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London Patch 2

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London Patch 2

The London Patch 2 release contains problem fixes.

London Patch 2 was released on October 4, 2018.
Build date: 09-20-2018_1514
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch2-09-19-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to London.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of London fixed problems, see KB0692695.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in London: Benchmarks, Security Threat Intelligence, Sightings Search, and Trusted Security Circles.


London Patch 2 includes 124 PRBs fixed in various problem categories. The chart below shows the top 10 problem categories.

Figure 1. Top 10 problem categories
Fixed issues grouped by problem categories bar chart

Security-related fixes

London Patch 2 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in London Patch 2, refer to KB0713186.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


When clicking 'Show email details' in the email activity, the content of the email is opened in a new page When clicking 'Show email details' in an Email Activity, the email content is opened in the same activity. If 'Sent/Received Emails' is unchecked and re-checked, when clicking 'Show email details' again, the email content is opened in a new page.




Unable to see all the incident form fields in the Field Values list in the Set Field Values step Users with the itil and atf_test_admin roles who create an incident via ATF cannot see all the incident form fields in the Field Values list in the Set Field Values step.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. If required, activate the Automated Test Framework plugin (com.glide.automated_testing_framework).
  3. Add the itil and atf_test_admin roles to Abel Tuter.
  4. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  5. Open any incident and check that you can see all the fields.
  6. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests and click New.
  7. Enter the following values:
    • Create a test with the test name as Test1 and save it.
    • Select Add Test Step.
    • Select Form > Open a New Form and select the table name as "incident".
  8. Save the record.
  9. Click Add Test Step and go to Form > Set Field Values.
  10. Open the list for Field Values.

It shows only three or four field names. Users with the itil role expect to see all the fields in the incident form.

Condition Builder



List v2 filters with time operands appear in the correct language in the filter breadcrumb but not in the condition builder drop-down

Filters used on v2 lists and filters made on reports work and show the expected result only within the same language used to create or to edit that filter.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




When clicking a record in a related or embedded list, the user receives a blank screen if the generated URL is too long

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

All other fixes

Problem category Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


When an email is received, the activity log displays the wrong value In the activity log, the status on the right side displays the wrong value 'Email sent' when an email is received.
  1. In separate tabs, go to sys_email_list and any incident.
  2. Create a record where the type is received, and the target is the incident you are viewing the activity stream from.
  3. Reload the incident.

The mail entry says 'Email received', but the top right text says 'Email sent.'

Agent Workspace for ITSM


The subscription category for the com.snc.agent_workspace.itsm plugin is incorrect

Agent Workspace


The choice-list population does not work on the change client script Once switching the priority to P1, further priority switches do not re-populate the incident type with all the options. The incident type choice list still only shows outage and performance.
  1. Create an incident and fill in all required details (Set the priority to P4) and save the record.

    The incident type dropdown has more than 5 choice list options.

  2. Change the priority to P1.

    The incident type choice list is updated with 2 options (outage and performance).

  3. Change the priority to P4.

The incident type choice list does not show all the incident types.

Agent Workspace


Change Agent Workspace plugins to State = Development for London

Agile Development


The Date Time Picker does not apply the system time format When setting the format to 'dd.MM.yyyy', the date/time value is not populated correctly.
  1. Activate the Agile Development 2.0 plugin (com.snc.sdlc.agile.2.0).
  2. Set the property glide.sys.date_format to dd.MM.yyyy.
  3. Go to Agile Development > Groups.
  4. Open any group displayed on the list.
  5. Click the link 'Create Sprint' (you need to add your user as a group member).

    The date/time value on the load of the UI dialog is populated correctly with the system date/time format.

  6. Fill in all fields and submit the UI dialog.
  7. Open the list of sprints/rm_sprint.
  8. Open the sprint record created.

The planned start date shows incorrectly as 01.01.1970 and the end date is also calculated incorrectly.

Agile Development


The safe team board owner is always set to be the user who can access the board first

When the first user of the safe team accesses the sprint tracking page, a VTB should be created.

If this user has the safe_scrum_master, safe_product_owner, or safe_admin role, the user should be the owner of the VTB.

If not, check if there is any other user with these roles, and set the user to be the owner. Otherwise, the current user should be set to the owner.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


The clear filter button has no label The clear filter button in the navigator has no label and is described by NVDA/JAWS as 'button'.
  1. Activate NVDA.
  2. Set focus to the Filter Navigator and enter some text.
  3. Select the tab to set focus to the clear button.

The button has no label.

Asset Management


Clarify which OOB queries get executed SAMP Usage 2012v2 and 2016 contain an OOB query which does not run at runtime. When the corresponding scheduled import is executed, the actual query is generated at runtime and replaces the placeholder query.

Asset Management


The name field is updated with the serial number when ILMT server sends a null value When ILMT server sends an empty name, if the serial number does not start with TLM_VM and does not contain a dot in it, the serial number is copied over to the name field.

Asset Management


The request times out at 300 seconds on the ECC record If the ILMT API call takes more than 300 seconds to respond, the ECC queue will time out with an error 'com.glide.ecc.ECCResponseTimeoutException: No response for ECC message request with sysid=xxxx after waiting for 300 seconds in ECC Queue.'

Benchmarks Application


Benchmarks client configuration properties are missing

Change Management


'Change Properties' does not include the new feature to have discovery automatically launched when a Change Request is fulfilled
  1. Activate the Discovery plugin.
  2. Upgrade to London.
  3. Navigate to task_ci table and open any record.
  4. View the xml and verify that there are Discovery related fields present.
  5. After an upgrade, navigate to 'Change Properties'.

The discovery related properties are not present.




Agent name and avatar do not show up in Anonymous Chat the first time the chat is opened In Anonymus chat, the user agent's name and avatar are not visible to the end user until the end user refreshes the page. As a prerequisite, install the Consumer Service Portal plugin.
  1. Navigate to Admin Users.
  2. Search for and select Beth Anglin.
  3. Add the 'sn_customerservice.consumer_agent' role to Beth.
  4. Add Beth to the Product Support group.
  5. Impersonate Beth.
  6. In another browser without logging in, navigate to <instance_name>
  7. Click the header menu item Live Chat.
  8. Type in test information and make sure the issue type is Product.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. As Beth, click the accept button in the chat sidebar.
  11. As Beth, send some messages.

    The message text shows in the guest's chat window, but the agent's name and avatar are missing.

After reloading the chat window, the agent's name and avatar are shown.




After Hours (Not available) Message for Chat Queue does not show on French Translations
  1. Activate the Connect Support and I18N: French - Canada Translations plugin (or the I18N: French Translations plugin).
  2. Go to and open any of the Connect Support Chat queues.
  3. Set the schedule to '8-5 weekdays' and save.
  4. Change the language to French - Canada.
  5. Go to the queue page on step 2. If there is no message on 'Not available', add one.
  6. Click the URL next to 'Support Link'.

Expected behavior: The Unavailable Message for Chat Queue shows up under the Welcome message.

Actual behavior: Unavailable Message is empty and there is a console error.



On hovering over a URL in the Connect Chat, the URL embeds "" The Connect Chat changes the URL to be instead of the Service Portal.
  1. Navigate to the connect chat.
  2. In a chat box, paste any URL.
  3. Hover over the sent URL and see that the URL embeds ''.

Cloud Management Application


AWS Signer does not use the actual payload value for POST messages and assumes the payload is the default invokePost payload which causes signing errors

The out-of-the-box invokePost method in the "AmazonWebServicesAPIInvoker" MID Server script include ignores the incoming payload parameter and instead uses the signed headers as the payload.

In turn, the signer MID Server script include "AmazonWeb ServicesRequestSigner" assumes that all posts use the parameter string as the payload because that is the default for the invoker. When the payload is different, the signer fails.

Cloud Management Application


Deprovisioning a stack that is attached to an elastic IP address does not release the IP address

Blueprint attribute DiscoverAndAttachIP looks to find a free elastic IP address in the account or creates it and attaches it to a new instance on provision/launch stack.

However, for the current design, on de-provision of the stack/instance, the elastic IP is not released but only disassociated from the instance and the IP is returned back to the account for use with another instance.

Since the DiscoverAndAttachIP attribute creates an elastic IP if a free IP cannot be found, an option should be added to release the IP when a stack is de-provisioned.

  1. Create a blueprint with a virtual server on a logical datacenter.
  2. Launch the Stack on an AWS account with the parameter 'DiscoverAndAttachIP = True'.
  3. The Stack gets provisioned correctly and an elastic IP is created and assigned to the VM.
  4. Deprovision the Stack.

The Stack is deprovisioned correctly, but the elastic IP is left on the AWS account.

Cloud Management Application


Infoblox integration fails while provisioning an instance in Azure
  1. Create a blueprint to provision in Azure.
  2. Create a resource operation policy.
  3. Create a rule and action for IPAM integration

Policy is executed, but ends up in errors.

Cloud Management Application


Installing the Cloud Management Core plugin activates the "Price Discovery" module that is exposed to ITIL Users Running the "Price Discovery" module may cause performance issues due to the high memory consumption.
  1. Activate the Cloud Management Core plugin.
  2. Navigate to Modules > Price Discovery (The record exists with an empty Role Set).
  3. Impersonate an ITIL user and look for discovery in the navigation page.
The 'Price Discovery' module pops up.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud User Portal: The search functionality does not find resources that are not owned by the user even if the user is an admin As a system admin, the user is not able to search the stacks that belong to different users even though the 'All' filter is enabled in the user portal.

Cloud Management Application



License and Compliance: Script producing license data is incorrect and needs to be replaced

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


Resource Operation Input Parameters should not prevent use of _ in the parameter name
  1. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  2. Navigate to the resource block under the Design module.
  3. Choose the virtual server resource block.
  4. Choose input parameters.
  5. Create an input 'input_test'.

Expected behavior: The system should accept special characters in input names.

Actual behavior: The system does not allow the user to create an input with special characters in its name.

Cloud Management Application


The AWS cloud account authentication using a call out script does not work

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The health inclusion rule does not work on several classes The CMDB Health Dashboard shows the wrong result

Continual Improvement Management (CIM)


Continual Improvement Management - Drag and Drop issue Duplicate items are created while dragging and dropping in Continual Improvement Management.
  1. Activate the Continual Improvement plugin.
  2. Go to Continual Improvement > Workbench.
  3. Go to the planning tab.
  4. Drag an item from the backlog section to the implementation.
  5. Drop the item back into again backlog section.

Expected behavior: The item should only be in the backlog section.

Actual behavior: The item exists in both sections.

Core Platform


Users with protected roles (sn_hr_core.xx) and impersonating another user (having protected roles) do not have the access to some modules The HR manager with sn_hr_core.manager and impersonator roles impersonating an HR agent with the sn_hr_core.basic role does not work.
  1. Create a user with the impersonator role and the sn_hr_core.manger role.
  2. Create a user with the sn_hr_core.basic role.
  3. Log in as the user created in step 1.
  4. Impersonate the user created in step 2.



The ECBDownloader URL cannot be changed and the downloader cannot parse the response payload if the site redirects The ECBDownloader reaches out to a site which downloads currency conversion rates. The site redirects to a new site and the downloader cannot parse the redirect.

Customer Service Management


Agent is blocked on being able to request info or resolve a case when a case is already assigned to the agent On the platform, if the case has already had Assigned To filled out to the agent's name, there is a UI action called 'Accept'. Once the agent accepts, the agent can see other related UI actions (i.e. Propose solution and Request Info). However, in the workspace, the agent does not see the Accept UI action and can only close or escalate cases.

Customer Service Management


Change CSM Agent Workspace and Ribbon plugins to State = Development and license_category

Dashboards and Home Pages


Loading Dashboards exposes hundreds of error messages in the log
  1. As a system administrator, create a table view with no associated tables.
  2. Navigate to System Log > Errors, and take note on the number of displayed errors.
  3. Impersonate a user that has the itil role.
  4. Navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards, then load any dashboard.

Notice the number of errors has increased.

Demand Management


Demand workbench - Performance issues in loading the demands list After applying a filter on the workbench view, the workbench graph takes more time to load.



Split payload mechanism should cover related tables



Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results in an array Shazzam's final sensor job can run a node out of memory by holding all results from the discovery schedule in memory at once. The sensor has no limit check for how many results it will end up adding to an array in the instance node memory.



DiscoveryJSONIDSensor and DiscoveryIDSensor can create a blank model record for CI if adding real model records fails If the sensor does not get the model in the Identity phase, and model "Unknown" (with null company) does not exist in cmdb_hardware_product_model, sensor tries to add a model record. If it fails to add the record, a model record gets added which has all blank fields. Each time discover runs, discovery creates another blank mode recorded.



Horizontal discovery of Hyper-V is slow since the system tries to execute SSH commands before running the commands using WMI



Issues with wildcard masks Dest_ip_network in the exit router interface table are parsed incorrectly, causing invalid layer 3 relationships.



Pattern Launcher WebLogic Identification for HTTP fails to find the library



Network Switch and Network Router HD Pattern fails

Event Management



Incoming event maintenance flags blank out all alerts glide_date_time fields through the impact calculator

Several date/time fields on the event record like initial_event_time and last_event_time are cleared out when an alert moves out of a maintenance window.

When a CI is in a change window, if an event comes in for that CI, an alert is created for it with the maintenance flag set to true, because the CI is in the change window. At this point, the initial and last event times have valid values. Once the change is closed, the maintenance flag on the alerts is removed, causing all the glide_date_time fields on the alert to be emptied.

The impact calculator runs when there are any changes to the alert. Once the maintenance flag on the alert becomes inactive, the impact calculation triggers and calls a method in the backend code which blanks out the fields.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Event Management


Selecting and opening an alert from the Dashboard alert panel cause an exception
  1. Create a dashboard with many with services.
  2. Make sure no service is selected.
  3. Select an alert and click to open it.

The alert panel fails to be displayed.

Event Management


license_category in com.em-scoped-app plugin.xml is not correctly

Flow Designer


Ask for Approvals Action creates duplicate approvals for non-task tables Two approval records are created for the same user under the sysapproval_approver table.
  1. On Flow Designer, create a flow for a Non-task.
  2. Add Ask For Approvals Action.
  3. Set the approval rule, such as Approves All Users [UserA] or Rejects All Users [UserA].

Expected behavior: Only one approval record is created under sysapproval_approver table.

Actual behavior: Two approval records are created for the same user under sysapproval_approver table.

Forms and Fields


Selecting the button to expand timing details in the response time indicator sometimes causes the page to load a blank form Issues occur when clicking the 'Expand Timing Details' arrow on the Approval form. Clicking he down arrow jumps to a blank approval form.

Guided Tours


Guided Tours prevent from adding callouts due to dictionary entry attribute no_attachment = true Users want to disallow attachments on some tables, but adding the Guided Tour Callouts should not be prevented by this attachment setting in the table.

Guided Tours


Guided tour rendering issues Sometimes Guided tours with related lists do not load properly, and users have to scroll the page (if available), or resize the browser.

Guided Tours


Create Guided Tour breaks and generates an error "Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of undefined" unless the Service Portal plugin is activated

Guided Tours


Callouts do not work on a custom tab in an incident When there is a space in Form Section's name, a respective reference cannot be created as a Guided Tour Element. The callout seems to be created for another tab, but does not work for the custom tab.

Guided Tours


IDs of related links are malformed if it starts other than characters Callout does not work on the HR Payroll Case form or Incident form in the Related Links section.
  1. Create a tour on HR Payroll Case form or Incident form.
  2. Add a callout on the Related Links section.
  3. Callout does not work for IDs starting other than characters.

Callout does not work on the HR Payroll Case form or Incident form in the Related Links section.

Guided Tours


Unable to create a step in sn_hr_core_case_payroll_list
  1. Create a tour for sn_hr_core_case_payroll_list.
  2. Place a callout on any of the record to open the record details.

Unable to save the callout.

Guided Tours


On the Service Portal, unable to create tours and a message is displayed "gtd_portal_title should ends with delimiter ;" Unable to create guided tours on the Service Portal. When trying to open the guided tour record which is based on the Service Portal, an error "gtd_portal_title should ends with delimiter;" is displayed.

Guided Tours


Cannot add callouts to dot-walked fields Unable to add callouts to dot-walked fields, which causes the callout to display "Not found in current view."
  1. Navigate to Guided Tour Designer > Create Tour.
  2. Choose a name, and make the application page 'Incident'.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Add a dot-walked field to the incident form.
  5. Drag a callout to the dot-walked field's input and save it.

The panel on the right side of the designer says 'Not found in current view' when hovering over the callout.

HTML Editor


Insert/Edit link in the text editor replaces images with the text
  1. Go to
  2. In the text field, use the text editor to add an image.
  3. Select the added image and use the insert/edit link button to add a URL and text and click OK.
  4. Click the source code button and check the generated HTML.
  5. Copy the generated HTML.
  6. Go to
  7. In the text field, use the source code button of the text editor and paste the HTML code of step 5.
  8. Click OK to go back to the HTML editor and select the image.
  9. Click the insert/edit link button of the editor.
  10. Change the URL and click OK.

Expected behavior: The URL should be updated.

Actual behavior: The image is deleted and replaced by the text field contents.

Human Resources Service Management



Non admin/Non HR profile_writer roles cannot see notifications in system settings
  1. Install the HR Scoped Core plugin.
  2. Log in as Abel Tuter.
  3. Go to System Settings.
  4. Go to the Notifications tab.
  5. Select the 'Human Resources' category, and notice it says 'No results found'.
  6. Log in as a system administrator.

It shows all of the notifications underneath the Human Resources category.

Human Resources Service Management


PDF generator - Cannot render a footer image across the page
  1. Add a footer image to a PDF template.
  2. Generate the PDF.

The image does not take the whole page width.

Human Resources Service Management


The activity 'Complete' button does not function correctly The Complete UI action is enabled for a short period of time on tasks in the HR Portal after adding an attachment to a different task.
  1. Navigate to the HR portal.
  2. Click the To-dos to open the list.
  3. Expand the first two tasks.
  4. Add an attachment only to the first task.

After a short period of time, the 'Complete' button becomes clickable under the second task.

Human Resources Service Management


Client roles do not work after installing Employee Files with Server Encryption When the Employee Files and Encryption Support plugin is activated with HR Core, the client roles no longer get assigned properly. This affects both the scheduled job (which is running as an HR Admin), and the Assign Roles UI action on the user form with HR admin users.
  1. Install Human Resource: Scoped App: Core.
  2. Log in as an HR Admin.
  3. Navigate to a user with no client roles.
  4. Use the Assign Roles UI action and give the user 'sn_hr_core.hrsm_employee' role.
  5. Use the Assign Roles UI action and remove the role.
  6. Install the Employee Document Management and Encryption Support plugins.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5.

The roles are updated and an error message is displayed 'Your role does not allow assignment of sn_hr_core.hrsm_employee role.'

Human Resources Service Management


Double-byte character such as Japanese does not get merged to the fillable PDF Double-byte character, such as Japanese, does not get merged to the fillable PDF. It works when the value is in English.
  1. Go to HR administration > Document Templates.
  2. Open an OOB sample file.
  3. Open any PDF Template Mapping (e.g. Address).
  4. Paste 'Hello ハ ロー' in the preview value update.
  5. Click PDF preview.

Human Resources Service Management


The business rule 'Auto Assign' throws a message "No agents meet the auto-assignment criteria for HRT000****"
  1. Open any HR case.
  2. Create an HR task and set the state to ready.
  3. Fill in mandatory fields.
  4. Select the assignment group.
  5. Save it.

Expected behavior: The assignment group should be selected without any info message on the screen.

Actual behavior: An info message is thrown on the screen 'No agents meet the auto-assignment criteria for HRT000****'.

Human Resources Service Management


Upgrade issue with hr_AssignmentAPI script include On upgrades to London or later with HR Scoped apps, RCA errors are generated when HR cases are created from the HR Portal and when set to Ready from the native UI. The root issue appears to be a combination of two changes:
  • Change of Caller Access field for hr_AssignmentAPI script include from none to Caller Restriction.
  • Reparenting of the matching_rule table (existing records are treated as the global scope). As a result, RCA errors are displayed for each different OOB and custom matching rule that are utilized for HR Case tables.
  1. Install the Human Resources Scoped App: Core plugin.
  2. Inspect the Caller Access of hr_AssignmentAPI script include, and verify that is blank.
  3. Upgrade the instance to London.
  4. Inspect the Caller Access of hr_AssignmentAPI script include again, and see that is Caller Restriction.

Note that is Read Only and cannot be modified.

Incident Alert Management


Domain path fix included in reparenting of incident_alert takes a long time

IT Asset Management


Software entitlements are not reconciling

IT Operations Management


Change the ITOM Alert Intelligence (com.em-scoped-app) plugin to State = Development for London



The label for the list search field does not indicate that selecting enter is required to initiate the search
  1. Start a screen reader.
  2. In a list, navigate to the main filter.

The screen reader description of the field does not include the requirement of selecting enter to perform the search.

MID Server


Issues with Discovery Schedules timing out When running Windows Discovery under a heavy load with WinRM enabled, the PowerShell Session Pool may become unresponsive and the Worker Thread is stuck. Eventually, all Worker Threads on the MID Server become stuck, rendering the MID Server unusable.
  1. Set up credentials.
  2. Set up Discovery with WinRM for Windows. Use IP range that would discover more Windows servers than the number of worker threads.
  3. Run discovery once.
  4. Disable all Windows credentials and add a bogus credential.
  5. Rerun all Windows Classify probes.

Expected behavior: All probes complete with Authentication errors.

Actual behavior: Some probes become unresponsive and do not return.

On-call Scheduling


A user with the appropriate access is not able to view or search schedules in the "On-call Schedules" module The On-Call Schedules title does not populate any data as all schedules need to be loaded in the "All on-call schedules" tab.

On-call Scheduling


Skipping/Missing Roster member issue on the On-Call calendar Issues occur when a schedule is created, which rotates on week days and the shift spreads across two days (starting in the evening and ending on the next morning). A roster member is skipped or missing every week.

On-call Scheduling


On-call JS API - invalid code The startEscalations method should start escalation without the compilation error and the getFullEscalationDocument method should not give the compilation error.

On-call Scheduling


A blank page shows up when trying to create the on-call schedule using the 12 hour format A blank page shows up when trying to create an on-call schedule where the time is in yhr 12 hour format and the on-call shift starts on one day and ends on another day
  1. Make sure the 12 hour format setting is done.
  2. Create an on-call schedule using the wizard.
  3. Select to create a schedule and a shift starting on one day before the end day.
  4. Submit the details.

Calender does not show up and shows a blank page.

On-call Scheduling


Able to edit the span to overlap another rota even when the overlapping rota property is set to false
  1. Log in to the application as the rota admin.
  2. Make sure that overlapping the rota property is set to false.
  3. Edit an existing rota and update time to overlap the other one and save it.

Observe that the overlapping of rota happens.



HP-UX server discovery error - Pre sensor failed due to: TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object Discovery of HP-UX results in "start_date" having "NaN" + ". Running pre sensor script- Linux\Unix OS - Pre Sensor fails due to: TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object."



Issues with the pattern for JBoss on Linux and Windows The JBoss version is not populated in "cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss."



MSSQL database names with spaces are truncated when using the MSSQL database on the Windows pattern MSSQL databases with spaces in the names are truncated.



Add graceful termination steps to cloud patterns Issues occur when running discovery from the AWS/Azure account.

Performance Analytics


Malformed JSON reply in the PA Indicator REST API "Unexpected string JSON at position NNNNN" error message appears in the text analytics widget if duplicate mappings exist for the same breakdown-indicator pair in pa_indicator_breakdowns table.

Performance Analytics


The Security Fixes link on the Overview tab is broken
  1. Navigate to https://<instance>/$
  2. Go to the Overview tab.
  3. Under Security Fixes, click the more details link.

The link is incorrect.




Importing a scoped app deletes/changes a task table field If an update set is committed with a DELETE update for a field on the child table and the field on the target instance is defined on the parent table, it is dropped from the parent table.
  1. Create a scoped application.
  2. Create a standalone scoped table with a column named 'number'.

    Scoped fields do not get a 'u_' prefix, so on the database/dictionary/storage alias level, the field name can match an OOB field name.

  3. Delete the standalone scoped table.
  4. Create the same table again, and extends tasks.
  5. Open the application record and publish it to an update set.

    The update set contains delete updates for the table and the number field.

  6. Import the update set on the target instance and preview it.

    The update set contains an insert and delete updates for the same table (which will be created in a task hierarchy) and a delete update for the number field.

  7. Commit the update set.
  8. Open the task.number dictionary record.

    The record is broken and no label is shown.

Confirm there is no task.number field on lists and forms of task tables.




Two separate alters are invoked for sys_audit_delete

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



StackOverflowError leaves the prior result set

StackOverflowError can cause the database connection corruption. Specifically, the connection enters a state where each query executes normally, and returns the results of the prior query. The same happens on the next query.



Reparenting in the TASK hierarchy consumes unnecessary storage columns When certain tables are reparented back into TPH as children of existing task children, their columns are not combined onto existing storage as expected. As a result, valuable limited real estate is unnecessarily consumed in the Task hierarchy.

Project Management


Planned task - Shifting dates before the start date of top tasks throws an exception

Project Portfolio Management


The planned effort field is not imported from the MS project file When importing an MS Project 2016 file, the planned effort field is blank on the project tasks.




Creating a List Report or Database View on a table with a long name fails, throwing a Java SQL exception When trying to create a List Report or a Database View on a table that has a long name, the instance gives errors and does not create the list view.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



The HTTP 500 error occurs while exporting reports as a PDF
  1. Click any homepage (i.e. My Apps Development Redline).
  2. Edit any report and run the report.

    Verify you can see a chart which contains the data.

  3. Click the arrow that is next to the Save button.
  4. Select Export to PDF.

An error occurs '(HTTP Code:500) Conversion Failed:Did not receive a success in the HTTP response.'



Report source filters are applied twice on platform list records In the Report Builder, after loading a calendar or multipivot report, clicking "view all records" for the calendar report and clicking a cell value for a pivot apply the report source filter twice on the drill down list.
  1. In the Report Builder, create a calendar report with a data source.
  2. Click Save, and click View all records link.
  3. Check the list filter. It should include the report source filter.

Report source filters are applied twice on platform list records. Issue happens only when saving reports.

Resource Management


On an upgrade to London, requested allocations are not created if only the com.snc.project_portfolio_suite plugin is active
  1. Activate the com.snc.project_portfolio_suite plugin.
  2. Upgrade the instance to London.
  3. Create a user resource plan.

Requested allocations are not created.

Resource Management


Manage UI action in the resource plan related list on the project form does not work if the com.snc.project_portfolio_suite plugin is active

Security Incident Response


User Reported Phishing Inbound Email Action is skipped and does not process The phishing email process only support .eml file type. When any attached file is not .eml, the warnings are generated in the logs, the processing of the script is halted, and SIR records are not generated as intended.

Security Incident Response


Observable Enrichment and CI Enrichment workflows are not triggered when the actions are launched on demand from the new UI
  1. Implement the integration capability for CI Enrichment and Observable Enrichment.
  2. Navigate to Security Incidents > Incidents (New UI).
  3. Open/Create a security incident and add observables and configuration items.
  4. On the observable list, select observable(s) and launch "Observable Enrichment".

Security Incident Response


The Security Incident Response UI plugin installation issue

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Labels are not displayed for the checkbox with the label variable created under the order guide

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


When '' is set false, multiple requests get created when the user tries to click Order Now multiple times in a quick succession
  1. Set '' to false.
  2. Open any catalog item in the Service Portal and click Order Now multiple times in a quick succession until the user gets the order status page.

Expected behavior: User should be allowed only one request.

Actual behavior: Multiple requests are created for each click.

Service Mapping


The layer 2 connection is not created if more than one record with the same MAC address exit in the switch forwarding table
  1. Discover a server with a network adapter.
  2. Discover a switch.
  3. Add to the forwarding table of the switch 2 records with the same port and with the MAC address of the network adapter.
  4. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the server.

The layer 2 connection is not created between the server and the switch.

Service Mapping


The layer 2 connection is not created in the case of NIC teaming
  1. Discover a server with a bonding network adapter.
  2. Discover 2 switches.
  3. Add to the forwarding table of each switch a record with the MAC address of the network adapter with a different port.
  4. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the server.

The layer 2 connection is not created between the server and the switch.

Service Mapping


Issues with the layer 2 connection Locating the ESX of VMs should not be only based on the 'Virtualized By' relation, but also on 'Instantiated By' and 'Registered On' relations.

Service Mapping


Issues with finding MAC addresses of VMs based on VMware network adapters

Service Mapping


The layer 2 connection cannot be created between the network adapter and the switch itself
  1. Discover a server with a network adapter.
  2. Discover a switch with the router interface.
  3. Change the install status of the router interface to absent.
  4. Add a record with the network adapter MAC address, which matches the router interface, to the forwarding table of the switch.
  5. Run the layer 2 connections algorithm on the server.

The connection is supposed to be created between the network adapter and the switch itself. Instead, it is created between the network adapter and the router interface.

Service Portal


The List and Form widget (id = lf) should create the CSS exception for panels embedded by all formatters (i.e. the variable editor) On the Service Portal, the activity log section overlaps the variables section after an upgrade.

Service Portal


The showFieldMsg clients script calls with the "error" parameter,causing unexpected behaviors on date variable types in the Service Portal in London showFieldMsg() does not work as expected when called on OnChange behavior of Date type variable in the catalog item. An extra error message is displayed 'Enter date in format DD/MM/YYYY ' even if the entered date is in the required format. This happens only when users provide the 'type' parameter as 'error'.

Software Asset Management


An exception is thrown when upgrading SCCM 2012 to version 1702

Software Asset Management Professional


Improve Suite Engine performance

Usage Analytics


Inconsistent app usage payload chunking Inconsistent app usage payload chunking causes a large payload to be uploaded by the Usageanalytics Upload job.



Admins should be able to remove the menu 'Contact Support' from the three-dot menu

VA-Messenger Adapter


Broken images are displayed in the messaging apps integration screen



The HTML output displays HTML tags HTML tags should not be displayed.

VA-Teams Adapter


MS Teams image upload does not have a file name and results in 'null' displayed in the case card
  1. Run 'Get Help with an Order' in MS Teams.
  2. After creating a case, continue to add a picture to the case.

Virtual Agent Platform


User cannot use 'Check Case Status' after activating the CSM Demo Data plugin

In a Kingston instance, activate the Customer Service Demo Data plugin, which has the Check Case Status topic for VA. Then, upgrade the instance to London and enable Customer Service Virtual Agent Conversations (com.sn_csm.virtualagent).

Notice that Check Case Status does not work properly as it is not installed as part of the activation of CSM conversations.

Vulnerability Response


The sn_vul.group_commented event can take a long time to process, delaying other events from being processed The sn_vul.group_commented can take a very long time to process if the group has 10,000s of related Vulnerability items. This can lead to a backlog in the event queue processing and delaying other events from being processed timely.



SLAs created before the London upgrade do not pause their SLA percentage timer activities correctly after the upgrade The SLA percentage timer activity does not pause if started before an upgrade to London and if paused after the upgrade. Notifications are triggered even though the SLA is paused.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Fixes included

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