of the group approval state When a user is a member of multiple groups that are part of an approval process, the resulting duplicate user approvals are deleted. The missing user approval records cause the group approval state to be evaluated incorrectly. The exact behavior depends on the specific configuration of the workflow and its approval activities, but can be either:
  • Group approvals that auto-approve because all user approvals in the group have been deleted
  • Group approvals that hang because they are waiting for a user approval that has been deleted




The null pointer exception occurs when stage_state is empty when trying to load RITM The form view does not load completely for a record that meets the following conditions:
  • Multiple parent workflow contexts are attached
  • At least one of those contexts has a stage_state that is empty
  • At least one of those contexts uses the "Main flow" or "Simple Progress Bar" renderer
  1. Create the glide.web_service.hierarchical system property and set it to true.
  2. Try to generate the WSDL through https://<instance>/

Memory issues occur.




The exported PDF/CSV takes the value of the Stage field from the workflow context instead of the sc_req_item table
  1. Navigate to the sc_req_item.list and make sure there are at least 20 items. Order items from Service Catalog if needed.
  2. Right click the table header and select Export > Excel (.xlsx).
  3. For each RITM, compare the 'Stage' value in the exported file with the one in the record field.

Expected behavior: The stage values in the exported file match the stage values of the RITMS.

Actual behavior: The stage values in the exported file do not match the stage values of the RITMS.




Workflow gets stuck on the null pointer exception during Orchestration Join activities Join activities in workflows do not work as expected. An error 'java.lang.NullPointerException' occurs when the join activity is reached.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  2. Create a catalog item.
  3. Next to the Workflow field, click the lookup icon.
  4. Next to Workflow at the top, click New to create a workflow with an Orchestration activity and a Join activity.
  5. Click Try it and then Order Now to order the item.
  6. Navigate to the requested item you created.
  7. In the Catalog Tasks related list, change the state of tasks to Complete.
  8. Refresh the related list and click Show Workflow.

An error occurs when the workflow reaches the Join activity.

All Other Fixes

To view a list of all other PRBs fixed in London, refer to All other London fixes.