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London Patch 3

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London Patch 3

The London Patch 3 release contains problem fixes.

London Patch 3 was released on November 12, 2018.
Build date: 11-11-2018_0542
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch3-10-24-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to London.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of London fixed problems, see KB0692695.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in London: Benchmarks, Security Threat Intelligence, Sightings Search, and Trusted Security Circles.

Security-related fixes

London Patch 3 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in London Patch 3, refer to KB0715680.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Core Platform


Choice lookups for sys_metadata extended tables unnecessarily retrieves entire table hierarchy choices instead of just retrieving the current table's hierarchy




Dot-walked extended fields do not show in a list report on Task tables Any dot-walked fields from extended task tables do not display in a list report after a Jakarta upgrade. Columns, such as Requested For on sc_request, and their field content do not show on the List report.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

HTML Editor



Videos are not uploaded as an attachment Videos are not uploaded as an attachment. This is a TinyMCE/text editor upgrade issue.
  1. Navigate to and select an article.
  2. In the Text area, click the Insert/edit video button in the TinyMCE toolbar.
  3. For Type, select Attachment from the pop-up window.
  4. Choose any video of type .mp4.
  5. Click Select.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CMDB Baseline Diff formatter has no limit on how many changes are displayed on the form, causing the CI form to either fail to load or be too long

The CMDB Baseline Diff formatter has no maximum limit for the number of changes that will be listed, causing the rendering of the form to time out, or if it loads then the form is unusable due to the size.

Once you upgrade to a release version with the fix for this PRB, the new default for the number of changes to be displayed on any CI form is limited to 10 (max). To modify this value, create the system property com.cmdb.baseline.max_changes.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



Affected CI notification business rule causes low memory on the instance Affected CI notification business rule jobs take a long time to execute. Memory is low on 2 nodes of the instance, making the instance unavailable to users.

This depends on the complexity and depth of your CI relationships.

Navigate to System Logs > Transactions (Background) and filter for URL starts with JOB: ASYNC: Affected CI notification job and Created on Today (or the required date). Then, sort the Response time column in descending order (Sort: z-a). If the following items are true, refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

  • The response time of some of the jobs exceed 5 minutes.
  • There a number of ASYNC: Affected CI notification jobs which are having Response time in minutes and Created at around the same time.
  • You have encountered slowness around the time when the jobs were running.

Forms and Fields


During an upgrade to London, forms can be broken A new table was added in London. The fix for this PRB adds the new table to an upgrade script, which allows the upgrade to take place without errors around the new table.



Upon upgrading to London, inaccurate stage icons can be displayed during the upgrade process A workflow class was renamed and moved, which prevents the workflow stage fields from getting updated during the upgrade. The fix for this PRB moves the class back to its original location so that workflow stages display the correct icons during upgrades.

All other fixes

Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


Discrepancy in display of the checkbox to toggle/switch journal fields (WorkNotes/Comments) "Show All Journal fields" element works correctly. However, the checkbox to toggle the work note/additional comments is not displayed.

Activity Stream


Activity formatter strips out the newline "\n" from fields

Agent Intelligence


The threshold needs to be added to the Agent Intelligence Rest API output
  1. Use Rest API Explorer > Agent Intelligence API.
  2. Provide an input and solution name.
  3. Check output.

Agent Intelligence


Prediction with a solution with reference fields fails

Agent Workspace


Loading a chat in the workspace takes from 5 - 16 seconds for 100 user load When the agent is on the chat tab in the workspace and already has some chats awaiting in the queue, clicking a chat to load in the workspace can take from 5-16 seconds for 100 user load.

Agent Workspace


'+' sign on the chrome tab needs to be enabled by default to allow agents to create the interaction

Agile Development


The agile board is blank when the assignment group is inactive
  1. Add the user to a few invalid groups. Make that group to be the first one that is returned in the query.
  2. Check if that is the group selected on the agile board upon first login.
  3. Set the user preference com.snc.agile_board.group_id to the inactive group and log in to the agile board.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


The JAWS description for the navigation filter is insufficient, which can confuse users The JAWS description for the navigation filter is "Type here to filter navigation options", which does not provide enough information for users. Additionally, there is no information regarding the remaining items in the navigation list.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


JEXL expression from navpage_stripe is escaped The 'href' attribute on the anchor tag and the 'alt' on the image tag are not evaluated.




Loading a sysapproval_approval form generates the JavaScript console error "Uncaught SyntaxError" due to "&&" in element_date_time.js The 'Uncaught SyntaxError" occurs when loading sysapproval_approver records due to "&&" in a static platform .js file being converted to "&&" in the browser.
  1. Clear the browser cache.
  2. Clear the instance cache.
  3. Open the browsers console.
  4. Navigate to sysapproval_approver.list.
  5. Open any existing record.

Observe the following error in the browser console: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token.

Asset Management


Unable to enter negative cost values in the entitlements Not able to enter negative cost value in the entitlements.
  1. Go to Software entitlements and create a new record.
  2. Add a negative cost value and try to save the form.

An error occurs: 'The value of unit cost should be positive.'

Asset Management


Incremental Import (SAM enabled) 2016 Import throws an invalid date format error
  1. Set the system property glide.sys.date_format to MM/dd/yyyy.
  2. Run the SCCM job with run as blank (i.e. with no user).

The Incremental Import (SAM enabled) 2016 Import throws an error: 'Unable to format 12/07/2017 12:00:00 AM using format string yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss for field install_date.'

Asset Management


Fix the run_as user issue for PA jobs The PA jobs fail to run and an error 'Run_as user does not exist' is displayed.

Asset Management


Problems with cmdb_model_category All model categories are missing

Automated Test Framework


The record query step fails if the table has a column named 'query' or 'next' The record query step cannot find any records in a table if the table has a column named 'query' or 'next'.

Change Management Conflict Detector



Conflicts are detected on an inactive change request Even though a change request is inactive, a conflict can still be detected.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Change Management


Calculate Risk does not work after activating the Change Management - Risk Assessment plugin
  1. Activate the plugin: Change Management - Risk Assessment.
  2. Create a change_request, and ensure it does not match a Risk Assessment (e.g. a standard change if using OOB Risk Assessment).
  3. Click Calculate Risk.

Risk is not calculated, nor is there any message about risk calculation result.

Cloud Management Application



Discover datacenter for Azure errors out when MID Server cannot communicate with Azure When running 'Discover Datacenters' on an Azure cloud service account, the logical datacenters are not discovered and associated in the service account's related list 'Logical Datacenters'. The following error message is thrown: org.mozilla.javascript. JavaScriptException: [object Object] (script_include: AzureAPIInvoker; line 38).

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


An empty resource block shows up in the stack with conditions on provision steps Stacks with conditional deployment steps cannot be deprovisioned.

Cloud Management Application


If billing has over a million records, the Cloud Admin portal overview page does not load Users with large bills are not able to load the dashboard page at all.

Cloud Management Application


Config Discovery does not mark the entities as terminated which have been deleted on Ansible Tower
  1. Set up Ansible Tower and discover.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud User portal.
  3. Set up Ansible Tower and discover.

    It discovers Ansible Job Templates and Inventories.

  4. Delete a Job Template and discover again.

Expected behavior: Deleted Job Template should be in the Terminated state.

Actual behavior: Deleted Ansible Job Template still shows with Active/Installed status.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Management plugin updates ACL for 'read' on sc_task records, causing ACL to fail on script check for ITIL users with the role 'sn_cmp.cloud_service_user' The role 'sn_cmp.cloud_service_user' prevents ITIL users from viewing the fields on the record.

Cloud Management Application



The Cloud User Portal takes minutes to load a failed cloud stack with the status 'Resolving Error' The Cloud User Portal takes minutes to load a failed cloud stack with the status 'Resolving Error'.
  1. Navigate to the Cloud User Portal.
  2. Click Manage Stacks.
  3. Open a Cloud Stack with the status Resolving Error.

Cloud Management Application


Azure Microsoft resources/deployments resources are using an API version header which is too outdated
  1. Import an ARM template that contains a nested template (a resource of type 'Microsoft.Resources/deployments').
  2. In the properties of this nested template resource, specify a new property named 'resourceGroup' with a corresponding value.

Note that the CAPI route fails as Azure returns an error.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CPU spikes on the DB server related to the OOB query Where there are empty parent/child records in the cmdb_rel_ci table, the script "Script Include: RelationshipAuditor" may return huge result-set, causing slow discovery jobs and high CPU on DB.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Orphan rule is not calculated correctly for relationships in the CI Dashboard
  1. Have a CI with relationships or Create a new CI and add relationships to it.
  2. Change the CI Status to Installed.
  3. Go to Class Manager > Health > Orphan Rule > Create new orphan rule.
  4. Create a rule with attribute Status = Installed AND Relationship 'Any Relation' and 'Any Class'.
  5. Go to the CI and click the CI Dashboard.

    Observe in CMDB_HEALTH_RESULT Table that CI appears as orphan.

CI should not come as orphan because it has status=installed and have relationships.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A null pointer exception is thrown on the Duplicate Resolver if any CI reference fields are marked inactive in the system dictionary
  1. Create 2 duplicate CIs in the server table (same serial_number).
  2. Run the cmdb dashboard to generate a de-duplication task.
  3. Make a reference field like assigned_to inactive in sys_dictionary.
  4. Click Remediate on the de-duplication task.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Improve IRE performance around dependent identifications and other performance changes

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Last and first discovered should not get updated by batched update if IRE payload itself provides this value

Core Platform


When attaching Microsoft files, 'Too many open files' errors occur (file descriptor leak) Attaching Microsoft documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, etc.) results in a file descriptor leak and 'Too many open files' exceptions.

Core Platform


Angular processor not working as expected
  1. Create a UI page that accesses
  2. Make this UI page sys public.
  3. Log out and try to access the UI page.

The UI page should work, but a 401 error occurs instead.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)



Dependency View Map (BSM Map) hides relationships with Active CIs if the CI is set discovery_source=Duplicate, and no relationships are shown if the map is for that CI

Even if a CI is active and in use as a key part of the map, the Dependency View Map (BSM Map) hides relationships where the parent/child CI is set discovery_source=Duplicate.

It is the Identification engine that is re-using this discovery_source field to also mark CIs as probably duplicate. When the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation engine or CMDB Health Dashboard jobs find 2 or more CIs that match from the point of view of the Identification engine, all except the oldest CI are marked as discovery_source=Duplicate, overriding the true value.

The Dependency Views map will not display relationships either side of these CIs when the map is centered on that CI, and will not include that CI in Maps of CIs upstream or downstream of it. This is done as soon as the field is set Duplicate, even though de-duplication tasks have not been closed to either tweak the identifiers to prevent false positives, or merge the truly duplicate CIs. Even after merging the CIs, there is no out-of-box function to clear the Duplicate value from the field so good CIs may remain with this value even after they are not longer seen as duplicate.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)


CI type filter shows the table name instead of the display name for non-English languages When users set their session to any non-English language (e.g. German), the "CI Types" filter in the Details panel of the map are listed with the table names. For example, "cmdb_ci_server" is displayed instead of the translation. However, users can see the display names correctly in the map settings > CI type filter (drop-down) using the default English language.
  1. Follow the steps to set the language (e.g. German).
  2. Set up a user with the non-English language (e.g. German). If you have activated the language correctly, it will be selectable as an option.
  3. Either log in or impersonate the user in step 3.
  4. If you have demo data loaded, go to the following CI:

    https://<your instance> =53958ff0c0a801640171ec76aa0c8f86 Otherwise, go a Server CI.

  5. Click Dependency map viewer.
  6. In the map settings, select the drop-down for CI type filter.

The classes appear in their table names (e.g. cmdb_ci_server instead of the display name server).



Router discovery reconciles router interfaces twice, resulting in duplicate and absent records
  1. Discover a router or switch which must have the routing capability in order to run the SNMP - Routing probe/sensor.
  2. Look at the history of data created by SNMP - Identity.
  3. Look at the history of data created/updated by SNMP - Routing.

Records added in Identity are marked absent, and duplicates (though with more data) are added.



Netscaler issue svcGrpMemberGroupName does not display the name properly if more than 32 characters are in the list of members



A load balancer discovery does not populate all the virtual services All the services should be populated and associated to the correct pool. Only one service is created per virtual server.
  1. Implement a MID Server.
  2. Enable the Discovery plugin.
  3. Discover an Alteon load balancer.

All services should get populated and associated to the correct pool, but only one service is created per virtual server.



The discovery of UCS fails Discovery of UCS equipment fails when MID Server script include "UCSRestXmlApiClient" fails to select valid Discovery Adaptive Credential if it is not the highest-ordered element in the list of Discovery Adaptive Credentials on the table 'Cisco UCS Equipment'.



Discovery cannot find a pattern if the pattern name/Library includes a space at the end of the pattern name Create a pattern with a space at the end of the name, or add a space at the end of existing pattern names.



Horizontal discovery sensor - Parallel payload processing should be provided after the split The parallel payload processing should be provided in case there are multiple payload discoveries.



Pattern logs for patterns that are run on event-based discovery are not displayed Event based Azure cloud discovery - The pattern log and results page does not display correctly after the pattern is triggered based on the event.



Trigger SSH probes when data cannot be retrieved using SNMP

Trigger SSH probe where there is no payload.



New OIDs for SNMP classification



The master switch in HSRP with multiple VIPs are discovered repeatedly If the user uses a wide range of IPs in its schedules, they may include HSRP VIPs. This may lead to discovering a device (the active switch in the HSRP configuration) multiple times using different IPs, causing attribute flipping on the CI.



L3 relationships are not created for ESX servers
  1. Discover the router or switch, which should have a connection to the ESX server.
  2. Discover Vcenter.
  3. Navigate to the ESX server and verify L3 relationship (IP connection) to the above switch/router.



Shazzam fails HTTPS scan when the target server allows only TLS 1.2 If the target server is configured to accept only TLS 1.2, Shazzam fails with an I/O error when scanning an HTTPS port on that server.
  1. Configure a Windows server to accept only TLS 1.2.
  2. Configure the server for WinRM3.
  3. Enable and configure firewall on the server to only allow incoming requests to WinRM HTTPS.
  4. Configure MID Configuration parameters to discover the server via WinRM/HTTPS.
  5. Add credential for the server.
  6. Run Discovery for the server.

Shazzam fails with an I/O error: 'Problem while reading HTTP response: : IOException - An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine'



SNMP Routing Reconcilers cannot reconcile records based on the State change (e.g. Installed --> Absent) SNMP Routing Reconcilers are not reconciling records based on State change. This appears to affect the following tables. dscy_route_interface dscy_router_interface dscy_route_next_hop
  1. Run a Discovery scan against a Router or Switch with Routing capabilities (make sure that this triggers the SNMP - Routing probe/pattern script).
  2. Check the Router Interface table (dscy_router_interface) and find any records linked to this Network device that have 'Status = Installed'.
  3. Update any of these records to change to 'Status = Absent'
  4. Run another Discovery scan against this same device and then check and see the Router Interface table once again.

The records that you manually updated to Absent should either be updated to be 'Installed' or perhaps a new 'Installed' record should be created, but it seems neither of these actions are occurring.



Remove 'Migrate to pattern' modules from the navigation bar When users click any 'Migrate Windows to Pattern' module, the script runs automatically.

Edge Encryption


Links on Edge proxy download page do not work if there are restrictive ACLs on sys_attachment Links on Edge proxy download page do not work if there are restrictive ACLs on sys_attachment. In such a scenario, clicking the download link on the Edge proxy download page results in 'Request attachment not found.'

Edge Encryption


Edge encryption rules should be compiled once per update, not once per thread The recompilation of rules per thread causes high CPU, which are observable using VisualVM or a similar tool.

Event Management


Excessive logging from class Debug logging is not controlled, leading to excessive logging to the localhost log.

Event Management


Node count - need to add fix script to update 'Other' type as non-licensable History data on the em_unique_nodes table should be updated after an upgrade ('Other' type as non-licensable).

Field Service Management


The work order gets closed after the work task is closed incomplete with a follow-up task created After clicking Close Incomplete with Follow-On Task button on the mobile web view or in the native mobile app, the work order gets closed when the work order task is closed incomplete and has a cloned follow-up work order task. The work order should not be closed since a follow-up work order task is created under the work order and remains open. It is expected that the work order is back to the awaiting qualification state.

Flow Designer


The flow execution causes excessive sys_compiled_choice cache to flush Every time a flow is run, the choice list cache is flushed. Any page that requires choice lists needs to rebuild that cache. If a flow is run many times within a minute, the choice cache will be rebuilt constantly, slowing the performance of forms and anything that uses choice lists.

Forms and Fields



Document ID type fields still support the on-hover functionality on the reference icon and flicker continuously The ability to hover to view reference pop-up text is not available beginning with Kingston but document ID type fields still show the text. Additionally, they flicker continuously and call the pop-up function in the backend multiple times.
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables and go to the sysapproval_approver table.
  2. Open any record.
  3. Hover over the info icon on the Approving field.

Forms and Fields


No notification of the UI changes when the template bar is added or removed from a form Adding or removing the template bar creates a change of context and users running assistive technologies need to be notified about the change to the UI when the bar is added or removed.
  1. Start using an assistive technology.
  2. Navigate to any form.
  3. Navigate to the template bar toggle.

Note that after toggling the bar in any direction, the assistive technology does not notify the user about the newly added or removed controls on the page.

Forms and Fields


"Add/Remove multiple" option does not work for any glide_list field on the form

Forms and Fields


Accessibility enabled increases the form loading time
  1. Create a custom field on the incident table of type HTML and set the max length to 8000.
  2. Add the HTML field on the incident form.
  3. Enable 'Accessibility'.

Notice the increase in the form loading time.

Human Resources Service Management


When an HR request an onboarding, the user record which gets created does not have a user ID and password Only users with the sn_hr_core.admin role can edit or update the user record.

Human Resources Service Management


Knowledge blocks show up in the 'Also in Category' widget

Human Resources Service Management


The error message "Read operation on table 'sn_hr_core_case' from scope 'Global' was denied" is displayed on the default Service Portal when 'Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal' is activated
  1. Activate the Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal plugin.
  2. Go to /sp and the from header menu, select the option Service Catalog.

Expected behavior: No error message should be displayed when accessing the sc_home page in the Service Portal.

Actual behavior: An error message is displayed when the Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal plugin is activated.

In the sys_db_object table for the sn_hr_core_case table, if changing the Caller Access from Restricted to Tracking or None, the error message no longer shows up.

Human Resources


RCA error messages are thrown: "Read operation on table 'sn_hr_le_case' from scope 'Global' was denied.

Import / Export


When a user clicks the Preview button on an export definition record, the list's filter options are not responsive thus the preview list columns are not sortable Starting in Istanbul, the export definition preview list columns are not sortable and the list's filter options are not responsive. The console logs show several uncaught reference errors.
  1. As an admin, navigate to System Export Sets > Export Definitions.
  2. Click New. Example definition:
    • Name: Incidents
    • Table: Incident [incident]
    • Fields: Number, Opened, State
  3. Add a filter: Active is false.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Click Preview.

Expected behavior: Users should be able to sort the columns in the preview list and should be able to modify the lists filter using the filter breadcrumbs or by clicking the Show/Hide Filters button and add or remove a condition.

Actual behavior: The preview list columns are not sortable, and you cannot adjust the lists filter using the filter breadcrumbs or the Show/Hide Filters button.

Knowledge Management



User criteria that is not used by any knowledge base is evaluated on the first article opened in the session When a newly created user criteria is not set to any knowledge base, the criteria are evaluated on the first article opened in the session.
  1. Create a user criteria 'Test Criteria'.
  2. Insert the following script in it:

    gs.addInfoMessage('{No User Criteria Test}');

    answer = true;

  3. Save it without assigning a knowledge base.
  4. Navigate to Self Service > Knowledge.
  5. Open any article.

Notice the custom created log statement shows {No User Criteria Test} in the header. The new user criteria gets executed when the first article is opened in the session.

Knowledge Management


When creating a KB article, the description of the main body field is only 'text' This field needs a more descriptive name than simply 'text', such as 'main body text' or similar to indicate that the main body of the KB should be entered here. 'Text' is insufficient and causes confusion.
  1. Activate a screen reader.
  2. Create a new or open an existing KB article.
  3. Navigate to the main body of the article field.

Note that it is described merely as 'text'.

Language and Translations


Some delta records are not updated with correct translations



After initiating a search in a list, there is no indication that the filter has completed When a user performs a search in a list, the focus remains on the search field and assistive technologies do not indicate any change to the page. There should be some kind of notification when the search has completed and returned a number of results.
  1. Activate any screen reader.
  2. Navigate to any list.
  3. Set focus on the filter.
  4. Enter some data into the filter and enter it.

Note that results are returned, but the screen reader says nothing about the change in the page.

Live Feed


Some comments are not viewable after adding a .png file When the live feed is enabled, comments on an article are not viewable after posting a .png attachment to an article.

Live Feed


Adding a Journal Input field to the kb_knowledge table causes any comments added in the "Add a comment" field to not show With glide.knowman.use_live_feed set to true and adding a "Journal Input" type field to the kb_knowledge table, live feed is invisible. The user can see the "Add a comment" field, but when a comment is entered, it does not display.
  1. Ensure that glide.knowman.use_live_feed is set to true.
  2. In the left navigator, type 'kb_knowledge.list' and click Enter.

    This will take you to the kb_knowledge table.

  3. Click any knowledge article.
  4. Once in the knowledge article, right click the header and select Configure > Form Layout.
  5. In the Configuring Knowledge form, click Create new field:
    • Name: testField
    • Database column name: u_testField
    • Type: Journal Input
  6. Click Add.

    Note that the new field is set into the 'Selected' side of the slush bucket.

  7. Under the Selected section of the slush bucket, click Save. When the prompt is done, click Close.

    The form will reload back to the Knowledge Article.

  8. Once back on the Knowledge Article record, in the related links section, click View Article.

    Note that the 'Add a comment' field is there. However, if you add a comment, nothing shows up.

Due to a new Journal Input field being added to the kb_knowledge table, comments do not show.

On-call Scheduling



On-call calendar ($ allows users to type dates as "9999-01-02", which consumes the memory of the node and restarts it When the user specifies a large date range in provide coverage/timeoff/extra time, the node consumes more memory and restarts due to an out of memory error.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Operational Intelligence


The bucket number can be higher than the expected range If the bucket number is higher than the range, the data needs to be redistributed again within the range.



A huge increase in the number of reporting records is observed New policies for reporting tables need to be implemented to clean up records more frequently.



Linux server pattern fails to bring in the Object_ID for the newer EC2 instance The object_ID value is not brought in as further exploration is not made. This restricts the creation of relationships between the host and the VM instance which is performed by the post sensor script "Create Relation Between Host To VM Instance" that is invoked after the linux-server pattern.



The Oracle options table samp_oracle_options is filled with invalid data when pattern commands fail When the "Oracle DB On Unix" command fails and the server returns errors, error messages are inserted into the Oracle options table.



AJP endpoint invalid URL Tomcat pattern issues when trying to debug with the AJP endpoint URL: "Invalid URL."
  1. Go to Discovery Patterns.
  2. Open the Tomcat pattern.
  3. Select the 'http and AJP identification' (which allows an AJP Endpoint).
  4. Try to debug and enter the URL in the following format: ajp://localhost:8080.

This format should be accepted since it is an AJP protocol, but debugging is not possible because the patterns only accept HTTP protocol.



MS SQL DB on Windows Pattern does not support multiple namespaces If the environment has multiple namespaces configured, the pattern only picks the first one in the list which might not be the right namespace. This leads to not receiving other information, like the edition.



The create pattern from generic application on Windows does not populate the process_name and running_process_command

Create a pattern from a generic app on Windows.



UCS blade duplication issue

When a blade is discovered via UCS Manager, the blade_serial_number is recorded. If the serial_number field used that value, there would be an identification collision between the blade hardware and the server OS running on the blade. To avoid this, the OOB pattern appends the UUID of the blade to the serial to create some uniqueness.

However, fetching the UUID from the bladeHardware XML query will yield different results over time. If there is no service profile associated with the blade, the fixed "burned-in UUID" will be returned. As soon as a service profile is associated with the blade, that XML query will return the current UUID that the service profile has grabbed from a pool - the "dynamic UUID".

This changes the serial_number field of the blade, and hardware identification rules think it is a new piece of hardware and create a duplicate.

Discover UCS in the lab and verify that serial number is unique.



Assigned_To attribute is not populated by Discovery Assigned_To attribute is not populated by Discovery on the cmdb_ci_computer table.

Performance Analytics



Updating and saving some OOB PA Indicators (for example 'Number of CIs Installed') gives the error: "Indicator Source Facts table and Script Facts table must have the same value"

When updating and saving one of the below Performance Analytics Indicators, the following errors are thrown: "Indicator Source Facts table and Script Facts table must have the same value."

Affected indicators:

  • Number of CIs Installed
  • Sum duration of jobs executed today
  • Sum App Score Fiscal Quarterly
  • Sum Application Indicator Scores - Quarterly
  1. Activate the following plugins:
    • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Configuration Management (CMDB) []
    • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Discovery []
    • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Application Portfolio Management []
  2. Enter pa_indicators.list in the Filter Navigator.
  3. Open any of the following Indicators:
    • Number of CIs Installed Sum duration of jobs executed today
    • Sum App Score Fiscal Quarterly Sum Application Indicator Scores - Quarterly
  4. Change the Name.
  5. Click the Update UI Action.

Expected behavior: The change is saved.

Actual behavior: The following error is issued and the change is not saved: 'Indicator Source Facts table and Script Facts table must have the same value.'

Performance Analytics


An unexpected alter is triggered during the upgrade on the pa_scores table An unexpected alter is triggered on the pa_scores table during the upgrade to Kingston or Jakarta due to the table size.

Performance Analytics


For all the indicators in the favorite list, the real-time value is queried, even though the indicator itself has the "Show real-time score" unchecked PA indicator scorecards are slow to load on the mobile app, often resulting in a timeout error.

Performance Analytics



In Chrome 69 and Firefox 62, labels are not visible on threshold lines in the scorecard
  1. Log in to an out of box instance.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Scorecard.
  3. Find an existing scorecard with data.
  4. Click the 'Add/change threshold' icon.
  5. Pick any value in 'Notify if the score hits' and click Save.

    This will add the threshold line to the scorecard.

In Chrome 69, the threshold labels do not appear in Scorecards.



Reglomming on column type (currency) during the London upgrade causes a column on child (pm_project) and parent(planned_task) pointing to same storage alias
  1. Activate the plugin Project Portfolio Suite with Financials (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo).
  2. Create a decimal column on table pm_project (with max length 15). For examole, u_column_1.

    The column will use the storage_alias which is of type decimal(15,2).

  3. Change the column type of the column created in step 2 to Currency.

    Note that the storage alias will still be pointing to the same column type, For example, decimal(15,2).

  4. Upgrade to London.

    Note that the storage alias for pm_project.u_column1 and planned_task.opex_cost is pointing to same storage alias.

  5. Try to insert the record in pm_project.

The insert fails with message 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database.'

Platform Security


Need support for dynamic Elrond keys



Unable to source a request and add to the purchase order
  1. Navigate to Maintain Items > Captivate.
  2. Click Try it and submit the request.
  3. Go to 'Catalog Task' records, and click Source Request.
  4. Click Add to Purchase Order.

Expected behavior: There should be some available records to be selected.

Actual behavior: 'Metric Group' and 'License Metric' show 'No record found'.

Project Management


MPP import/export issues in the Project Portfolio Suite Application When the UIDs in MPP are not consecutive numbers, reimporting of MPP project does not work as expected.
  1. Open the newly created project and go to the Planning Console and add a new task (say 'New Task 1') at the end.
  2. Export the project to MPP.
  3. Open the project to MPP and assign a resource 'Abel Tuter with 20%' allocation on the newly created task ('New Task 1') or update any task and save the same.
  4. Import this MPP back over the same project record.

This throws an error 'Tasks being deleted with the list of tasks.'

Project Management


Remove a message when importing an existing MPP project When importing an existing MPP project, this message is no longer applicable and should be removed: "Importing MPP file into an existing project will delete tasks created in ServiceNow. Learn more."

Project Management


The Planning Console loads slowly The Planning Console is slow when the 'Show Weekend' tab is enabled.

Project Portfolio Management


Grid UI displays the cost plan 12'000.5 as 1'200.5 incorrectly The grid UI is divided by 10 when there is a decimal value in the cost.
  1. Create a demand.
  2. Create a cost plan.
  3. Enter the unit cost as 12000.5.
  4. Open the grid UI from the demand related list.

The total planned cost displays as 1200.5. This should display as 12000.5.

Project Portfolio Management


On the Investment Portal, the New Investment view form shows options in all languages for the category field On the Investment Portal, the New Investment view form is showing options in all languages for category field and not filtering to the session language.
  1. Install Project Portfolio Suite.
  2. Install a new language.
  3. Open the Investment Portal and click New.

Check that on the modal popup form and the category has all possible values in all languages.

Security Access Control Lists


When adding a user to a group fails, no error message is shown When a group manager does not have access to add or remove members from a group, they do not see an error message. The lack of an error message can confuse some group managers into thinking they were successfully able to add or remove members from their group.

Security Incident Response


The email search query ignores special characters when the action is triggered from the new UI
  1. Open a security incident on the new UI.
  2. Click the email search and enter an email address in any of From/To fields.
  3. Select 'Search'.

It returns 0 results, and the query ignores special characters.

Security Incident Response


Bootstrap the Security Incident Response UI plugin moving to the app store

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Currency sign "CHF" does not appear in the Service Portal widget "SC Category Page" if the price is more than 4 digits before the comma
  1. Install the German language plugin.
  2. Create a record in sys_choice table:
    • Table: sys_user
    • Element: countryLanguage
    • Label: Switzerland
    • Value: CH
  3. Open sys_user form for Abel Tuter.
  4. Set the country code to Switzerland (you may need to add it to the form first).
  5. In the sc_cat_item table, open the record 'Belkin iPad Mini Case' and increase the price to 5,000.00 (or any 4-digit value).
  6. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  7. Change the language to German.
  8. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Catalog > Peripherals.

Expected behavior: All prices are displayed in the CHF currency.

Actual behavior: All prices which have 4 or more digits are missing the currency code CHG. The price of the item 'Belkin iPad Mini Case' is 4944.739.

Service Catalog


Unable to remove 'SNC External' user criteria from the catalog item 'Not Available For' related list

Service Catalog


In the RITFM form, the 'requested_for' field is not set to the user who's requesting the item

Service Catalog



The entire User Criteria cache gets flushed on a sys_user update for one user Every time a single sys_user is updated, the whole user_criteria_cache is flushed. When the user_criteria_cache is flushed, it must be rebuilt for every user who performs an operation that is controlled via User Criteria. Depending on how slow it is to evaluate the scripts of all User Criteria records, this has varying degrees of impact on system performance ranging from mild slowness to extreme degradation.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Home.
  2. Try to view a Knowledge base record.
  3. Open /

    Notice the value of the entries attribute in <user_criteria_cache>.

  4. Open /
  5. Double click the 'Active' field on any user and set it to 'false'.
  6. Look at / again and notice that the entry in <user_criteria_cache> has been set to 0.
  7. Try to view the KB article again and the scripts of all the User Criteria records will be run.

Service Catalog


Catalog UI Policy's 'Applies on Requested Items' option doesn't work when setting the variable to 'Not Mandatory'

Service Catalog



The checkbox variable wraps the text after an upgrade to London
  1. Log in to a base London instance.
  2. Import two attached files for Variable Set and variables:
    • SHR Unit Input: [item_option_new_set_ 14e54be50fa81f406678db0be1050e0e
    • Variables: [item_option_new (variable_set=14e54be50fa81f406678db0be1050e0e) (1).xml]

      Import the variable set first and then the variables.

  3. Add the variable set to any item, such as 'Access'.
  4. Click Try it.
    • Watch how the checkbox variables such as ' Approval Required', and 'UH Approval Required?' are wrapping the text.
    • Please check attached screenshots for comparison (Kingston, London).

The checkbox variable labels are wrapping text.

Service Mapping



Service Model's blob reaper causes high load on instance, affects performance Service Model's blob reaper job is not executed very often - once a week - but once it does, performance issues occur. For example, there is high memory consumption, the job takes hours to run, and it causes a high load on the node on which it runs.

Execute 'Service Model's Blob Reaper' from sys_trigger.

Service Mapping


The most recent service checkpoint can get removed If a service is idle for a long time, the service's most recent checkpoint can get removed. As a result, when you go inside the map, the map is empty.
  1. Create a business service.
  2. Simulate a situation where its stale, meaning that it stays the same for a few months.
  3. Run the Checkpoint Reaper job.
  4. Open the map.

The map is empty.

Service Mapping


"Retrieve File Content" does not work - Tomcat on windows discover wrong DB (in AWS)

Service Mapping


Newly created application service is created with the 'operational' status when no plugins are enabled

Service Mapping


The job "Generate entry point candidates from netflow and netstat data" should only be activated if the Service Mapping plugin is active
  1. Activate the Event Management and Service Mapping core while the Service Mapping plugin is not active.

    Check if the job 'Generate entry point candidates from netflow and netstat data' exists and is active.

  2. Run the job and check if it has performed the required action.

After the fix, the script include code has been updated to prevent the methods from performing the algorithm if the Service Mapping plugin is not active.

Service Mapping


Need to support the creation of layer 2 connection from the ESX server to switch
  1. Discover an ESX server with the network adapter.
  2. Discover a switch.
  3. Add to the forwarding table of the switch a record with the MAC address of the network adapter.
  4. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the ESX server.

A layer 2 connection is supposed to be created between the ESX server and the switch (currently it is not created).

Service Mapping


The refresh member account operation does not work
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Go to the service account on left navigation.
  3. Create an AWS master service account.
  4. Click the Refresh Member account UI action.

The Refresh Member account operation does not work, throwing the following error 'Failed running 'Amazon AWS Organizations' pattern. Please check Pattern Log for more information.'

Service Mapping


The MID Server script SSHTerminalCommand does not work

Run Discovery of any Cisco device and an error is displayed 'TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object.'

Service Mapping


Pre-execution script "Lightweight Process Info" has a missing parameter when calling the method "getRunningProcess"

Service Mapping


Layer 2 connections from the server to switch can be deleted after the switch discovery
  1. Discover a server with a network adapter.
  2. Discover a switch with the switch port.
  3. Add to the forwarding table of the switch a record with the MAC address of the network adapter.
  4. Add a record to discovery_switch_bridge_port_table with the switch as cmdb_ci.
  5. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the server.

    A layer 2 connection is created.

  6. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the switch.

The layer 2 connection will be deleted.

Service Portal


Field messages are wrongly cleared when the value did not change Field info messages are hidden for mandatory fields.

Service Portal


The reference variable on an Edge Encrypted table does not work correctly

Service Portal


Date validation client script conflicts with the built-in validation in the Service Portal When a data or data/time variable value is validated using a catalog client script which uses the 'showFieldMsg' function, it will conflict with the validation built-in to the "sp.datePicker.js" directive.

Service Portal


Dotwalked HTML fields are broken on the form (tinyMCE)
  1. Configure the sc_req_item form and add the item.description field.
  2. View sc_req_item form in the Service Portal.

The 'Description' HTML field input is broken.

Software Asset Management Professional


Asset is not created when purchase order line item in ordered and then received
  1. Activate com.snc.procurement and com.snc.sams plugins.
  2. Navigate to Procurement > Purchase Orders module.
  3. Create purchase orders, fill in required details (Vendor, Ship to, etc.), and submit the form.
  4. For the above created purchase order, create the purchase order line item with details.
  5. Click Order.
  6. Click Received.

Expected behavior: Asset should be created.

Actual behavior: Asset is not created in the assets tab. Errors occur on the page stating 'Purchased rights cannot be empty and Invalid entitlement license metric type.'

Software Asset Management Professional


Last used date for Citrix app usage demo data should have relative dates for better dashboard

Software Asset Management Professional


Reclamation candidate not having savings tied to it due to incomplete entitlement data The Potential Savings field in SAM reclamation candidates is not updated.

Software Asset Management Professional


Source control the latest license definition DEFRQ0100167

Software Asset Management Professional


Inconsistent results of GlideRecord.updateMultiple() Non-compliant product results show up incorrectly.

Software Asset Management Professional


Normalization UI actions are displayed incorrectly The UI actions for Revert Normalization and Normalize do not support cases where the normalization status is empty.

Software Asset Management Professional


The Reclaim All button on the Software Model Result incorrectly reclaims all candidates in the system The Software Model Result reclaims all ready reclamation candidates in the system, even for candidates not selected by the user.

Tables and Dictionary


The data in the column is not displayed and cannot be edited The data of a column which has been moved off-row cannot be displayed and edited following the use of the Hybridize function.

Transaction and Session Management


Large number of HTTP requests with malformed x-forwarded-host header yields memory exhaustion Requests with an invalid x-forwarded-host value raise IllegalArgumentException exception which can cause leaked Request and Response objects, eventually causing excessive garbage collection, memory exhaustion, and HTTP-500 error messages.

Usage Analytics


Loading a dashboard causes hundreds of error messages in logs Loading $ causes hundreds of error messages to be written to the sys log.

VA-Web Client


When the user is logged out due to inactivity, VA does not respond
  1. Open VA.
  2. Allow the HI session to time out.
  3. After the time-out, go back to the window and click anywhere on VA.

VA displays Connecting and never returns.

Vulnerability Response


Rollup Vulnerability Score is not triggered for average users without the sn_vul.admin role



Workflow gets stuck due to scratchpad value not getting evaluated properly Users are unable to execute a workflow successfully when the Encrypted Workflow Scratchpad plugin is active and an activity causes the workflow to stop.




When launching a wizard record generator, a global record is created which will trigger any business rules and workflows running off of the global table

When launching a wizard record generator (e.g. out of box on call generator), a global record is created. The global record will trigger any business rules and workflows running off of the global table.

Many on-demand workflows target the global table so that they do not run when a record is generated (i.e. incident, cmdb_ci), but they are available to be run on-demand. Creating this global record will trigger each global workflow which can cause serious performance degradation.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Other London Patch 3 information

Display baseline differences
You can change the com.cmdb.baseline.max_changes system property to limit the number of entries that appear in a baseline diff section on a CI form.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.